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Lol @ Jeff and Ryan

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I don't get it.

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That is hillarious. 

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Ha! Best video on the interwebs.

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Nice with the umbrella Jeff.

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Amazing. Just amazing.

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This game looks dammnnnn good. 

So do Ryan and Jeff
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That guy's hip was asking for it.

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It's a video game.
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The mini clips in-between the gameplay are brilliant  

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Ryan with the flowerpower(and an eletric guitar) FTW!

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Killzone 2 just looks so mediocre to me and I find it to be like Halo where everone loves it and I just don't get it. Watching this gameplay it just looks like such a standard PS2 shooter but with better graphics and the AI is all funky and the levels seem empty. It just seems like a one trick pony and I can't help but think like the genre has evolved past this... Half-Life 2 came out in 2004 and has more innovating features. Another point is story is very important to me and so far the story just looks so poor and the voice acting is bad.

Like Halo that had horrible level designs, poor animations and the combat wasn't fun and the multiplayer sucked compared to PC shooters. The story was just bad and didn't care for it and that just got worse with 2 and 3 and the art style is just so generic.

I pick new and fresh ideas, innovation every time over the same old same old mediocre games. 

Mirror's Edge for example had alot wrong with it but I also had more fun out of that game than thing since like 2004. Thats because it's tried something new and innovative for once.

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Haha that was quite excellent.

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i have no idea what that meant but it was hilarious

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*Watches the final seconds of the video*
So...the game is ass bangingly good?

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Can't wait.  :-)

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two more days left!!!

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Nice Quick Look guys. Think I'll be getting this.

Also damn nice guitar you had swinging around there. Is that a Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster?

Or is it just fake or something hahah

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wish those were in the real game.

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Looks pretty standard to me.  Looks pretty.  I'm sure it'll be just as fun to play as anything else in the genre.

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HAHAHA!!! That amazing!!1 Lol @ Jeff and Ryan you guys are hysterical!

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I love the way you guys edit the video. Seeing Jeff maniacally shoot a gun or Ryan wander around with a flower is priceless. Good stuff. I also dig the way Jeff's voice echoes during those clips. I am assuming I should give that credit to Vinny. Good job :)

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I never new this game was so trippy.
and Jeff leave Ryan the fuck aloneeeeeeeeeee.
its ok Ryan well get him back.....

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Looks great! Those clips of you and Ryan inbetween were hilarious!

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wow jeff and ryan, u guys r goofy

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Looks awesome..

Funny as hell Jeff

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Omg you guys rock, got me watching every single video here!
Keep it up!

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Those clips in between the game footage were amazing!

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so u guys deem it uneeded to show us alot of firefight......but u thinks its still necessary to show us a dead guy getting hit in the ass but the butt of ur gun....over and over again........u guys are just mean.....

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I couldn't stop laughing.

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Notice the typo in the game's subtitles, exposion?
Killzone 2 is real pretty but I can't get past how derivative it is. I imagine I'll really like the opening levels but be bored by the middle. I bet a person's enjoyment will be inversely-proportional to their knowledge of prior FPSs. But the multiplayer should be great.

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Lmao. Great.

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Going to get it today... See you online!

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I'm gonna buy the game Friday, but for those wondering, the bits with Jeff & Ryan were put in because Sony politely asked them to only show a certain amount of footage. Thus they replace gameplay with goofs most of the time. I love the way GB circumvented the time limit.

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That was great. Game looks good. Def pickup as soon as i get my PS3 back.

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Kind of like 'The Five Obstructions' with SONY's obstruction being "only show 3 mins of gameplay" and the result is far more entertaining.

Still, Sexxler has you beat so far.

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Ahahaha, nice video Jeff, can`t waittttttttt.

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I already have the game though, already out in Europe

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that was awesome

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did anyone else notice the caption about 30 seconds in when it says "Wow, that was a nice big exposion!"

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Please cover in the review if the initial feeling you had that the assault rifle was still the only weapon you needed outside of specific segments is still true.

Also, Sony is being tight-assed about how much anyone can show of the game in video, which is why GB has been cutting in bizarre shit between clips.

Nice umbrella gun.

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LMAO at the cuts between gameplay. Game looks great though. PS3 price cut and this game will be mine.

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god, Friday can't come soon enough

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the inbetweeners are the best parts.  looks like they did the slo mo manually rather than slowing the video down, that's awesome.

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That was great! Love your intervals you put in there. Those were HIL-AR-IOUS!