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looks awesome last lego game i played was batman

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That split-screen thing is crazy.

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These games are really awesome, but I think they need to hire better play testers. The hint system is really bad. If I can get stuck so easily, what is going to happen to my girlfriend or my kid?

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Is there a concept for that splitscreen thing?

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@Robopengy said:
"  "I didn't like that Transylvanian Dracula thing he had going on" Wut. "

Anakin looks a bit like a Vampire in this game.
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The split screen was in Lego Indy 2 as well. It makes the game waaaaay better, especially when you're playing with a kid that doesn't always know which way to go.

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Looks awesome. Dont know which version to pick ps3/360 or 3ds. Maybe i should buy both

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@Forcen said:
" Is there a concept for that splitscreen thing? "
I'm not sure, but Dynamic Splitscreen seems like a pretty good name.
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Although it started out terrible, I recently discovered that sometime between the beginning and now, the Clone Wars show became really good. I sort of think of it as a modern Batman Animated Series, in the sense that it's obviously aimed at children, with a lot of overly simplistic plots, but more often than not I'm entertained by it.

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This games seems really kickass, probably gonna pick this up. 

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"Are you sure I need to shoot the pink thing?"

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@Sarumarine said:
" @Forcen said:
" Is there a concept for that splitscreen thing? "
I'm not sure, but Dynamic Splitscreen seems like a pretty good name. "
I started a thread asking people if it should be, seemed like most for it, just submitted for approval.
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it never made sense to me how they just shoved Anakin having a padawon in there. It doesn't make any sense. Also did they just forget all about her in the movies? The whole Clones Wars stuff is just stupid on a whole.

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Stop droid on droid violence!!!

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That dynamnic split screen is amazing. 

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This looks surprisingly good for what it is. Seems like Brad and Ryan really enjoyed it too.

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@Pr1mus said:
" Brad pulled a Brad a 2:53 :D "
I noticed that.  It should be a top 15 time on the list!  :)
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Harry Potter was great, and also had that split screen greatness as well. Go and play it Ryan.

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A real humdinger indeed.

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Poor Brad committing suicide right at the beginning of the Quick Look!

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droid fight. hot

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I played the demo weeks ago, and I really like how there's more emphasis on controlling objects with the Force as opposed to the auto-assembly of past LSW games.

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That split camera trick was in Lego Batman IIRC

And that was the only Lego game I played past the first level.
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Just look at that character screen... Can you say LEGO Star Wars fighting game? Balance schmalance let's do this!

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That dynamic split screen is fucking crazy.

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I've played all the Lego games and while I agree that Lego Indy 2 wasn't a high point, I have liked them all to varying degrees. This game can be pretty glitchy, at least on the 360, but the addition of the RTS elements totally makes it worth it for me. I'm surprised that they didn't mention it , though I guess they didn't go down that branch of the story.

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The splitscreen was in lego Indy as well so it's not new at all.

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Wow splitscreen and implemented in a really cool way.One more reason to buy this game.

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"Turncoat Motherfucker!"-Dat Brad!

The Star Wars Lego series are always a blast to play.

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I wantthis reeeaaal bad now.

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If I were into Lego games or the Star Wars prequels, this'd be a must-buy. As is, there's just a bit too much else to play.

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@Daveyo520 said:
" it never made sense to me how they just shoved Anakin having a padawon in there. It doesn't make any sense. Also did they just forget all about her in the movies? The whole Clones Wars stuff is just stupid on a whole. "
It was done to teach him responsibility.  Something happens to her before Episode III begins and it makes his situation worse..  I don't think it's that farfetched and the show itself has been about a hundred times better than all three of the prequels combined.
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This actually looks pretty cool. I think I'll keep my eye out for a sale.

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I still love dynamic splitscreen.

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lol that's not the standard star wars music. sounds james bondy.

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This should make my brother so happy. Played the shit out of all the LEGO games with him. Can't wait!

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I'm glad to see that the series is improving and that this one looks a lot better than the other previous Lego games.

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I have to say, this looks awesome.

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Hearing them talk about the game's opening scene with Jango Fett makes me wish this was a "real" Star Wars game and not done in Lego. I mean, that makes sense, right? You could just transplant all this stuff to be with actual characters instead of plastic dudes.

Not that I have anything against lego, mind you.

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ohhhhhhhhhhhh god watching brad fuck up that droid was so frustrating

it's a four-piece puzzle that only fits together one way and is intended for 6 year old kids, goooooood

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This looks fine for what it is, it doesn't help that I absolutely despise anything and everything Clone Wars though.

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Sounded like Ryan was getting a bit frustrated with Brad there... I kept waiting for him to lose his shit. "THE PINK TARGET, BRAD! GODDAMMIT!" 

Good stuff.
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I'm a little bit disappointed with this QL - I was really hoping to see some of the big battlefield/base building stuff from the videos TT has put out. Regardless, the last Lego game I played was Batman and MAN do the lighting, effects, and animation look way better. 

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I played the demo and it took me like 3 minutes just to figure out what to do in one of the parts I was stuck on, just like Brad and Ryan. This game seems more confusing then the other Lego Star Wars games I have played in the past. And by the way,  I think it would be more enjoyable if Lucasarts actually made better full fledged Star Wars games for once.

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"Well, he IS black."

Oh Brad...

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that split screen was in one of the harry potter series.

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They mention the opening having hundreds of characters on-screen... How do you not show that? What's shown of the game looks pretty impressive, a nice surprise since I haven't been following the game much. It's cool to see that their playing around with an a played formula. I hear the game has some pseudo-RTS segments? I feel like that might warrant a second Quick Look.

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Anyone who gets stuck in a LEGO game is a moron. This was infuriating to watch.

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Wait, Indian Batman? Did I miss something?

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This looks amazing.