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That is a long video. Damn.

Posted by JackSukeru

Seeing as it's a Lego game I bet the length is because they got stuck somewhere.

Posted by eccentrix

Better late than never!

Posted by MxMark

Lego is always awesome!

Posted by Humanity

Pumpkin pie! Pumpkin pie! Pumpkin pie!

Posted by Morningstar

Man there are a lot of these.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

Oh man I loved Kill Bilbo. The second one is way better.

Posted by Tober

After playing Lego Marvel (and Lego City Undercover) I have gotten to a point where I have very high standards when it comes to future Lego titles. This is kinda okey.. but I would have preferred some more original voicing and stuff like that. I'll get it at some point.

Posted by Spitznock

All of these Lego games later, and there's still no just free-form sandbox build mode?

Posted by KingGiddra

I wouldn't normally say this, but I don't think this was Brad's fault. A lot of the mechanics in this game seemed ill explained. I had no idea what was going on in those crafting games.

Posted by Corevi

Stare in wonder as Brad and Vinny fail to comprehend a game made for children.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Oh boy...

Posted by MeAuntieNora

So this game is alright, but they really screwed up a few aspects... the number of tools and weapons is just ridiculous, and the way useful tools are interspersed throughout dozens of useless or limited-use tools makes it hard to use the menus efficiently at all.

The world is fun to explore, but the way side quests work bugged the hell out of me. In something like Skyrim, you are encouraged to talk to everyone who has a quest for you, so you can handle them as you see fit. In this, doing that means you are JUST DOING THE LAST ONE YOU TOOK. You have to talk to a person and immediately do their side quest before doing anything else, and many side quests are impossible to complete if you don't.

Posted by CairnsyTheBeard

Does this mean we can effectively see the last movie including the last movies dialogue before it comes out?

Posted by Demonsoul

This game is garbage.

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That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!

Posted by CairnsyTheBeard

@kinggiddra: They seem to be piling mechanic on top of mechanic to these lego games because they have to change the formula somehow. I kinda like the simplicity of the older games like LEGO Indy 1 though.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

@cairnsythebeard: No, it ends where the second movie ends. Because two games from three movies makes more money than one.

Posted by Cheesebob

@meauntienora: Actually the third film will be free DLC I believe

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@brad Christopher Lee is will be 92 this May. And what an epic human being he is.

Posted by T_wester

I think this series suffers from feature creep, does a platformer really need crafting minigame, "music" quicktime events and tons of tools?

Posted by klb

10 minutes in and what is going on?!

Posted by Vod_Crack

It is impressive that they have been making basically the same game for nearly a decade.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

@cheesebob: Huh! I made an assumption and was wrong. That's kinda cool if true. Thanks!

Also I swear Brad just said he gets a dwarf sack at IHOP.

Posted by GermanBomber

3 reasons why I abandoned this QL after 15 minutes:

1) I don't enjoy playing/watching LEGO games.

2) I didn't see The Hobbit and I just don't care.

3) I thought Christopher Lee was dead...... O_o

Posted by Honkalot

@spitznock: Now that is something I would be interested in!

Posted by CookieMonster


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1000'ed and returned this game today. And it seems all my suggestions shouted at the screen were ignored by them. :P

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1000'ed and returned this game today

Ugh, gross.

Posted by Cashewual

I wonder how inevitable a Lego James Bond is.

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This was a great game to 100%. I loved playing every minute of it, especially with the Middle-earth dubstep mode turned on.

edit: there is nothing wrong with the Hobbit movies, Brad!

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Over an hour long QL for a Lego game?

I gotta see this shit.

Posted by Abendlaender

I wonder how inevitable a Lego James Bond is.

I'm waiting for Lego Game of Thrones.

Posted by BasketSnake

What if the lego games had a level system and loot and torment levels like Diablo? I'd buy it!

Posted by SlashDance

Brad, you were so close, but you failed to name Dori.

Posted by Sil3n7

This was a pretty boring quick look.

Posted by slyspider

@cashewual said:

I wonder how inevitable a Lego James Bond is.

I'm waiting for Lego Game of Thrones.

Lego incest is the best incest

Posted by whatisdelicious
Posted by Terranova

I wonder how the Hobbit Movie would have turned out had guillermodeltoro still been available to do it, that's not to say i don't like what Peter Jackson did i do, just would have been interesting to have guillermo's take on it

Posted by dOm_CaTz

Another notch on the Troy Baker belt of video games. I think we need a "Bakers" award to go along with the "Northies" this year

Posted by ThatOneDudeNick

I always get all I need from LEGO games from quick looks or playable demos. I'm glad this is over an hour. Watching people (anyone) play puzzle games is always frustrating. It's easier to see the solutions from the outside looking in.

Posted by Sesquipedaliant
@hassun said:

@brad Christopher Lee is will be 92 this May. And what an epic human being he is.

You could easily fill an entire QL on awesome Christopher Lee trivia. That special features video, on the extended ed., where everyone just sits around while he tells WWII stories was great.

Thinking about it, I would totally play a LEGO: Christopher Lee: The Biography.

Posted by 71Ranchero

These games just look look like busy work.

Posted by wrecks

Lego Matrix or Bust.

Posted by flasaltine

Lets see how this goes. The last time Brad tried to play a Lego game it was terrible.

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I thought the dwarves looked really really stupid in these movies. Like they fell out of Dragon Age 2 which is a double bummer.

And my favorite Christopher Lee movie is the Wicker Man.

Posted by bigevil1987

Gandalf probably sounds different in Bilbo's house because when they shot it Ian McKellen was on a separate set which was a green screen version of the house.

Posted by JustinAquarius

@flacracker: that's because the last lego game was terrible.

Posted by CrimsonJester

Did they ever do Lego Movie game QL?