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I love Rush.

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wha whaaaa..... those first few minutes

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Video content!

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what is will smith doing?

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Grats to will smith !

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Eh... iOS stuff.... where's the next Bradley May Cry episode?!

edit: Awesome, Will Smith. Grats to the man!

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Will Smith Tha Gawd

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@Kaiserreich said:

Video content!

Seriously, I figured they all died from Tasmanian energy drink poisoning.


Tower Defense YAY!!!!!!!!!

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Early Bomb Cast and late Quick Look?!

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I was waiting for someone to talk about iOS finally.

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This game is awesome as a browser game. Didn't have all this microtransaction stuff though I'm sure heroes are cool. I really like how you place your soldiers on the field like that.

EDIT: NeoGAF app hahaha. Now I'm just imagining him reading all the hating posts he responds to there on his iPhone.

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I can't hear that song without thinking of the movie Innerspace:

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nice, but yoo this game is old

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Are all babies this tiny? I don't remember babies this tiny, are we saving money with smaller babies and bigger beards?

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Rudds reppin' the LatestChatty. Word.

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surprise Will Smith

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Going to put this on my all Rush Mixtape

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I'm going to be that guy and make a distaseful noise to the existence of ios quicklooks.

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Woah this starting with out a typical QL bumper threw me for a loop, I thought an ad opened in another window or something. Congrats to Mr. Will Smith.

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All babies all the time.

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I have this game. I love it!

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This game is insanely addicting. I played it for most of a week.

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@JTHomeslice said:

I love Rush.

but does it Hit up that kind of rush?

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I am irrationally happy about this quick look!

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Kingdom Rush is goooood.

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Played many hours of this on my browser.

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I don't know about Kingdom Rush, but now I want Letterpress.

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now that's how you open up a quicklook! congrats to will

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I was going to make a Rush joke and ask if there's any bass slapping in this video, but then I learned it features Will Smith. He is a known Rush hater. Direct your distaste of his opinion to @willsmith on the twitters.

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Lol Brad... "I've got 'hell of' money."

You're in the bay, just say hella already.

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Ignus from Planescape: Torment is in this game?

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Haha listening to Jeff growl over the existence of this QL right as I see this

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An iOS quicklook featuring Will Smith as the video bumper? Quite fitting.

I've always been of the opinion that the iOS store is a veritable cesspool, and that hasn't changed anytime recently. The very nature of pay to play undermines the mechanics of most games out there. I really resent the notion that they can't sell complete games for a slightly higher price because "that's just how it is". The platform has tremendous potential for lower and mid-tier developers, and I'd like to see some more substantial stuff on it.

Also, the highly vectorized and over-saturated look that seems to be in every other iOS game makes it really hard to tell them apart.

Still, it's good that you can cover these games now. Don't want to miss it if a Bastion or other such game hits the platform.

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I think I played this as a flash game a few months ago.

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This game is pretty great! definitely one of the better tower defense games out there. Generally though for the tougher levels, ice freeze is the better way to go (250 gems) and a combinations of gold (500 gems). I love the tougher challenges!

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Yay for iOS Quick Looks. It's about damn time.

Boo for tower defense games.

WTF to Will Smith's beard get that thing under control oh wait your a new dad just try to survive then

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Will Smith's beard will eat that baby

Game looks like a fairly standard Tower Defense game

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Premium Rush!

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I figured it out Brad is Charlie Brown.

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The sheep you want to squish for the achievement are 'ambient' sheep standing around in some of the earlier farmland levels.

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Looks like Brad is a goon.

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Neat little game. Not being an iOS device owner it's cool to see some of the games you guys are always talking about.


my friend was obsessed with this game when it was a flash game and I gave it a go too. Sounds like Brad got his money worth from the iOS port for 1 dollar.

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Why wouldn't I just play Defense Grid on my laptop while checking my Galaxy Nexus? Android FTW FOREVER.

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Congrats to Will Smith! Wish the old site was around right now for some tablet reviews and informed opinions.

This game, hey maybe as much a tower defense as I might want to play, though I own a few (Steam). IDK...... Something before I knock off for the night. I assume this a tablet (APP+) game. I honestly do not own a cell phone.