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Posted by Erik

This will be legen.... wait for it..... dary.

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oh man.... Brad... lol
Playing in the past to try to avoid dying live?
Is this really what it's come to?
Start to Death: 8:08
Cause: Magic! (the bad kind)

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What does that mean?
Edit: Oh I get it.
Also, please never do this again.

Posted by Lestater

Not only is Heroes of Newerth better than this game, but hell, even DotA is still way better than it.

Posted by Pkshields

The name League of Legends reminds me of Darkest of Days. Lets see if they are similarly bad.

Posted by ProjektGill

I got in the Heroes of Newerth Beta but only played it once and it seemed decent. Also have played DoTA like 3 times. I didn't really enjoy either so maybe this style of game isn't for me. But hey it's free so maybe I'll give it a shot one day. 

Posted by RobbieMac

Looking pretty goo!

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They recently gave players a glimpse of the grind numbers and hero costs.  Its pretty ridiculous, it goes up to $10 for a single hero and 30 wins to unlock a single hero.  The grind is through the roof, something like 500+ wins to unlock everything.  Check out their forums to see their player base screaming about it. 
At least in HoN you pay a flat fee and you get the whole game, instead of them trying to coerce you into buying overpriced heroes and leveling boosts.  Having a higher level account in LoL can translate into a massive advantage in game too.

Posted by Cirdain

I got really bored

Posted by MeatSim

Well doesn't look bad and couldn't hurt to try the free to play version.

Posted by Kill

This is beyond stupid.

Posted by bjorno

main engineer on this game was SERGEY TITOV, head producer of BIG RIGS OVER THE ROAD RACING.

Posted by Jtan21
@Erik said:
" This will be legen.... wait for it..... dary. "
Suit up! On a more on-topic note, I think an afterlook for a game that's played online is probably the only application of the afterlook that makes sense, due to the difficulty of talking and playing magnified by playing against real online guys and gals.
Posted by eznark

Finally!  This game is freaking rad.
If anyone wants a beta code I have a few.  PM me.

Posted by Shifty_Mcfly

Steve needs help Brad! 

Posted by HatKing

Alright...I don't want to sound like a whiney brat and I've been quiet about it....but I'm getting pretty fucking sick of that exact same 17 second ODST ad every time I watch a video.  I understand you need to run ads, but I've seen that same one so many times it is having a negative effect, I want absolutely nothing to do with that game anymore.  I'm not even really upset with the fact that an ad plays before every video, I get it, but the same damn one every time?  Anymore I just mute my computer.
Posted by Milkman
@vhold said:
" Quick look the new Wii a Boy and his Blob, that game is getting zero press... "
They did.
Posted by bigall94

I'm in the closed beta for this! I think it's really fun but CHALLENGING. Not really my type of game, but I see the appeal. Also, Brad mentioned the yeti with a girl on it. That's Nunu! She's my favorite character to play.    
Posted by Mcfart

Game looks boring.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Yeah. I played a few hours of this and was reminded why I never got into DotA: It's completely impenetrable for people who didn't start playing DotA when it came out.

Posted by D_W

Hrmm Dave is wrong about these type of games never being on Consoles. Future Cop LAPD had a mode that was just like this. Even a bit more complex.
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Send me a PM with your email if you want a betakey, i got 7 to share.  

Posted by SunKing

It really is amazing how unoriginal this game looks. Why did they even bother?

Posted by samcotts

Please, PLEASE never do a "After Look" again. That was terrible by GiantBomb standards. Without one of the staffers playing it live, it made it ridiculously boring. Needs to be live play for it to have the funnies.

Posted by Ventilaator
@Erik said:
" This will be legen.... wait for it..... dary. "
Posted by KaosAngel

I've been in the beta for a while also being in the Heroes of Newerth beta, if anyone needs keys for them...just send me a PM.

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I hope they do a quicklook for Heroes of Newerth.  It's a LoL rival and many consider it to be the better game.  Before i get flamed LOL is an ok game too, it's a matter of choice, but enough people like HoN more that it deserves some mention to if people are interested in trying one of these games in beta.

Posted by SunKing

For everyone complaining about the "After Look": have you tried to play a game you're unfamilar with while, at the same time, attempting to narrate over it? If you had, you wouldn't be complaining because you'd know how difficult it is.

Posted by EndlessMike

So weird that DOTA is being made into real games now.

Posted by eznark
@DocWattson: Heroes of Newerth is definitely the more complex game.  If you are going to invest hours and hours a week into a game, that one would be more rewarding.  I like to play a match a day or so, so I can't really keep up in HoN.  LoL is perfect for that level of "commitment."  More user friendly, but also less complex.
Posted by Dethfish

All right, a new QL. Now I can be entertained while I eat my sandwich.

Posted by SourceDecay

The rabid fanboys on both sides of the HoN/LoL coin are adorable.  Wait for it...

Posted by EndlessMike
@IntramanDW: Forgive him for not knowing about Future Cop LAPD
Posted by idiotic_genius1

I might try this since it is going to be free.
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I've been playing Heroes of Newerth and it's awesome. I think it is better than this but I loved DotA and HoN is basically that with improvements.
Heroes of Newerth is very hard core and when you play with and against people who can actually play ( and not some noobs) it's just awesome. After like 4 hours of serious games I feel tired :D HoN is not for everybody. League of Legends is not so appealing to me... the art style is meh

Posted by floodiastus

  Totally hate the cartoony design in this game, it's even worse than warcraft 3 and WoW. 
HoN looks a ton better than this, the feedback is superb although it lacks any real new functions over DOTA, but i will play it any day over this crappy childish shiet.    

Posted by Xajzu

Don't start fan boy warz here..

Posted by Xajzu

Play w.e game is to your liking but don't make drama..

Posted by Bubahula

you guys should do "after looks" for all the games that are hard to play and talk over at the same time. mabye that will help your kill:death brad?
Posted by Romination

you know what kind of game doesn't look interesting?
this kind.
i like the afterlook idea. brad still died though... (though it would be hard NOT to here.)

Posted by Breadfan

I've been playing the beta a ton, cannot wait for this game to come out.

Posted by Dethfish

I don't blame Brad for filming the actual gameplay in advance. It looks like it would be way hard to play that and describe it at the same time.

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@Ventilaator said:

" @Erik said:

" This will be legen.... wait for it..... dary. "
Both of you, get out of my house.
Posted by Death_Burnout
@samcotts said:
" Please, PLEASE never do a "After Look" again. That was terrible by GiantBomb standards. Without one of the staffers playing it live, it made it ridiculously boring. Needs to be live play for it to have the funnies. "
I hardly even noticed the difference, while there might of been some funny screw ups if it was "live"...there have been a couple of RTS QL's that were not funny in any way, and they were live, so, i dont think there's anything wrong with this.
If anything Brad was able to talk and "sell" the game far better!
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I've been playing LoL for a couple of weeks and its a lot of fun once you get into it (which doesn't take more than say 2-3 games?). LoL's matchmaking and leveling system goes a long way towards easing you into this genre. You get to learn the game with similarly skilled players and most of the players I've come across are quite helpful. The art style and characters are well done with a lot of nice little touches, like /dance and some funny /taunts. The runes and mastery systems add a lot of depth to the gameplay as well, so it gives you a reason to stick around and try those things.
HoN's community is the real killer for me, almost every game is full of elitists who would rather spout profanities than help you improve or win the match. I found HoN's game mechanics to be quite enjoyable, its just a real shame that it has cultivated such a bitter and hostile community that blocks out anyone mildly interested in trying out this genre of games.

Posted by Meteora
@HatKing: Try getting AdBlocker for Firefox (dunno which other browsers it supports, probably IE as well?). It blocks all ads. I haven't gotten a ad from ODST for a while now... Though I'm not sure if it really does block those kind of ads.
Posted by Luchen
@floodiastus:  Then you probably never played a mario game or a bunch of the Zelda games or TF 2 for that matter.
Posted by Gregomasta

The game just makes me want to play War3.

Posted by Chaossebba

Ive been in the beta for a bit and its a pretty sweet game once you found some heroes you like and you know what runes and so on are good for those characters. Definitely worth checking out.

Posted by RsistncE

DOTA would be much better if the entire community wasn't composedof douchebags. I can only assume the same fans will carry over to this game also.