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Posted by Heya

Its a solid platformer

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


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Yes! Awesome!

P.S. I remember Pandemonium!

Posted by JJOR64

I'm going to get this some time this week.

Posted by gingertastic_10

im liking the look of this game

Posted by Eder

Finaly!!! Cant wait!! This game is super expesive online. (the ps1 version)

Posted by Axersia

English voice acting?! BLASPHEMY!

Klonoa characters don't speak English! There better be an option to switch to Klonoa gibberish.

Posted by Metroid545

this reminds me of kirby and the crystal shards

Posted by Seijur0

This could be a solid Endurance Run for Jeff and Ryan.

Posted by MeatSim

Argh!! what is Klonoa seriously suppose to be?

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Looks fun.

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Spoken words in a Wii game? Really? Thats actually pretty awesome.

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NUUNCHOKU. word, lol.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Klonoa is looking as good as ever. And despite what one of you guys said (I can't tell, I haven't been here that long, don't watch a lot of videos), I'd call this game 2.5D. It's limited to the 2D plane, but it makes use of 3D. Just look at those overlapping paths, jutting out at noticeable angles. You can't do that solely in 2D!

Posted by FrEeZe

omg I remember playing the demo for this so many years ago

Posted by Crixaliz

What's the classic controller?
I thought you guys were talking about a Gamecube controller but that was a diffrent option.

Posted by JackiJinx

If I could completely ignore the cute, fartsy characters, I potentially might like this game.

Posted by erinfizz

There are people/video game characters that think Fore is the best Huey Lewis album? Madness. 

Posted by Luberik

I like the 2.5 D style. Old skool, good gameplay

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This game screams 1997. Cutesy, Ultra-Japanese characters, 2.5D platforming, and comically bad voice acting. Pass.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This game screams 1997. Cutesy, Ultra-Japanese characters, 2.5D platforming, and comically bad voice acting. Pass.

Posted by DannyJ

Arbitrary, that's because it was made around that time or perhaps early 2000s.

Posted by Shadowsquire

Man I used to love the klonoa games! And I definately remember pandemonium.

Posted by LordAndrew

Old-timey goodness.

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

Look cool.=)

Posted by HatKing


Posted by Linkyshinks

A quality remake, I will be getting this.

Posted by CannibalFerox

Looks like a really good game. I love the Quick Looks and always look forward to the next one.

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Posted by am_dragon

Hey, EA just remade Pandemonium for the iPhone.  I'm looking at it right now on the app store ($2.99).  So there you go somebody remembers Pandemonium.

Posted by Nizzleworth


Woooow. I totally thought they were joking hahaha

Posted by Wright

hmm Mr. Ryan Davis reviewed klonoa 2 and gave it a 8.9. The Wii one seems fairly good as well.!

Posted by PremierOctopus

I loved Klonoa. But I never had any idea why.

Posted by Darro

I remember Pandemonium also and kind of liked it.  Like one user said, I hope the do have the option for gibberish since it would just be more at home with the original then.  Can't wait to get it even if it is October when its out here.

Posted by dagas

I remember playing the Pandemonium 2 demo dozens of times (back then I could not afford many games) I had a crush on the girl Nikki. Yes she looked like a slut in her silver bra/top thing, but there was nothing hotter for a 12 year old. So much better looking than Lara Croft (I thought back then)

Klonoa I also played a lot in demo form...I subscribed to a magazine where I got the demo called Euro Demo every month so 80 % of my PS1 gaming was demos =P

Posted by BenderUnit22

I played the PS1 Klonoa not too long ago, I really wish they'd bring those types of games back. At least on a smaller scale as downloadable titles or on handhelds.

Posted by Kraznor

Dude, why did they cut off so early? They just started a mine cart sequence.

Posted by SinGulaR

I played Pandemium oss the demo disc that came with my PS1. Always wanted to get it but never came around to buy it.

Posted by GunnBjorn

I didn't want this Quick Look to end.
The game looks so colourful and dreamy... it makes me feel like a child again.
Or should i leave my infantile tendencies behind me and grow up?
Hint: i'm age 32.

Posted by Shikon

GunnBjorn never grow up that doesn't get stuff done =p.

also they mentioned two of my favourite games ^_^

Tomba =D and Klonoa Beach vollyball =O ( i loved the beach vollyball game ^_^ it was cool in co-op)

Posted by SunKing

It's the first Wii game for a while that I think looks pretty good.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Gaining powers makes you feel like you're progressing, but if the level requires the powers to get past it anyway, then it's not really that necessary. 

I think it's great when a game can ramp up the difficulty and intricacy of the puzzles without introducing new powers.

Posted by MattyFTM

I totally remember pandemonium. That was one of my favourite PS1 games

Posted by DoMakeSayThink

Pandemonium was awesome

Posted by Haethos

looks solid :>

Posted by zityz

I loved Klonoa. I'll be getting this this week for sure!

Posted by Leadcat

This will be the first Wii game I've gotten in a while. Loved the original (and Pandemonium).

Posted by redskineer

Klonoa looks like he could be a Sonic character...

Posted by luce

you could play with the analog stick when using the nunchuck

Posted by artofwar420

Looks awesome, might be my Wii purchase of the year?

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