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Been waiting for this since I played this game last week

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

It kinda looks like Jeff is morphing into Ryan

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Only hits with Rareware

Posted by san_salvador

Dis gunna b gud.

Posted by AlKusanagi

Hot-ass Vinny moves!!!

Posted by Aegon

Haven't pressed play and this already looks like a nightmare factory.

Posted by BeachThunder

Minimalist sports?

Posted by Hassun

I will go on record and confirm that the only reason that Kinect and Move exist is for green screen quicklooks.

Posted by Jesus_Phish
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Posted by Steadying

I didn't know Jeff was secretly Kagutsuchi!

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Posted by TheBioLover

Why is Scottish Doctor Who telling me about digital sports avatars?

Posted by forteexe21

5/5 for Vinny dancing.

Posted by HammondofTexas

Is it just me or do some of those Jeffs look like Ryan?

Posted by Andorski

FUCK... is that David Tennant as the announcer?! I think I need to buy an Xbox One.

Posted by RazielCuts

I knew Ryan would find a way to still make it into these Kinect QL's somehow.

Posted by MosaicM80

Wow, so we've got a very Scottish sounding David Tennant and Ryan Davis. Never thought those two would be in the same sentence. It's like some strange dream I had last night.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

David Tennant? Gotta admit, didn't expect that. On the other hand, it is Rare.

Posted by MonkfishEsq

There it is, there's the classic GB :D

Posted by RawknRo11a
@radish said:

Been waiting for this since I played this game last week

same here, as I was playing I kept thinking: "man, I really hope they do a quicklook of this"

Posted by SirThirdFilms

Virtual Jeff is actually....VIRTUA DAVIS!

Posted by noizy

Kinect QL are the best. The best!

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This is freaking amazing

Posted by BluPotato

The coach desperately wants to be R. Lee Ermey.

Posted by dahlis

I have no interest what so ever in Kinect stuff but these QLs are the best

Posted by Popogeejo

Weirdish gig for David Tennant.

Posted by deepspaceoctopus

When Jeff says "Power Up" silly-ly, it sounds just like the old "Power Up" voice from Diddy Kong Racing. Also fuck Greenwood Village.

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Posted by rmanthorp

@timmy: FAAAANtastic.

Best thing to come from Kinect is Kinect Quick Looks.

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Posted by BBAlpert

Minimalist sports?

I am still behind the name "Min-e-Sports"

Posted by edeo

Ryan's soul is trapped in cyberspace!

This is an amazing Quick Look.

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I wish Vinny did the digital avatar too :(

EDIT: Oh yay he did!

Posted by seintsu

Jeff definitely looks like he's getting in better shape. Good for you if that's true Mr. Gerstmann.

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One day, Kinect, life will find a good use for you. One day. But not today.

Also, it's good to know that No One Can Stop Virtua Davis.

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Coach said the n word....

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If only they had a few more events and/or lowered the price. This would have made a fantastic novelty pack-in for the Xbox One, or a fun digital download title.

But no, they're asking the full price 40 quid/60 dollar for it.

If only...

Posted by TheCheese33

Yikes, those load times are horrendous.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I really hope that someone makes gifs of Vinny at the end.

Posted by Darkness2386


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Posted by Eaxis

I love that these motion games are made so I can watch you guys play them.

Posted by AzuriaZyfire

The Battletoads logo is on the green jetski seen in the tutorial cutscene. Oh Rare...

Posted by MAJID

Vinny almost did Dave's 'Gin-Celebration' dance.

Posted by Giganteus

One day, Kinect, life will find a good use for you. One day. But not today.

Also, it's good to know that No One Can Stop Virtua Davis.

If the kinect eventually has a good use for its existence, it certainly won't be gaming related.

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I missed these Kinect Quicklooks!

Seems like Kinect games are almost fun and proper games but not quite yet. The character creation would be amazing as just your Xbox and Playstation avatar or Mii.

Would also be nice to see your characters in the mini-games, you spend 20 minutes making your face only to see the back of your guy. Also what's up with the bad recording studio quality? Everything sounds so Tinny.

Posted by JayCee

So, from what I can gather- Scottish Doctor Who used the TARDIS to bring Virtua Davis in to Quick Look a janky Kinect game.


Posted by Illuminosopher

WOW, what a shitty looking game.