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Game looks pretty lame, but Brad seemed to break a few rules of the professional game reviewer. He had written it off before he even started, pretty much ragequit the dance game and almost some of the other stuff. Instead of a smart, detailed critique while showing us how bad the game is, it was mostly just sighs and flailing halfassedly. At least pretend to be unbiased?

Agreed. The Kinect bias already writes games off for some reviewers regardless of the game or quality of title. Keep Kinect QL's to Ryan. He's fantastic at them.

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"oh my gaid... oh wait"

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It's really annoying when they keep saying "well you know what this would be better with?! A controller! hurr" Well yah of course but thats not the point. They're like party mini games. IF you get a few friends, crack open some of those beers Patrick just loves to drink, start messing around with these games while shouting cool memes like "lol what is videogame!" then everyone can have a good time. Thats why no one is making serious first person shooters that are Kinect only - but rather they're always mini-game compilations. The Bomb crew is always so cynically sour on anything Kinect related they don't even try to have fun with any of it - hey unless it's from Double Fine then the same rancor mini game is now a ton of fun!

Funny and accurate! Maybe there is hope left for this community!

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@Shtinky: We really don't need to be dicks to people who are taking the time to write properly. Even if it's a little overboard it's far better than the alternative, which is to say what we usually get.

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Flail your hands in the air like you just don't care...

Credit to Brad and 'trick for giving it a go, especially with the office move confusing things, but this game seems to lack any kind of incentive to play for more than 10 minutes. Damn you, George Lucas!

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one of the only games i have seen a light sabre act like a light sabre is star wars the force unleashed 2. cutting off heads, hands, arms and legs like a hot knife through butter. now the developers of that game need to improve on it, rig the torso as to separate objects and link them together. in engine a bit of code can be writ which will say.... i dunno... "cut mesh in half". this action can only be done if the sabre strikes accordingly for a finishing move. or you can sever multiple limbs from the mesh. lets face it, force unleashed 2 was a deeply mature star wars game. i've said from the very beginning that kinect star wars is a waste of a project and will become a laughing stock. so far my predictions are right. imagine what we could have had instead of this.

star wars battlefront 3, star wars bounty hunter HD, star wars bounty hunter 2 (play as boba fett during the dark empire comics), star wars jedi acadamy HD, star wars force unleashed 3 (too soon i admit.). i think those would have been more fruitful ventures and a demand for greater talent.

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dammn this looks terrible lol it seems like mindless fun with friends though

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Kind of stunned at people who think 2/5 was too high for this game. It's functionally sound. The "Galactic Dance Off" seems to work just fine as a Dance Central re-skin, and will probably by an enjoyable enough diversion for anyone young enough not to immediately cringe and curse George Lucas. And even Patrick and Brad seemed to find the rancor mini-game amusing enough, despite disliking the rest of the package.

The other modes are a bit boring for my tastes, but otherwise seem to function fine, and might appear to younger kids who couldn't handle the 1-to-1 lightsaber combat Brad wants. I think a lot of the reactions to this game are the product of a specific generation of "lapsed Star Wars fans", who curse George Lucas for turning their favourite space opera into a child merchandising empire, but are probably a bit out of touch with the younger generation growing up on the Clone Wars animated series and the prequels.

With all of that said, I'm definitely in the former group, and thus won't be touching this game with a ten foot pole. But I certainly think it's at least worthy of the 2/5 it got - and maybe even deserved a 3/5.

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@TheVampireBoy: Bounty Hunter was an underrated game. It had flaws but the concept was so incredible. Prey 2 was following suit, but now that supposedly got axed, so...

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I remember the times when Star Wars was awesome. Like, 3 movies and a lot of shitty games ago.

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@Shurelock: i think its flaw was that some of the levels were just impossible. for example, the Tusken canyon mission where jabba sends you to kill Gardula the hutt. the same goes for the tomb world mission before you kill Montross. damn impossible. how ever the mission on Coruscant in the entertainment district more or less opened the world up. it was almost, and i say this lightly, almost a sandbox level. a new game needs to be released or as i said a HD version needs to be re-released with simplified levels.

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Dude, is that Greg Proops as the pod-race announcer? I thought he learned his lesson from doing that in the movie over a decade ago. Oh well, he's a funny guy, and likes money so why not? It could be a similar sounding dude though.

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This is the worst thing ever

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Lightsaber ON!!! (This is a terrible game.)