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Sweet! Hopefully this isn't absolutely terrible!

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Yes! Been waiting for this.

Edit: Wow, so close @_@

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Oh, Karate Eagle!

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how do you say that?

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So I saw there's a "reimagined" Warlords now up on XBLA. There HAS to be a quicklook of this coming!

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I wish this game had FMV sequences and more collusions. THERE, I SAID IT. YOU MADE ME DO THIS.

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.... That's a lot of dudes to kill

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Um, this "roam around and fight only in duels" thing reminds me of the fourth Prince of Persia. Or maybe that Prince of Persia was inspired by the original Karateka, but can't tell because I never heard of it.

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Let's get a stream of C64 games...

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I don't think I need to play this.

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This looks really boring to play.

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Hell yeah, Bird punching time.

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@AlKusanagi: already quicklooked!

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@Porkellain: Inspired by? Karateka was made by the creator the of the original Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner. It's quite the tale, if you have the time for it.

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So it's Killer7 but without the mental?

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@Young_Scott: Great recommendation, his journals about Prince of Persia are a very good read. It's a fascinating inside look at game development in the 80s.

This game, on the other hand, looks boring, generic and completely forgettable.

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Ryan and Vinny are best pony.

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The art style and character design just look dated. Doesn't seem really engaging for something that sums up to a rhythm game.

edit: If he's playing it on the iPad it's understandable.

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I'm pretty sure Vinny makes a Tony Shalhoub reference during this QL. Brilliant.

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Okay... I'm out of here. *walks away*

*Hawk attacks*

*kicks Hawk out of the sky*

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The looks like a tablet game in HD.

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No footsies or zoning. I think I'll take the original.

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I don't know why but this reminds me a lot of Punch-Out Wii.

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This just looks fucking boring. Run forward, fight a guy and repeat.

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I wonder what the other endings are.

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@Droop said:

The looks like a tablet game in HD.

Yes it does. It also looks like a big waste of time and money. A shame.

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It's a 33 minute game for $10? Where you do the same exact thing for probably 30 of those 33 minutes? Yeah no thanks.

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The game looks pretty bland, but Vinny's comments were fucking great!

"Oooh, my Movember money..."

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This actually seems pretty damn cool. I might pick it up at some point.

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Jeez this seems dull. Heck I'd rather play Thundercats than this.

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If it's an iPad/iPhone game, cool.

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@Young_Scott: of course I know who Mechner is. But I personally never heard of Karateka (nor actually played the original PoP, i was 1 when they've been published). Thus, I cannot really tell what original-Karateka's mechanics were. Just pointed out that this one is similar to PoP reboot.

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This is part 2 of the Karateka ER. We'll never see part 1. Unfortunately we don't see the best ending.

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I was hoping for a cool game with duels, but this seems much too simple. Took only 30 minutes for the whole thing too, not impressive for the current price of $10.

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So disappointed in what this turned out to be. Karateka was all about position, and this is practically a QTE.

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Punch that eagle!

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From playing it, it's basically a scaled back Infinity Blade for consoles with button inputs instead of gestures... which is fine if that's what you're looking for. Kinda therapeutic to play but so simple its almost unnerving.

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I wish there was some kind of carryover from playthrough to playthrough to keep you interested. I'm on like my 30th 'rebirth' in Infinity Blade because you maintain your levels and equipment, and enemies get harder / more diverse every time you complete a playthrough. It's addictive, it's fun, and you feel like you're progressing through something.

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What is the point of this game?? Looks incredibly repetitive and boring.

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This game looks insanely repetitive and tear-inducingly boring. No joke.

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I'm kinda digging this games art despite the gameplay itself looking repetitive.

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@AlKusanagi said:

So I saw there's a "reimagined" Warlords now up on XBLA. There HAS to be a quicklook of this coming!

They Quick Looked that game already the first time it came out. It was removed from XBLA and now is being re-released for some reason. http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-warlords/17-4527/

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next Encyclopedia Bombastica should be Karateka

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Poor Princess.

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Game doesn't look terrible or anything. A good way to kill an hour (at best) and maybe some re-playability. However this is the type of game I expect on my phone, for like 2 dollars. Not very deep, easy to learn/use combat system with a little character/story variety. Don't know if this really is worth a 10 dollar release for PSN/XBLA.

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So wouldn't this qualify as an Endurance Run? I mean the beat the game..