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Posted by Zeighty

oh man I love Kingdoms

Posted by TwoLines

I've got a rash, and the only perscription is... More... Kingdoms?

Posted by mbr2

o rly?

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But I like saying "That's a thing"! If anything, I got it from @alex

Posted by radioactivez0r

@cooljammer00: Hah, I was gonna say, 30 seconds in and Brad has already made fun of Alex.

Posted by Morningstar

Give this for pc please!

Posted by Vuud


Posted by Jumbs

Haha, you people typing shithead internet memes are HILARIOUS

Posted by Lien_the_swede

I really love/ hate Kingdom Rush!

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@vuud said:


I saw this comment before I started the Quick Look and I got so angry. Now I'm content.

Posted by RVonE

Some of the music in this is pretty nice.

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Posted by frythefly

Sorry Brad, but the cake gives me totes bad feels. Ostensibly it was made with lye. I heard the baker dropped the base.

Posted by RudeCubes

So THAT'S why Brad doesn't have an "Ask Me" tumblr

Posted by cooljammer00

I like watching people play tower defense games. I can't handle playing tower defense games: too much pressure.

Posted by kindnivore

Brad, you bought the mobile artillery and never moved it. I think the whole purpose to that tower is to move with the units, especially when they were all cluttered at the end!

Also, I cannot wait to play this on my iPad Mini. The first one was really fun.

Posted by briansanderson

Yep game is incredibly awesome. Playing this on the ipad mini and I think this is a better game than the original kingdom rush. That is saying something too.

Posted by berniesbc

I wonder if they got lunch.

Posted by Dylabaloo

Is this game worthwhile to buy just on the iPhone, is there enough screen real-estate?

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Loving this sequel!

I finished this level here without any problems on my first try (lucky!) and I never touch the gem shop, so don't give up @brad.

Personally I've been rolling with Beastmaster since he's an amazing tank with his boars + ranged damage from his falcon. Stampede is pretty sweet too. As soon as he unlocked I replayed most of the levels to max him out, then did challenges for tower points.

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I don't know, i've played alot of impressive tower defense games, this is good for what it is but there are bigger better games out there.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

@dylabaloo: I just got the first one on my android phone and there is more than enough room to play it just fine. Even though I think iphone screens are smaller it should work perfectly fine.


the 'time to gameplay' in GB Quicklooks is getting longer and longer I find.

Posted by spacehobbitz

Should I get this or the first one?

Posted by WesternWizard

Glad to hear other people hating on Feels. Anyone who says it sounds like a two year old.

Posted by VoshiNova

If Kingdom Rush was a man, Brad would constantly have that mans penis in his mouth.

"You can't even get mad about it cause it's so shameless - its just funny!"

"The cake is a lie" Now that IS funny Brad!


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No barracks?? You're a madman Brad!

Posted by JetForceGemini

Sounds like Brad hasn't played Defense Grid.

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gaming for me is a religion and kingdom rush is the shit!!

Posted by TheRealMoot

Internet speak and the people who use it hurt me...

Posted by briansanderson

@dylabaloo: Yes I beat the first kingdom rush on the iPhone before I did on the ipad. Plays great on the iPhone. Don't hesitate on picking this game up.

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@spacehobbitz: I would just go ahead and play Frontiers. Really at its core is very much like the first game but with all new maps and all new advanced tower upgrades and an upgrading system for the characters and stuff.

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They should have Quick Looked that catered Caribbean lunch.

Posted by Winsord

Wintermaul X10 >>> Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is nowhere near the best TD ever Brad, sorry!

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Oh, Brad, hating on terms like "dat feels" but loving a shameless reference to "cake is a lie"

Posted by gbrading

Does look very iterative. But I still don't get Tower Defence.

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I think the bigger issue for me is that I've been playing tower defense games that seem more robust and control sharper on the PC for years now. Between Defense Grid, Sanctum, Orcs Must Die, Anomaly, and Iron Brigade, I think this game might be a pretty good on Steam (it's been Greenlit) but even then doesn't seem to compete.

That and this game looked like PixelJunk Monsters from day one, which isn't a knock but rather to point out that while it's Brad's favorite but far from groundbreaking.

Posted by Milkman

Vinny is so right about the "best thing ever/worst thing ever" stuff. It frustrates me to no end that everything on the internet has to be so black and white and is either the greatest thing that ever happened or the worst thing.

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Kingdom Rush really remains one of the most mediocre TD games ever made. Even other flash games I enjoy more (Gemcraft).

Posted by RageGoblin

I love when Giant Bomb covers cell phone games.

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First you pay 5 bucks for a game on a tablet, then you have to pay like 8 bucks for a damn champion? Wtf is wrong with this shit?

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@milkman: This is the worst post that has ever been posted on the internet. Ever.

But yeah, it's annoying that everything has to either be a 10 or a 1. Games can't just be good, decent, or not so good.

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@brad The Walking Dead... Dat feel.

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Posted by sdcoiner76

Glad I got to see this. I have been enjoying Kingdom Rush on my Android tablet (going though the elite stages now). Hopefully this comes out sooner for the Android then the first one did.

I do have to say that even though I like the game it seems like Brad hyped it up so much I thought it might be the second coming of gaming. :) But, I don't mind. I love seeing when people are really enthusiastic about a game they love. It helps displace a lot of the cynicism that seems to surround gaming now.

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Watching this makes me want to play orcs must die 1 and 2 again. Lets see if your mirage can beat the great and powerful mage apprentice/miner!

Posted by Beforet

guys the beginning of this video is filling me up with so much feel! I need to download it for reasons!

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I played through the 1st game on the phone without ever using the store. Great game, just not a big fan playing games on phone.

Posted by Jatsu

Videogames to me are like a religion, and Kingdom Rush is the shit!

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