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Everything about this just screams tech demo D:

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Don't stop til you get enough shitty Vita games.

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I would like to whack some little deviants,looks like fun.

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not a fan of the art style. not at all.

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spit on the screen

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Love the quirkiness and implementation of touch controls. I agree that it shouldn't cost more than $10.

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Yup this seems like a pack in game that you would give away for free.

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Little Deviants vs. Wappy Dog..... To the death!

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Deviants? Shack Shover? Rear touch? sticky patch of goo? o__________0

Patrick: "you're not totally sure where your fingers are"

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This is okay if you're a completionist and enjoy masochistic arcadey challenges. Most of the gold spaceship cutoffs are no joke and the trophies seem well thought out.

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Dammit Jeff is funny!