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This is finally tipping me over the edge on finally picking up L4D2.

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YES, GB is finally up again.

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Looks like some fun!

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Chopping Maul. haha!

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Great job on recovering GB!

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It was this QL that crashed the site.  :P

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Does this contain the 'spoiler' i'm assuming?

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I had a first... then I realized I wasn't logged in. :( 
-edit- now I remember why I wasn't logged in. Those quests are lame and make the site run slow as hell.

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this is definitely a series that makes me wish I had tons of friends that play video games, instead of getting married or working all the time.
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On the PC, the price is so low it's dumb not to own.

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Woohoo PC Version

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Normal mode?

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I can't say I'm all that impressed by this map. In co-op, meeting the survivors is kind of anticlimactic and hugely spread out final map is a grind. In versus the map feels alternately chaotic and stagnant.
 The much more interesting part of the update for me has been the mutation concept. Realism Versus added a whole new level of craziness, and I'm interested in seeing what else the Mutations bring.

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@Buzzkill said:
" I had a first... then I realized I wasn't logged in. :(  -edit- now I remember why I wasn't logged in. Those quests are lame and make the site run slow as hell. "
Me too brother, me too.
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Sweet quick look.

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You can totally see Bill's corpse in the finale mission.

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So much fun!

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There isn't ANY extended cutscene at the beginning of The Passing, in ANY mode, much less telling you about Bill. The part where they show all three and reveal that it's Bill who died is the beginning of the final level.
That was meant to be a surprise for the final level. Nice job spoiling it, Brad.

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 if you've ever been to savannah, this is very clearly downtown historic river street! its really cool to see recreated because the local is really iconic, but its also kind of funny when you realize that the first campaign is supposed to take place in savannah and this is supposed to be the following their escape.
.. obviously they didn't get very far.

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@Crushed: Indeed.
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Did Vinny make a Lost reference during the QL?  (just before 7:00) 
".... when you meet Jacob ... "

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Video is so glitchy for me. =/
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Vinny, Ryan, AND Brad? On the PC?? WOO!

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Matchmaking on the 360 version is so haggard, I sort of regret buying this DLC

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Dude the passing rocks! Bill is always dead though! <.<

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Played it with some friends, we had a blast. Mutation mode will certainly be interesting, if our realism vs game said anything. And I generslly don't play vs.

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do those lucky people know theyre part of a QL

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You startled the witch.

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i dunno... looks good, but somethings missing. But i can't quite put my finger on what it is though... 

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Was that a Plants vs. Zombies (Crazy Dave) reference in the same room as the Dead Rising reference?
I need to replay this in SP and take the time to read all of the writing.

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I found the whole 'btw Bill's dead' thing to be pretty disappointing. Yeah the V.O didn't wanna do the work but fuck no scripted event of him being swarmed or anything.  He's just there, dead.   God damn lazy on Valve's part. 
Overall though the new levels pretty fun, little short and a bit easy but fun. 

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@DMack said:
" Matchmaking on the 360 version is so haggard, I sort of regret buying this DLC "
@DMack said:
" buying  "


That is all.
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I fucking hate the final mission

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You missed the Shaun of the Dead reference on the pool room wall:
"Ed is King of the zombies"

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I have left 4 dead, but not 2. this almost sold me... almost.

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i think i should buy this game.

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Bill didn't die, he went and opened a junkyard in Greenvale

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Looks interesting, and I love L4D2.

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They have many openings, other things are said, theres a talk of zombies and warewolfs lol.

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Wow, the longest lengthy spoiler ever. Brad keeps going and going, about a cut scene i haven't seen yet.

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Uh, I'm pretty sure it's not a spoiler if it's the opening of the campaign... Unless you count looking at the back of a DVD cover to also be a spoiler, as those tend to summarize the plot. Hell, some game boxes even do that. How dare they spoil a game you're just about to play?! Or if you weren't about to play it, why do you care in the first place?
[edit] Unless that previous commenter was right, in which case, yeah, that sucks and I'm sorry. Come on Brad, don't do that! But then... It's Left 4 Dead. Who really cares about story spoilers? [/edit]
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Mutation Mode makes this worth the purchase, revolving new tweaked play modes every week, including a 'protect the gnome mode' coming soon apparently.