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Disneyland! reminds me of childhood...

Edit: @notdavid CURSE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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I *loved* him in Independence Day! Guys, remember "Welcome to Urf!"? He truly is the 'fresh'est of 'prince's, am I right?

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This is a must buy :P

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That's right Turkey then more Turkey and after Turkey MORE TURKEY!?!!?!?!?!

Edit: Just started watching and wow never knew that every child at Disneyland was a zombie. Well at least now I know one of the many places I should go to when I begin my zombie extermination.

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I came for turkey.

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@Thomper said:


I *loved* him in Independence Day! Guys, remember "Welcome to Urf!"? He truly is the 'fresh'est of 'prince's, am I right?

I hope you got that joke out of your system

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I came, I saw, I got turkey'd.

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Why is Will playing as Norm?

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@bcjohnnie: Never.

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"They're actually Mickey's genitals"


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I was told that there would be turkey?

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I watched the mailbag and then immediately watched this just to see the turkey. I wish I smelled like turkey. Maybe then girls would like me...

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That was definitely a shit bow

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Time to turkey.

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Great job Jeremy.

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Yay, Will Smith!

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Mickey, eyes up here ya paedo.

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That's not Will Smith!

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You got Turkeyed

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Turkey @ 7:25

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It's turkey time! X to turkey

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Land is the worst. Call me with Kinect Disney World Adventures drops.

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Huh. Mickey's ears don't orient themselves toward the camera no matter where his head is facing (like they do with everything he's in). I though that was a huge rule with Disney.

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Totally LOVING the accuracy of walking around the park itself. The "ride" part is crap.

edit: Well, the VO and some of the imagery in the Haunted Manson was also spot on. Still, the flying around is a "let the kids flail around because we don't really know what else to do"

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Does Xbox have some rules saying that every stupid kinect game for children needs to have an annoying floating fairy-thing in your game? Wind hurts Ryan? Hilarious :P

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Will Smith was good but when it comes to Kinect it MUST be Ryan and Vinny, but still good

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Will, you should go to Disneyland. Ryan, you should go to Disney World. I've spent tons of time at Disney World and Yes, it's Big Thunder Mountain there and yes, we do have Splash Mountain. Muppets are at MGM, as is Tower of Terror. Love me some Disney parks. You got the running around being aimless and excited part exactly right!

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Disney World is superior to Disneyland in every conceivable way.

God I miss that place.

Also why was Wheatley leading them through Mass Effect jump gates?

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Oh, and the sounds those kids made when they slammed into stuff in the Haunted Mansion was pretty satisfying. One more Disney note: it's still the Swiss Family Robinson tree house at Disney World.

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lol fast travel system in the sewers

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"Is this game for kids or adults?" Brilliant. I enjoyed that line quite a bit.

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Turkey makes this video fucking hilarious!

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F$*% F$#@ it's like I'm going to disneyland for real!

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Obey the smoked turkey!

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+1 if you immediately scrubbed through the vid in search of turkey.

The Golden Turket.

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If i had Kinect already, I'd totally get this. I don't really know why.

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So much false disney trivia in this quick look. Will Smith does not represent WDW properly!

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Where the turkey at?

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Disney World is awesome, if I had a Kinect I would totally buy this.

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Mickey just seemed worried and gave them something to make them go away.

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@Brackynews said:

+1 if you immediately scrubbed through the vid in search of turkey.

The Golden Turket.

Just about to try.