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Donkey Kong first though.

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Oh my god. This game looks amazing. I feel like I want to physically assault anyone who is cynical about this game

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Wow that is indeed really adorable. I'd never play it but it's a delight to look at.

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This is the Opposite of LIMBO.

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I think you can hypnotize Vinny and Rorie if you sit them down in front of this game.

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Oh christ....this makes me want to buy a Wii.

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Im so buying this.  I HAVE NO WII.

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Why make an actual comment when I can just type DAAAAAWWWWWWWWW.


puts other Wii games to shame when it comes to graphics - hell even some PS3/360/PC games :D Adorable like a kitten with knitted boots on!

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Request: Bring Alex's cat to the offices and put her in front of the TV while playing Kirby's Epic Yarn. Then capture what happens on camera and upload the movie to the site.

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i love the wee beep beep when kirby turns into a car... its so awesome

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@IronScimitar said:

" God damn ANYBODY that hates on this. "

It's pretty damn near impossible to hate on it.  Even my nonchalance regarding decrepit platforming titles somehow still being made in 2010 and the overdose of saccharin this game exudes can't stop me from being in awe of the level of cuteness mixed with cool mechanics this game has.
Although I still won't buy it.
Nice to see HAL Labs representing, even though they haven't done anything as good as their 8-16 bit stuff since.  And yes I will hate on some Trash Bros.
Edit:  ok, I probably will buy it, dammit.
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I was feeling rather down before watching the video, but you know what? Everything is fine now.

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jesus christ thats adorable !

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What a delightful game.

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They need to make this game into a drug so I can inject it into my veins on a daily basis. I could be filled with child-like happiness for the rest of my days. :)

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I want to hug this game until it explodes!

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Yes, that was indeed a flower clock.

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Looks cool, but I just don't like these types of games -_-

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Awesome QL! 
I totally want this game now. I don't even own a Wii but this is another game on my short list of games that will get me to buy a Wii.  
Really like the music, art style, and the neat/simple gameplay mechanics.  
Really cute too.
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worst manly men EVER

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God damn it this game is adorable.

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@Mrskidders said:
" Games like this make me so glad I don't use or buy games for my Wii anymore.  Not being 10 years old helps as well when it comes to games like this. "
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"You tore him apart!"

Great QL.

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this game is so adorable

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Too fucking cute, too damn fucking cute. God damnit I think I have to get this explosion of cuteness now. I want to hug the screen now.

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No matter how old I get, I'm always down with Kirby. The game's are never hard, but somehow still satisfying.

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The future is now!

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Mad violence and death in the cutest form ever. 
Crack has a new name. I dunno what the gems do but I  WANT THEM!!! 
Love how they both end up doped on wii drugs, so simplistic but so awesome! 

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I would love to comment on this but I'm afraid I have DIED OF CUTENESS OVERLOAD! This game looks phenomenal!!    
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Cuteness aside, this game's gameplay seems to be very solid, and seems like it could allow a lot of challenge later on in the game with those mechanics. I was worried when they said they were getting rid of the staple Kirby gameplay, but my suspicions were assuaged with this quick look.

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I used to play the shit out of Kirby, that muthafucka is a gangsta, adorable or not

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I love this quick look.

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Holy crap, this is hands down the award winner for most adorable game EVER.
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haha everything about this was adorable. "this is a GOD.DAMN.DELIGHT"

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That was officially the cutest Quick Look ever!  
Doesn't look like this as a European release date yet? Odd.

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It makes me so happy inside and so tranquil, i feel like a kid again and it's glorious, a must buy!
Also someone needs to take the audio from this and mash it together with something unsavory, just sayin'

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I mean *ahem*.  Whoever likes this crap sucks.  Wii sucks.  Am I right?  Guys?

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Looks freaking amazing. Kirby has been coming out of nowhere with amazing games lately.

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The profanity in this video, good grief!
But it's Kirby.

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@RuneseekerMireille said:

" Cuteness aside, this game's gameplay seems to be very solid, and seems like it could allow a lot of challenge later on in the game with those mechanics. I was worried when they said they were getting rid of the staple Kirby gameplay, but my suspicions were assuaged with this quick look. "

I think a lot of the challenge will come from more subtle things like trying to collect enough gems to get the gold medals. I also recall reading somewhere that you unlock extra bonus levels by beating the bosses without getting hit or something like that. 
Some of those treasures look like they could be hard to find as well. I believe this was the same developer who did Wario Land: Shake It! All the levels in that game also had 3 treasures, and some of them were ridiculously hard to get.
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And once again Alex latches on to the other person's performance and just adopts it for himself but it just feels, as always, lacking in sincerity. 
This game looks amazing. I need to play this. There is an impressive attention to detail in the visuals, from the bump under the fabric, to the indentation on the surfaces, so the silky smooth animations. It also seems like a fully functioning platformer with a little more complexity than I would have expected for this game.

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Amazing. Thought this was probably the best looking game at E3. More interested in this than black ops; and I've loved all the COD games since 2.

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This looks like maybe the most imaginative game in the history of games. Damn. So.....damn.....adorable....and....aggghhhh