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Posted by fisk0

Haven't played any of the LEGO games, so I suppose this is true for all of them, but I'm still a bit disappointed of just how little of the environments were built by LEGO blocks.
The LEGO product catalogues of the early 90's were awesome with their cities, space stations, underwater bases, castles and pirate islands built entirely out of LEGO, and open world games in that style, with Red Faction style destruction physics would be awesome beyond comprehension.

Posted by cwdawg1224

I want this. NOW.

Posted by LiK

Wow, major improvements over all the previous LEGO games. the split screen is mindblowing and the lighting is great. Gonna get this now.

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Posted by Majkiboy

Found all lego games i tried very boring, why would this be different? There's no challenge, just annoyance?

Posted by DAFTPUNK

so many good games coming out!

Posted by sopachuco13

I guarantee that somebody will say, "It's Lego Star Wars." In a way that compares the game to the previous editions in the series. Alex might even come in from off screen and say it.

Posted by brown_thrilla

RIP Ryan Davis