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Critical thinking is the key to success!

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puzzle games y'all

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3DS is dead if phones have taken even this!

Or not! I'm not expert on these things!

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Never played the other ones, here's hoping i can get this on my phone if it's good!

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The audio seems a second or two ahead of the video. Jeff and Brad will reference a line or something that shows up a second later. Just me?

Posted by Dino_Sousa

Mr. T says "How many matches in the box, fool?!"

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Still debating on getting the rest of the cases. Hard to judge fully how enjoyable the adventure game puzzle aspect will be since the first two cases are by design very easy.

Posted by SuperSolidSnake2019

3 minutes into this and I feel like going back and watching that Motorbike Quick look again!

Posted by ZironZ

It's a lock down baby!

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This looks great...now put it on the 3DS >_> (sans microtransactions)

Posted by Tigerbot

The audio seems a second or two ahead of the video. Jeff and Brad will reference a line or something that shows up a second later. Just me?

I've noticed this in a ton of videos. They'll often react to something way faster than anyone would be able to. I wouldn't say it's a second or two, for me it always seems to be just a fraction of a second.

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Drew Scanlon: private eye. Is there something that man can't do?

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that's a northern accent. "were" used like that could be anywhere in the UK though really. not wales though. sorry drew

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This game is horrible believe it. Should only be "played" by insomniacs, draw your own conclusions.

Posted by Ravelle

Egg on a club sandwich is pretty common, Brad.

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Brad yes, too soon.

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My reaction to Brad's stinker line delivery was exactly the same as Jeff's and right at the same time.

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Professor Layton confirmed NOT for Smash Bros.

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What a timely Noel Brown reference

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Shaggy: I don't see why Fred wants us investigating this beach.

Scooby: Reah.

Shaggy: I mean, like, it's just a beach. There's nothing out here.

Scooby: Reah.

Shaggy: Like, the only thing I see for miles is sand, which is really not useful to-

Scooby: Rait, rait!

Shaggy: What?

Scooby: Rewind.

Shaggy: Huh?

Scooby winds his "finger" as if he were rewinding a cassette tape.

Shaggy: I don't get it. All I said was that all I see for miles is sand, which is really not-

Scooby very deliberately begins to wind his "finger" back slower

Shaggy: All. I. See. For. Miles. Is. A. Bunch. Of. Sand-which-es- Hey!

Scooby: Ree-hee-hee-hee

Shaggy: Now there's good investigation work, Scoob. Let's head back to the kitchen.

Scooby: Reah! Reah!

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But I ain't complainin'.

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This game looks... not very good. Mostly because it seems to be very, very plodding. Very slow. Like to revisit itself and everything it does far to often. If the next cases don't take so bleeding long it might not be all that bad... but at least the music is very good.

Posted by Murdoc_

Is it just me that really dislikes the character design on the main character?

Posted by das9000

Thanks for reminding me that death is so much fun videogames

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Sign these up with the Video game's investigation team! All mysteries of the world will be solved!

Posted by Phatmac

At least the music is good.

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don't forget northern ireland on your course of british accents brad, we have more than 15 different sounding accents

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Phoenix Layton seems interesting. Jazzy tunes get my vote anytime, too. Now just bring it to Android.

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My guess is that they're going for a Yorkshire accent?

Posted by xxNBxx

He is French.... GUILTY!

Posted by GuardianKnux

I worked at a studio a couple years back and we were contacted with the possibility to make a couple of Layton games for the iOS. I left before I had heard what had happened. I guess the deal fell through.

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But really, what is that mask thing supposed to be? Does it really exist in the world? Is it from one of the previous Layton games?

Posted by MeatSim

They should charge for two counts of murder, one for the lady and one for the sandwich.

Posted by cikame

The Layton games use old British accents, it's not really common to come across someone saying "i thought my bike were in the shed" anymore, and if you did hear it it would probably sound more like "i fought me bike were in duh shed".

You need an educated British person on call for trivia questions, i'm available :P.

Posted by Mento

That is almost certainly a Yorkshire accent, given all the errant "T'"s.

I appreciate Level-5's dedication to goofy British accents, even in the American localizations. Reminds me that all the Operation Rainfall games were filled with UK voices too, not to mention Ni no Kuni with its Welsh fairy. At some point British accents will be what Americans most closely associate with Japanese games. Them and German subtitles.

Posted by Fungiefips

Anyone know what Brad referenced at 17:20?

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I find it unnerving that a game with this kind of visual and audio presention and not so serious writing tackles murder as a subject matter. Might as well have you investigating a serial rape case or human trafficing.

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Drew is the smartest man alive.

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@drewbert I don't even, you earned a legitimate slow clap from me. All I can say is, soaked it up, you've earned it.

Posted by fragilenin

@fungiefips: Here is a story about a Capcom v. Marvel 2 fighter getting arrested for hitting his ex and some other person. Think that's what Brad referenced.

Link to story

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Posted by Detrian

@rvone: The person's facade or persona crumbling with the evidence. All that thing with the arrows is just representing people standing strong/buckling under scrutiny, kind of like when people start getting anxious and sweaty in Phoenix Wright games.

Posted by PimblyCharles

I'd buy a boat from the Layton Brothers, but only because of the free floater keychains

Posted by FrostedMiniWheats

I love that it was Drew in the background who put together the bizarre sandwich spelling clue that blew the case wide open. He's the real detective in this case.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

It's like Phoenix Wright but more contained and british.