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Love this game - a shame I have to wait for the Steam version to be able to financially support them and get the new updates ( still stuck with the free 0,13 due to PayPal problems - they really should have a better payment option on their site! )

Anywhoo awesome idea and awesome game!

Now get this out on Steam ASAP guys... go go GO!

Posted by KillerClaw

I think its a cool looking little game, assuming the physics are earth-like :P

Posted by EmuLeader

You want the biggest engine, huh?

I was in stitches.

Posted by thevigilanteoflove

Yes. I am watching this Quick Look again.

Posted by Vadered

@thevigilanteoflove: You and me both, man. You and me both.

Posted by reelife

@Vadered said:

@thevigilanteoflove: You and me both, man. You and me both.

Us three, guys ;]

Posted by Spectrea

Wow best quick look since noby noby boy...so many laughs to be had. Bought it straight after what a game, been having so much fun these past few days, and i still cant leave the atmosphere. My rockets dont even fly straight :)

Posted by Dberg
Pretty sure this is really happening in North Korea right now.
Posted by OriginalGman

Oh my god, I just want to jump through the screen and rip those fucking useless fins off the top of the rocket myself. Hilarious and infuriating from an engineering perspective.

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I see this is now on Steam. Brilliant.

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This game is absolutely awesome and fantastically hilarious (albeit in smallish doses), however I think it was designed exclusively by and for those who are completely insane.

Posted by kerse

I already miss Dave

Posted by Chin

Ha at the David Bowie reference/joke