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Couldn't make it through half of that quicklook... How could anyone develop this game? Just so many things wrong, can't really call that a game.

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Forgot this was on my PSN downloads list. I should get to that eventually...

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@brad Not sure if this has been mentioned, but that electronic song you were convinced was recently in a another game, was in Electronic Super Joy.

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Got ya!

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I own and have beaten this game. Ask me anything.

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Yo that dude was shooting lighting he was clearly a wizard

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this music is godawful.

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@pollysmps: Yeah, he's definitely not anywhere near the "washed up rocker" that he often gets painted as. If anything, I think that Born Villain is a great first step back into his return to indie.

What I'd like to see him do is focus on all of his unfinished side projects before doing another album. The Holy Wood book, the movie, more collaborations with Rudy Coby... the guy's too brilliant not to branch out as much as possible. Hell, if it has to be music, maybe a side project. I've always thought it was a shame that his Satan On Fire stuff was lost to time... :P

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Great a rhythm game made by people with the worst possible taste possible

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Also Nidhogg has a soundtrack in it's directory and It's a great game, and sountrack. they shoulda gone for that.

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"You called My diarrhea bluff."

I loved that!

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It's like somebody asked 15 year old me to make a soundtrack for a video game, and then sat on it for a fucking decade.

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See, the problem I have with a lot of rhythm games is that I usually hate the music selection. This is no exception.

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I played this on the Vita and PS3 and the gameplay is really addicting. I think this game could potentially be pretty awesome if it had a more varied, Rock Band style, track list.

The story isn't that much but near the end the main character goes on to say that not all music is bad and everyone has their own personal tastes. Same way everyone has their own tastes in video games.

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this is a free-to-play title, right? they can't possibly expect anyone to pay money for this...

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Fantastic QL. The game? Not so much.

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I enjoy both the game and its soundtrack. Playing on Expert (well, Master now) and sending dozens of enemies flying to the rhythm of some crazy angry-sounding song is a hell of a rush, a primally satisfying experience different from what any other game offers. I wouldn't listen to a lot of the music just by itself, but it works great with the game. (Same with guitar hero, where screechy guitar wanking by Ygnwie can actually make for enjoyable gameplay.) And some of the music - Pendulum, Voicians - I enjoy on its own merits.

Plus, the game has very technically sound rhythm mechanics that firmly establish a connection to the music that "mushier" music games like Audiosurf can't match.

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I didn't think the Switchback song was that bad.

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@steev12: So what's it like working at Zen Studios?

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This game has no sound effects. That is weird.

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It looks like they went back 15 years and pilfered shitty nu-metal, rap rock, and industrial rock music

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@beatnik11: Pendulum, Voicians, Blue Stahli, enV, In Flames would probably disagree with you.

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This game actually looks pretty cool.

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@chilibean_3: It's so awesome. Except the 6,000 mile commute to work from San Francisco to Budapest every day is pretty brutal.

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I really hate the look of this game. Tried the demo on vita and...yuck.

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One man's poop is another man's party. - Vinny

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Awesome quicklook, terrible game.

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so much hate on celldweller, the guy has been around for years, aint just some studiokid throwing loops together :/

Some of the stuff he has released, especially the Take it and Break it albums are insane. I don't get how people can be so into hip-hop or rap and then slam industrial/electronic music... but whatever, everyone has their own taste I guess.

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How many ads did Marilyn Manson's music ever end up in?

All I remember is they used him for those Dragon Age: Origins ads, because OH GOD EA NEEDS THIS TO SELL A ZILLION COPIES AND IT'S NOT ENOUGH THAT THE USUAL RPG NERDS ARE INTERESTED IN IT.

Oh man, their reaction to the manual BPM calculator was AMAZING. This Quick Look is one of the funniest they've made in a while.

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The soundtrack is straight from 2002.

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Yo that dude was shooting lighting he was clearly a wizard

So Raiden is a wizard?

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There's a seed of a good idea in this i think. Weak execution though.

Regarding the conversation halfway through about the game probably being easier to play without graphics, that approach can and has worked out really well for Osu. A good rhythm game doesn't need much for visuals. You don't pay attention to that stuff when you're playing anyway,.

edit--- oh man. *clears throat*


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Like the majority of rhythm games out there this one tries something slightly different than what everybody else is trying to do and pulls it off as well as you can pull off being slightly different than everybody else. Not great or terrible. Music is a personal thing and, honestly, if you're the kind of person who "hates" on various genres and artists because it's the "hip" thing to do, random rhythm games aren't for you anyway.

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Rap rock.

I do like Celldweller though, it was hard to listen to them bash it.

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@steev12 said:

sending dozens of enemies flying to the rhythm of some crazy angry-sounding song is a hell of a rush, a primally satisfying experience

That's the perfect description for the music: angry-sounding.

Not angry, but angry-sounding.

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I can't believe you guys are clowning on Celldweller! ...and January must be a slow month for games 'cause this might be the most exciting tite of 2014. **yawn**

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Putting Sin Cara to shame!


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What, no Static-X or System of a Down? Everyone I knew in high school is going to be very disappointed in this time capsule of angsty nu metal.

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@xite: um, yes, obviously. Unless he's a sorcerer.

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I recently had a Lion Head meatball from a Chinese restaurant outside of Portland. It was kind of amazing. Pretty much just a giant meatball you eat by itself.

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The fuck? Was this supposed to come out in 2002 or something?

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Where's Alien Ant Farm on this list of hot 00's joints?

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Is that a wrestler fighting Abed?

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There's a couple of reasons I got it. I actually bought it the day it came out. One is that I'm a huge fan of the rhythm game genre, I love music and I love videogames so combining the two creates a nexus that sucks money out of my wallet like no tomorrow. I spent way too much money on Rock Band and posted way too many high scores that I cared way too much about. This game, using the face buttons is just a simpler version of that - especially as you reach the higher difficulties. It's hard to tell initially what they've keyed each button press to but after a while you get a feel for it, I found myself sort of subconsciously bobbing with the controller to keep track of it. There's actually some pretty fun patterns in the game because like any rhythm game, once you get good enough you start ignoring the aesthetics and only see the music and what you have to simon says match up and when you're doing that it's like any other rhythm game, dumb martial arts aesthetic to the side. They even key the power up presses on the controller as parts of the song.

I also have a lot of fondness for the music in this game. I've followed the FIXT record label (where about 80% of the artists in this game are from) since its inception and likewise, Celldweller since the early 2000's when he started popping up in just about every videogame and movie trailer imaginable. Yes, the songs sound dated in this game because a lot of them are but its part nostalgia trip for me because I was the stereotypical nu-metal kid in the late 90's. That said, I still have a soft spot for this specific brand of electronica/rock hybrid so its a little depressing seeing this comment section basically play out as 'the internet' where everyone is bitching about the music - but its like politics and religion, its a passion for a lot of people and so things get heated very fast in those discussions.