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The bit with the rancor is the only thing in the game that looks like it would be even moderately enjoyable, and even then, it only looks like it would be fun for a couple minutes.

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This video seems very interlaced. At high speeds it looks so junky, I don't know why. Not a fan of the new way you're overlaying the green screen on to the footage.

The Rancor mode looks the most fun, but not likely to play it.

Posted by MrMazz

For the longest time all I wanted was Lightsaber game where me and my buds could have duels this is not that and this is not good looking at all

Posted by Quantical

Something tells me this was not the best game ever. :D

Posted by Ventilaator

Why would anyone...own a Kinect?

Posted by rts375

Doesn't get much worse than this game.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Striking a pose on a podium for 20 seconds IS my kinda thing, Brad Shoemaker.

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when brad left the dancing i left this quicklook. fuck this quicklook.

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When can we get our Episode 1: Podracer HD re-release? I'd buy that in a second. Put it on Wii U and let me gear out my pod on the lower screen. I'd buy that.

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Kinect quicklooks should be done by Patrick and Ryan.

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This game actually has Genie in a Bottle, so it is better than both Dance Central games already.

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I couldn't watch more than 2 1/2 minutes of this.

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That isn't even Anthony Daniels doing the C3PO voice man how bad does it get when they can't even get the actual actor do the voice work for the game, it's not even a good impression.

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This is the best kinect game I've ever seen! 
I'd consider playing it if I was paid for that.

Posted by SSully

pretty dumb that they didn't bring Alexis in at all.

Posted by BrianP

@MordeaniisChaos: True, but happy action theater is a type of "game" ( I believe they described it more as a series of activities) that only works with the kinect controls. It has probably got as close to the "you are the controller" ideal that microsoft has put out there as any other game, save dance central. On the other hand, this is your basic third person action game with turret sequences, which are demonstrably better to play with a controller. The argument that it is fun with kinect controls if you satisfy conditions a, b, and c, that have nothing to do with the game itself, is a pretty weak one. This game has a campaign, scoring, leveling mechanics etc that other "traditional" games have and if you are going to make people play it with this piece of tech that is supposedly supposed to move gaming forward, you had better damn well make sure it works and is as fun or more fun that traditional methods.

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The podracing brings back fond memories of Episode 1: Racer, but this game doesn't deserve that.

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Brad shouldn't play Kinect games, it can't be healthy for him.

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Lightsaber on, motherfuckers!

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Oh Kinect games there mostly all terrible but make for some great Quick Looks.

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lightsabre ON!!!

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@SSully said:

pretty dumb that they didn't bring Alexis in at all.

It kept breaking the Kinect detection.

Posted by ICF_19XX
@Gyoru said:
This video is interlaced. :(
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Fixing the fire was an oddly specific touch...

@BrianP said:

@Humanity said:

It's really annoying when they keep saying "well you know what this would be better with?! A controller! hurr" Well yah of course but thats not the point. They're like party mini games. IF you get a few friends, crack open some of those beers Patrick just loves to drink, start messing around with these games while shouting cool memes like "lol what is videogame!" then everyone can have a good time. Thats why no one is making serious first person shooters that are Kinect only - but rather they're always mini-game compilations. The Bomb crew is always so cynically sour on anything Kinect related they don't even try to have fun with any of it - hey unless it's from Double Fine then the same rancor mini game is now a ton of fun!

It's kind of weird to criticize someone for saying "playing games way X is better" then two sentences later lay out all the other things you need to make it an enjoyable experience.

Wasn't the whole point of Happy Action Theatre to be a game for groups of drunk people and children? I think it's fair to say that in the right environment certain games can be fun or are more fun than they would be in the usual video game environment.

That said, some of these mini games look on the verge of being broken. And not in a "oh no Kinect is freaking out" kinda way.

This. Also keep in mind, the Kinect is still a $100 piece of equipment, and this is a $50 game. I own a Kinect and I still can't legally drink, so... how exactly then am I supposed to enjoy this game? My friends and I can't (or at least, aren't supposed to) just 'crack open some of those beers' and 'enjoy' a stupid mini-game collection like this, and frankly, I shouldn't have to. This is a shallow, piece of shit minigame collection that has no right being defended as a game or Star Wars propert, and unlike Double Fine's $15 downloadable game that reveled in how broken Kinect was, this takes itself somewhat seriously. Plus, I can get drunk, stupidly flail around and dance horribly to music without dropping all that money on unintuitive equipment.

They're cynical and sour towards this because a year and a half later, the only things worth playing are some minigames, some (albeit creative, i.e. Gunstringer, Child of Eden) railshooters, and a few dancing games. I'm holding out hope that Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor turns out alright, but they've also been allowed to admit that Kinect has it's shortcomings and incorporated a controller.

I get all that - but I don't think this is marketed towards adults or even teenagers, but rather at children and "families." Also I don't think you can revel in being broken. Happy Action Theater didn't highlight how broken the Kinect was because everything that it tried to accomplish worked pretty well. If anything that downloadable title showed the strengths of Kinect. Now I'm not an advocate for neither Kinect nor this Star Wars game because thats getting off topic. I just think every time they go into a Kinect based QL it's instantly a horrible drag they have to go through and they never let up on letting you know how shitty it is. I just dislike that attitude much like how some people were upset at the way they came into that Silent Hill QL already with the opinion that the game is crap. Would I buy this Star Wars game? No. Would I recommend it to my friends? Probably not. If someone at a gathering popped it into the 360 would I moan and complain they should take it out so we can watch someone play Gears? No, I'd probably just try to have wacky fun with it.

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day made

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I see Brad was abandoned by Ryan.

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Did you just use one of my own gifs against me? THIS MEANS WAR!

Edit: oh it's not but very similar.

Yeah, nope! I like making animated gifs, too! haha

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i played the main game of this on my 360 and got bored of it, i didn't even notice this bit. I am SO SO glad i missed the dancing thing as i was completely embarrassed for Brad and Patrick and i shook my head in disbelief with them lyrics.

You poor poor guys.

How do you unsee the dancing things in this game?

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@Humanity: That's a fair enough assessment, but I almost can't blame them for treating it like a drag when frankly, it's a drag as a viewer. I find that to be less the fault of the people showcasing the games, and more of an issue of the gameplay. Kinect games don't show well and almost all basically boil down to the same thing -- stupid fun with wacky going ons that might be fun in a group dynamic but utterly janky, boring and pointless with anything less than perhaps three people. It's hard to imagine trying to step back and look at something like this critically in a positive light, though I will say that Brad's been kind of a downer on a bunch of the games he's showcased lately (Asura's comes to mind, despite the mid QL turnaround.)

The marketing may be geared towards families and children now, but once upon a time, I bought in to their whole controller-free future thing and thought it could be really cool. Instead, we've been brought mediocre to kind-of-alright background entertainment for group gatherings with little hope on the foreseeable horizon.

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@patrickklepek said:

@SSully said:

pretty dumb that they didn't bring Alexis in at all.

It kept breaking the Kinect detection.

I understand, but you guys could of "passed the controller" by switching in and out a few times. The quick look was still good, I just wish he could of gotten a little screen time is all.

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"Dumb Fun" @ 16:30.

Sums up the whole kinect experience.

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My Childhood! RUINED!

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I would rather see a quick look of Diabolical Pitch, a game I might actually buy. Please?

Posted by crusader8463

Don't know why this gets so much hate. It looks like a fine kids game. The thing that drives me nuts though is how it seems to become cannon that they no longer pronounce Kryat the proper way of cry-at in anything any more. Every time I hear it now they say it the wrong way.

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@Kevin_Cogneto said:

Is that a fake Anthony Daniels? Boy, you know a Star Wars game is bad when even Anthony Daniels refuses to participate. That guy is in every piece of Star Wars media ever made, usually you can't stop him from doing a C3PO voice.

I just logged in to make the same point. That is SO bizarre! I thought Daniels had an exclusive deal on 3PO... Apparently not...

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Can someone please fix the video. Not watching until otherwise.

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looks okay for a kids game

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What the fuck did I just watch?!

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@Melos: calm down its a kids game. dont get so angry at a kinect game

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Hey guys if I owned a Kinect I would totally buy this once it hits the bargain bin for an easy 2 hours of entertainment.

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lol...Brad gives up on games too fast. I wanted to see more dancing!

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Star Wars...Is Dead. I feel bad for any kid that has to deal with this from their children. My childhood was laserdisc Star Wars 4-6. Sorry kids of today.

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Lightsaber ON!!!

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Jedi Knight totally available on Steam for those interested...

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Who would've guessed the sequel to Red Faction: Guerilla would be a Star Wars game?

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Controller > Kinect

This message has been brought to you by common sense.