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Where's Alien Ant Farm on this list of hot 00's joints?

Better not be talking shit about Alien Ant Farm! Got me ready for a fight now you do!

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Complete tracklist (taken from the KickBeat steam store page) with release dates and genres added, to put the whole "everything is nu metal from 2002" to rest. Spoiler alert, only 2 nu metal songs out of 24, only 6 songs out of 24 released before 2008:

  1. "Self vs Self" - Pendulum/In Flames, 2010 (electronic + metal)
  2. "Propane Nightmares (Celldweller remix) - Pendulum, 2008 (electronic/D&B)
  3. "Switchback" - Celldweller, 2003 (industrial/electro)
  4. "I Can't Wait" - Celldweller, 2009 (industrial/electro)
  5. "The Beautiful People" - Marilyn Manson, 1997 (alternative metal)
  6. "War Dance" - Shen Yi, 2008/2011 re-record (hip hop)
  7. "Boom" - P.O.D., 2002 (nu metal)
  8. "Last Resort" - Papa Roach, 2000 (nu metal)
  9. "Takedown" - Blue Stahli, 2011 (electro/industrial punk)
  10. "Scrape" - Blue Stahli, 2008 (electro/industrial punk)
  11. "Ultranumb" - Blue Stahli, 2009 (electro/industrial punk)
  12. "It's Showtime" - Southpaw Swagger, 2010 (hip hop)
  13. "It's Goin Down" - Pre-Fight Hype, 2009 (hard to classify this genre)
  14. "Fighters" - Voicians, 2012 (d&b/electro)
  15. "The Construct" - Voicians, 2012 (d&b/electro)
  16. "Scum of the Earth" - Rob Zombie, 2000 (alternative metal)
  17. "Nine Thou (Grant Mohrman “Superstar’ Remix)" - Styles of Beyond, 2006 (rap rock?)
  18. "Tug-o-War" - Pre-Fight Hype, 2009 (hip hop)

19-24. 6 Tracks - EnV, 2011-2013 (edm, dubstep)

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Fort Minor was pretty great.

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I think this might be the worst music game I've ever seen.

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I remember Vinny playing Beautiful People on a video on this website, anyone remember what video it was?

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Great, now I can't stop saying, "SWITCH BACK" at people now. Thanks Giant Bomb Dot Com.

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This is on sale on PSN this week for $5 / $3 PS+ if anyone is interested.

Even at that price, this Quick Look kinda put me off of buying it (and this is from someone who quite likes rhythm games).

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"One man's poop, is another man's party." Yeah, fitting for this game.

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I was excited when I saw Southpaw Swagger of Saints Row 3 fame. Unfortunate.

I know I could play my own music, but it doesn't seem like it makes good use of that functionality at all.

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I know it's been said a hundred times, but wow. What a god-awful soundtrack.

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@steev12: That's still an awful soundtrack.

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"Beautiful people" turned into "Beautiful meatball" during their meatball size discussion. I feel like I'm losing my mind.

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I just keep coming back to the Switchback part...better be in the one of those "Best of Giant Bomb" videos.

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@amyggen: You mean, it's a soundtrack you don't like. The style of music fits with the fighting theme, and the songs themselves are well-liked by many, as evidenced by the millions of views and high ratio of likes to dislikes for the songs on Youtube.

But, haters gonna hate.

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there is a severe lack of impact in the characters action. It just seems like you are listening to a song rather than doing any significant action to the rhythm of the song.

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What version of Switchback is this? Sounds nothing like the one on NFSU2.

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Fight fight Revolution, beat up people witha rythm

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Man, this just doesn't look fun. Also, I like early Papa Roach and P.O.D.

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It's like somebody asked 15 year old me to make a soundtrack for a video game, and that sat on it for a fucking decade.

Still like some of it for sure, and there are some great songs in there (I love Electronic Super Joy) but it's still such a weird release.

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Man, Celldweller, the 2000's most bizarrely highly-licensed musician.

Seriously-- like, every racing game I played for at least five years seemed to have him on there. And a shit-ton of movies. And probably a bunch of TV shows too.

But you never heard him on the radio-- so where were all these people getting the idea to put him in everything?

It's a mystery


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Kind of does look like Coonce.

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This does not look very fun and that soundtrack seems all over the place.

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@pondwhale: And @Brad: (FYI GB the tagging thing isn't working unless just plain old Brad is pages down the list of names that start with Brad) A Matzah ball is essentially a Jewish dumpling. It's made from Matzah which is a Jewish cracker most often eaten during the holiday of Passover. Basically, like any dumpling, you mix the grain component (in this case crushed Matzah) with egg, water, salt, and pepper and boil it either in water or broth. Traditionally Matzah Balls are served in Chicken soup similar to how noodles are used in Western cultures.

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I couldn't tell you why I'm watching this 11ish months later, on the afternoon before christmas...but god damn do I miss Vinny.