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Thanks again, Ryan.

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Wow, now I really wish that they would have just played through this whole game on camera :(. RIP Ryan.

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We love you so much Ryan Davis.

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Ryan is a UFO now. ;_;

Oh god, that.... why did you do that to me ;_____;

Now I'm going to be all blubbery and imagining Ryan's big goofy face peeking over a waggling yarn UFO's controls >_>

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i'm so sad right now, this is so fucking unfair.

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Rest in peace Ryan! All those videos... I want to see the Endurance Runs with Ryan again...

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Still as delightful as the first time I watched this. Thanks for putting it up on the front page.

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Kawaii overload! Thanks Ryan. I miss you.

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@rolanthas: That's funny, I just had a nightmare in which my sister and I had to slice throats of three of our captors. I'm gonna say we've both had nightmares because Dan and Jeff conversed about Yoshi's Island, one of Dan's favorites and a game that Jeff notoriously hates.

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Just woke up screaming from a nightmare, probably the first time in years. Booted up PC to calm down and lo, there stood Kirby's Epic Yarn QL on the main page.

Take my cheers, Alex and Ryan. Take all of them.

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This is one of my favorite Ryan videos. I will be watching this Quick Look every July 4th in memory of Ryan. Having also recently purchased a WiiU, I have this urge to play through Epic Yarn again.

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What infectious joy this video is.

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Well, guess I'm buying a Wii tomorrow!


That's the video that made me register! Good times...

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Man, first minute and Ryan and Alex already going crazy over the visuals. This game still looks pretty damn good! Much love for Kirby. =)

The king of summer jams will always be in my thoughts at times like these, tons of respect for one of the greatest entertainers and generally all-around good guys. Ryan isn't "gone" as long as we remember him.

Edit: "Can we just do this ALL day?" Oh god, I have the biggest smile on my face right now. Freakin' adorable.

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Giant Bomb has a unique magic that other game sites don't. I could never quite put my finger on what it was, until Ryan's passing; though I've never had a chance to meet the GB crew, through the bombcasts and quick looks and the way they shared their passion for gaming they had a way of making everyone that watched and listened feel like friends. I only truly realized that when I came to feel like I had lost one, and as much as Ryan's unforgettable personality will forever be a part of the site and its fans' fondest memories, I can't begin to imagine how much the people who knew him personally must miss him. A big thanks to everyone at Giant Bomb for sharing, and continuing to share, both the good times and bad.

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melt your heart this does. god i miss the guy when the first human gets cloned i want it to be ryan davis, i need this dude back in my life.

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As much as i 'hate' this, i hope this becomes a stapel, to bump videos with fallen duders, ( hopefuly there wont be too many though ). As sad as it is, it reminds me at least, how far we've come.

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Fuck yeah!

Thanks as always, Ryan.

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Missing you muchly, Ryan. Always.

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Most of the deaths of people I know personally in my life didn't/don't affect me as much Ryan's.

Miss him.

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@adamantypants said:

Damn. Just reading the comments makes me tear up.

Yep. Right there.

I bought this game back then, largely because of this quick-look. I played through it with my daughter, and now I can't help it..... dammit.

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Miss him :(

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RIP Buddy

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Great choice! Loved this one.

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Alex and Ryan Best buddies! :)

Such a great video, thx, for all the great moments Ryan Davis RIP.

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Man @alex you nailed it! This is one of the greats <3

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Alex's "MONKEY, NO!" line has been making laugh for years since this QL. It will never not be funny to me.

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Such a delightful quick look, I love it.

Miss you Ryan.

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Ryan Davis was a gamer all about games that make you happy.

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Damn. Just reading the comments makes me tear up.

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Is there a way to view the new text added in the re-submission? I can only see the most recent one and the website doesn't seem to allow me to view the others. Like this one says:

I was so god damn excited to show Ryan this game. "YEAH! YEAH!" - Patrick

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@timeshero: thanks, it's on my list for later. Gonna soak up the sun here while it lasts, then retire to my flat and watch and cry a manly tear or two later.


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It's so cute... why must it be so cute!? :/ Now i need to buy it goddammit...

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My life's goal is to be as happy as Ryan sounded when playing a video game that he enjoyed.

Also, "bee buttons"... are you fucking kidding me? I should probably play this game eventually.

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"Givin' me squishy feel-good vibes."

Just like you give me squishy feel-good vibes, Ryan. We miss you.

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I didnt know Ryan Davis. I've only joined this site recently. But he has left an indelible mark on this website, he was a goofball who had great chemistry with everyone, especially Jeff. I didn't know him, but damnit now that I've learened about him I sure miss him...

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What a great quick look. Miss that dude a lot. Thank you Alex.

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Oh, Ryan. You are truly missed.

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That really does melt my cold dead heart!

One of my most favorite Ryan moments of all time.
Thank you Ryan, and also Thank you Alex!

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I wanna see Pat fess up and admit that Two Best Friends was at least somewhat inspired by this QL. I know he's on GB. The first TBFP was this game, and it came out well after this. There's a similar tone of comedy in striking a contrast between gleefully nauseating cuteness and excessive profanity.

And their characters were inverted: Matt was angry and Pat was the level-headed straight man. Proving their concept was in its early days of development.

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Oh wow, is this the first in a best of Ryan? Can't wait to get home to see this now as I don't think I've seen this one.

Miss that magnificent duder. Gotta get some whisky and pour a couple for the guy.

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Great QL. Miss you, Ryan.