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Can I kick it?

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That Giant Bomb alert thingy is pretty damn cool.

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In the immortal words of the Beastie Boys "Kick it!"

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I like anything with wizards in it.

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Music? Eye lasers? Ultimate Warrior looking, Shadow the Hedgehog colour schemed, dreadlock'd wrestlers? This game has ~everything~.

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Worst soundtrack ever? Seriously, just because of the songs I never want to play this.

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Damn, Jeff, dropping knowledge about Shifty Shellshock.

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Is Dee Jay in this?

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Wow, it took long enough for them to find out that the music was from Electronic Super Joy...

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The Fort Minor We Major mixtape is great. Y'all are not not r-ready.

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I'm at home sick from work, my throat is killing me...Jeff's "YELLOWMAAAAAAAN!" at the end may have permanently damaged my throat from coughy croaky laughter and I couldn't be happier about it

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One of the better Quick Looks this year.

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I could very well see Switchback playing during the end credits of a Resident Evil movie or such garbage. Or an early 2000 game, like Psi-Ops with it's Cold and MYYY MIIIIND! In case you haven't watched the old LOLs of that, I recommend, even if only just the beginning of it.

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lol @ the ending. That was hilarious. I want to throw my keys into the fun box

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As far as I know, Motzah is Jewish eggs.

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I'd rather watch this video than Daily Dota, for sure. But definitely not getting this game, for even-more sure.

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I was wondering why Styles Beyond sounded so familiar. They have had songs in WWE games.

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Switchback is Celldweller, who was also on the old Most Wanted soundtrack. Trust me, I was in my early teens around the release of that game.

and this game seems to be made by or marketed towards teens living in 2005.

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I'd go to Vinny's ironic party. I think it's the only party I'd ever be happy to go to, in fact.

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Goddamn, I used to love Celldweller. Listening to this maybe I still do...

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New mode unlocked! Beat your music (so we don't have to).

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good god the torsos on these character models are insanely long

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Hey guys.


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I was considering getting this game, because I like music and I like games and I like games that mix music with games well, but then I heard the soundtrack and GOOD lord it's like it was compiled by a 13 year old back in 2001. Whoever compiled this soundtrack has negative music taste.

Although Last Resort is an epic choon if you're at a rock club and completely hammered.

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Man, you're killing me here! Manson's still... relevant... right? Right? Guys? :(

*weeps while listening to Born Villain on repeat*

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This has wrestlers AND wizards? But when Stone Cold does a Stunner, isn't he essentially just casting a magic spell?

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I don't get it. Why are you guys Quick Look-ing this game from 2002?

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that second song was also in one of the smackdown vs raw WWE games.

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If you told me this was a Fuzion Frenzy minigame, I'd believe you.

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this game looks like shit, and has shit for music too

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I was on board until the radio edit dropped.

Also it was great that Jeff ripped into Marilyn Manson haha.

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Whoa. High school version of me is in love with this soundtrack. That dude also existed 10 years ago sooooooo...

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I wish they had the Rite of Spring in a rhythm game.

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Pretty proud that I recognized the voice actor of the main character in this as Death the Kid from Soul Eater.

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Jeff calling out Brad for not recognizing Kernkraft 400 was great.

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Crap. Now I remember the horrible boss battles from MechAssault 2.

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that switchback song sounds like it should be over the credits of NeverDead.

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I did some research on Switchback (don't ask why), and found out that when they were guessing where this kind of a song could be featured, they did a pretty good job. Switchback has been featured in such bangers as: Doom, Catwoman, The Punisher, xXx: State of the Union, Death Race 2, Kart Racer, Bring It On Again, Out for a Kill (Steven Seagal flick), National Security and many more.

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Dat Debussy

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WOW GUYS! THIS GAME IS repetitive...

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Straight up asking you to figure out the BPM for your own songs is pretty crazy.

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Play "Last Resort"! Do it. Do it!!!

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Oh man, that song from NFS brought back the memories.

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The game is not THAT bad. Problem is that releasing a rhythm game nowadays is kinda like releasing an MMO. There are already some pretty competent players in the field and people are either too busy playing them exclusively or too tired of them altogether.

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This looks pretty bad. Doesn't matter what kind of wrapper it's in, it's just a dime a dozen rhythm game.

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Brad doesn't recognise electronic super joy all over the song cover art after recognising a song from it.

They all assume you can't play your own songs when it's right there.

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Aw Mr. Scruff isn't lame. :(