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I already have this

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Oh man, I love bears.

EDIT: Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff-

EDITx2: You are a colossal dick.

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oooo now with bears!!!

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I am ready.

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Yogi as DLC??

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I love Rebel FM =D ARTHUR GIES

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lol when I first saw the initial screencap before I pressed play I thought "What the shit happened to Vinny"

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I love me some bears.

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Holy shit I thought that was Vinny at first. I'm ready for some bear action.

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That's a Panda.

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Rebel FM represent.

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Pandas are not bears!

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Raccoons are not marsupials!!

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Good things come in bears?

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Pandas are absolutely bears.

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Ryan, pandas are not marsupials. And raccoons are DEFINITELY not marsupials.

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Also, Elmo and the other monsters on Sesame Street are absolutely Muppets.

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What the hell is Ryan talking about, Panda Bears are not marsupials.

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Oh god, I hate Arthur Gies U_U

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Rebel FM, bring it.

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I think Ryan is thinking of the Red Panda. Those looks like Raccoons.

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Why is Arthur Gies there? Was there literally no one else at Whiskey who wanted to do this?

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Anything from the taxonomic family Ursidae is considered a bear, and Pandas are a part of that family.

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You got Bears.

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@Grimmy616: He must be. Red Pandas are not bears.

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If you rent Cinnamon Bear, watch it with the blinds closed.

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@MooseyMcMan: I think they were joking about this game on Twitter and that's where this came from.

Glad to see Arthur. It was a fun QL.

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Pandas are not marsupials. Koala "bears" are (which is where I think Ryan is getting confused?).

Also, there are some cute stuffed bears you can get in-game from Build-A-Bear workshop. The one I have in my game is totes badass, with his pink fur and heart for a nose.

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Breasts ARE for everyone.

Also, always great to see some Joystiq crossover.

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We all know Ryan is pretty much clueless about everything thats not gaming related.

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If Giant Bomb want me to cancel my membership, including this guy on video content is a good way to go about it.

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Dear Dead Island ad - SHUT UP. You're still WAY too loud. Haha.

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Yogi is Ryan, Arthur Geese is Bubu.

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Whoa. I now have a face to go along with a voice for Arthur.

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Bears are like.. Colossal fucking rats. That eat babies.

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@Curufinwe said:

If Giant Bomb want me to cancel my membership, including this guy on video content is a good way to go about it.


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Haters gon' hate, while Arthur remains great.

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Congratulations, you got Panda AIDS. Panda sneezes: the silent killer.

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rebel fm represent but man arthur sounds bored or tired

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Polar bears on an island, Lost anyone?

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Why is Arthur Gies in this video? I have nothing against him, I just don't know why he's there. I'm tired and possibly missed something.

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ARTHUR GIES! I love him, and miss him in the IGN podcast (don't hate.)

Rebel FM for life, dawg.

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@divisionbyzorro: lol so true!

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Good to see Arthur on the quicklook.

I'm pretty sure this whole thing was courtesy of Twitter. Though, I thought Ryan told Arthur it was supposed to be at his house, at 2 AM, and leave his pants outside...

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@bunkerbuster05: second that!

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I wanted to see some bear washing damn you!