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Nice tiger!
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scan tag is kinda creepy

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Well it looks nice...

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that flying thing ha the voice actor of the brown angry beaver

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i don't know that i will need a kinect if i can just watch Ryan hang out with MODOC.

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See, you called him MODOK and he didn't even kill anything.  FALSE ADVERTISING!

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why do these cats act like dogs?

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Holy Crap is Richard Horvitz! 

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Perhaps not designed for 30 year old men to play but this looks far too good (and with a fair bit more depth) than you would expect. 
Looks like an extended tech demo in places but I guess that's why they got Frontier to produce a showcase - that it will sell to its target audience (and probably in its millions) is a bonus to them. 
Oh, and this isn't the cutest thing ever ;) 
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Miniature Organism Designed Only for Cuddling

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This game kind of freaks me out because I read The Veldt in high school.

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Does anyone else feel like this is just Black and White 2: Kiddie Edition?

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Modok love it

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Kinectimals endurance run. Good idea or amazing idea?

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Dude, it's Raz, Daggett, and Zim!

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I honestly want to buy this and get a cheetah...ridiculous!

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@foggel said:
" I'm getting a Black and White vibe. "
Thats the first thing I thought when I saw that creepy ghost hand.
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@Bonsai: YES!
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Thanks Levar!

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I love this game.

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I would like a tiger as a pet. Great job MS.

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wheres Rorie, I'm sure he'd love this!

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@Vextroid said:
"    Holy Crap is Richard Horvitz!  MODOC!!! "
Fuck yeah! I heard that thing and thought, "Holy shit! It's Invader Zim/Dagget/Razputen!"
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oh those bastards i see what there gonna do...
guy 1: ok so what are we gonna do for DLC for this game maybe we can add a bird or something
guy 2: thats great and all but that can only make us 5 dollars why not make it so we have a little plus toy that comes with a code and sell it for 20-30 dollars...
 guy 3: maybe some accessories to like a toy bowl that has a code and cost 5 dollars?
also this has been quite a great day for announcers first we have rise from PS4 for sonic riders and now we have raz, dag from angry beavers, invader zim as the announcer

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I agree that it seems like a minigame collection (like every kinect game so far really) more than a virtual pet sim. 
Not sure if that's actually better or worse.

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This looks great for kids.  Really liking what Kinect is capable of.

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MODOK! Kill!

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Holy shit I am seven minutes in and laughed about as much as any previous quick look. "And now you have feline aids."

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This isnt real? :O

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Richard Motherfucking Horvitz doing voice acting 

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Looks cool, but I don't think it has lasting potential for grown-ups. Kids will probably eat this shit up.

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Im just waiting for the sequel to "Hey You Pikachu!" now.

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these cats are waayyyy to affectionate wayyyy to fast. and wat is that fairy thing?? half cat, half human, half fairy????

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there's something unsettling about that srs lemur.

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Way more of a game than I was expecting. I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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This is oozing: "Awwww" factor.

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So if you name your pet Xbox does the system explode?

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there is something invidious about that fairy.

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The purring is sooooo good.

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Really the only thing I can think when that floating thing speaks is "So when do we conquer the planet / So when do we enter that cat's brain?"

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Raz how did you turn into a terrifying furry fairy!?!

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...Is that Invader Zim as that fairy thing?

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Honestly, this is pretty cool.  I would love a virtual Wall-e or maybe Stitch.  I think a Disney game like this would be awesome.