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Posted by GermanBomber

Ryan and Jeff playing dumb Kinect games is exactly what I need right now. :)

Posted by Walker_Boh

This whole livestream was hilarious ryan and jeff were a good match but goddamn is kinect fucking dumb.

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Ha! I forgot how great this quick look was.

Posted by Still_A_Sin

The similarities between the opening of Kinect Adventures and Far Cry 3 are surprising. I miss you Ryan. The best dude without a doubt.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

I will forever miss Ryan/Jeff Quick Looks.

This is still one of the best.

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Posted by clipeuh

There will never be another Ryan Kinect Quick Look :(

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Kinect Quick Looks w/Ryan were always great. He got so into it. The Disneyland Adventures one w/ Will Smith is still one of my favorite things ever.

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This is a great video showing what a great team Jeff and Ryan really were...


Posted by Hassun
Posted by absolutmauser

This reminds me how bad everything for Kinect is except for video chat and voice commands...

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