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I mean, Star Wars is awesome!

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No Ryan? He promised Brad he'd do this on the Bombcast.

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Solo pose!

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Been looking forward to this.

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This should have just been 2 hours (or longer) of Brad doing the Han Solo.

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Should have just renamed the I Love Mondays from yesterday.

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Jedi's gotta work it, boy.

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Alexis is now a thing?

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I love how they explain the dancing game as a "glitch in the system."

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Alexis is a person.

Posted by JacDG

This is going to be amazingly horrible!

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@AndrewB said:

This should have just been 2 hours (or longer) of Brad doing the Han Solo.

Posted by MrBlueJackle

Hahaha Brad was so embarrassed.

Posted by altairre

You canceled the dancing Brad? I'm disappointed, you didn't even try...

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looking forward to this ^^

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Oh no. Oh no, Greg Proops, why? Couldn't you have left that part of your life behind you?

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@Silverbrand said:

Oh no. Oh no, Greg Proops, why? Couldn't you have left that part of your life behind you?

I mean, they had him at gunpoint...

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N64 Podracer was SICK, Miss those good times...

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Let the .gif's begin...

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That "I'm Han Solo" song...

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This is so FUCKING embarrassing. That Dance Central ripoff? We kinda all anticipated the shittiness that awaited us, but this is toecurlingly bad.

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The songs are The Worst.

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This video is interlaced. :(

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Brad should have tried all the modes beforehand or the story mode should have done a better job at introducing them into that mode to familiarize people with them.

edit- this game makes the kinect controls & the game itself with Rise of Nightmares look quite good.

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Awesome to see Alexis making an appearance, he's a cool dude.

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This game is stupid but its tons of fun. Got it yesterday and had a few friends round my place, hilarious times were had.

also, maybe Brad would have more fun with the Jedi stuff if he actually got into it a little instead of just waving around his arms. Sure you dont have to do other stuff but its more fun.

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Do the Han Solo!

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Oh god.

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Quality of the video is pretty bad.

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Brad just slow motion dove in front of me and took this bullet.

Much appreciated.

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Rancor City Rampage.

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I feel so sorry for people who bought the Kinect. Not just because of this game, but because of everything in general.

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Man, I can't wait to watch this video hahah God this game is a horrible looking idea.

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I demand you get John Drake in here and throwdown son!

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Man I thought Ryan was supposed to do this with Brad. Darn it.

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They needed to show off more of the dancing.

Posted by David_T

There is in fact a legal place to download Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight 2. Steam.

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Yeah, way to go Microsoft! I bet you wasted a cool 50 million bucks on this piece of shit, you know, instead of maybe giving people some real games to play? No wonder the 360 is used more for streaming movies than playing games these days: There is literally NOTHING on it you can´t get someplace else.

I´ve grown to fucking hate Kinect.

Posted by AndrewB

Arthur Gies picked a fortuitous time to log in.

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@ADAMWD: Hopefully when they get back from Pax, Brad & Ryan will do a short additional QL for it to get Ryan in on the fun for this.

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Brad needs a more senior person like Ryan and Jeff when doing quicklooks to get past his general cynicism and not giving an eff towards games. I know this isn't a stellar example of a 'good game' but yeah, predicted the general tone of a brad QL from a mile off.

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That ship is the Outrider, right? From Shadows of the Empire?

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I'm not saying that false enthusiasm is necessary, but 45 minutes of grumbling starts to wear a little thin. Love ya, Brad, but drop some acid before the next time you have to do a QL for a game you dislike. It'd make things a little more interesting!

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All of the Jedi Knight games are on Steam!