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One does not simply get the first comment on a quick look

Posted by ilovecheesepizza

Looks pretty meh.

Posted by Savior82

Can't wait for the release. (EU) :/

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Do I get my prize now?

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I haven't played a LEGO game since the Star Wars Collection came out, but I had a bunch of fun with that game.

Seems like they have a tendency to be hit or miss though.

This looks pretty interesting, and I do like the Lord of the Rings fiction. Also that music is still just great.

Not sure about the talking though. I feel like with it being scenes from the movie they didn't need spoken dialogue. I used to like the "mmph-mmph-mmph" style they had going on. Still has the good humour in the cut-scenes though, so I may be down for this.

I would have liked this QL to keep going though, I feel like we have way longer ones sometimes, and they were enjoying it. Is that an issue with the developers asking it to be kept shorter or just a scheduling issue?

Posted by Alexandru

i dont get any sound

Posted by Didion

Not getting any sound from the QL?

Posted by Haze

720p has no sound.

Posted by BionicIguana

Alas poor sound

Posted by Saften

I'm deaf!

Posted by posh

should've been a next gen game

Posted by eL_FinGO

Quietest quick look ever.

Posted by Katkillad

Where muh sound at?

Posted by MuderPickle

It took me 3 minutes to think to watch it in 720p with 540p sound in another tab. Not sure if that's good or bad.

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Progressive has sound; YouTube, not so much.

Edit: oh, it's the resolution...

Posted by IanFoxDouglas

sound design in this game seems pretty weak

Posted by Gelf513

weird, I don't have sound on any version...

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Maybe this is some kind of a scathing commentary on how the Lego characters can talk now.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Oh god, I've gone deaf! No! *Screams*

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And now I have to listen to the LOTR soundtrack for the rest of the day, THANKS A LOT, VINNY AND BRAD!

Posted by Frootsnax

720p has no sound? That's really weird.

Posted by rjayb89

HTML5 on High quality worked for me.

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Posted by Wraxend

No sound on any of the players :(

Posted by baldgye

werid how the 720p version has no sound...

Posted by PimblyCharles

@MuderPickle said:

It took me 3 minutes to think to watch it in 720p with 540p sound in another tab. Not sure if that's good or bad.

I had the same idea, so let's go with good

Posted by Emilbus

That soundtrack!

Posted by gamerpigeon

This game looks cool! I love the fact they have added Voices. It makes it much more interesting to me

Posted by Waffley

What's that, Lassie? Trouble at the Shire? COLLUSION!

Posted by mano521

that dude who makes those best of qls is gonna have a field day with this one

Posted by Canteu

There seems to be audio on the HTML5 player, but none of the free ones.

Posted by nohthink

720p has no sound

Posted by TzarStefan

Streaming has sound in HD

Posted by Krafty

@Didion said:

Not getting any sound from the QL?

Same boat

Posted by Ravelle

@Savior82 said:

Can't wait for the release. (EU) :/

I want it to be the 23th already.

Posted by Demoskinos

No sound on HTML5 HD version. Or for that matter any HD version of any of them. Once you turn the resolution down there is sound...weird...

Posted by ILikePopCans

@Krafty said:

@Didion said:

Not getting any sound from the QL?

Same boat

Same over here

Posted by OriginalHB504

@Alexandru: same. im watching in progressive hd.

Posted by TzarStefan

Streaming HD worked for me.

Posted by Village_Guy

Damn you soundless Quick Look! Your mocking laughs drive me insane, and yet your laughs no matter how mocking, still they are without sound!

Posted by leinad44

Man just listening to the music makes me want to watch the trilogy again. One of the best trilogies of all time!

Posted by impartialgecko

720p: Sound, there's not enough room for both of us in this here Quick look.

Posted by DSale

Progressive HD had sound for me. Other players no audio.

Posted by fetterdave

Jesus, could Vinny complain a little bit more?

Posted by PurpleSpandex

Its a quick LOOK for a reason all of you just think you're entitled to sound.

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Posted by Canteu

Ok this game is kinda weird. Frodo's portrait, which Vinny was playing was on the right, but the split screen defaulted to having him on the left. Confused the hell out of me for a minute.

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Posted by Rohay

auto gave sound the whole time im seeing lotr in new light today haha didnt even question the torch throw till this QL

Posted by deskp

Great quicklook, very fun and they didn't get stuck!