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Posted by Donkeysraliens

Finally, a game devoted to the adventures of King from Tekken when he was a young lad...no wait, im thinking of 'Tekken Babies' (out Q3 2010)

Posted by bpwwhirl

It's like a combination of Pikmin, Fat Princess, and Harvest Moon- at least that's the vibe I'm getting.

Posted by Skillface

Apparently this game is hard as fuck.

Something that looks "casual" can be deceiving.

Posted by bretthancock

This game is fantastic, easily my favorite non-Nintendo Wii game ever.

Posted by Vinchenzo

God, I wanted to watch a quick look but this game is so boring. Damn!

Edited by sixpin

By far the best Wii game I've played in a long time. First one of this type that has given me that old Harvest Moon vibe since, well... Harvest Moon. Constant upgrades for your king and kingdom, coupled with taking over and building on the areas of the world map is super addictive. The combat is pretty simple, but the complexity comes in when managing large groups of various classes. You will be hitting the D-pad a lot to reorganize your units. The game offers no motion control (of which I'm thankful tbh), which begs the question of why this is a Wii exclusive. Hopefully, it will catch on and we might get an HD version on 360 or PS3 sometime.

Posted by kerikxi

Looks pretty neat. Not really worth plugging in the Wii though.

Posted by Jambones
@Skillface said:
" Apparently this game is hard as fuck.Something that looks "casual" can be deceiving. "
It does randomly tell you that it hates you...
Posted by Nintaiyo

Little King Planet!

Posted by Scooper

I thought you were doing a Conker's Bad Fur Day quick-look from that picture.

Posted by Teoball

Looks like overlord to me. a bit less evil maybe.

Posted by Crustasian

The dots are the units' health
but anyways this game is amazing, an hour in there is this priest called Kambell and he runs the soup church and every boss is hilarious.  It sometimes gets hard to target one enemy though because all the red targets get cluttered

Posted by Food

They probably should have done the quick look just a bit further into the game.  It ramps up in complexity and awesomeness pretty quickly.  I'm sure Ryan will mention that in the review, though.  A lot of people are dismissing this as a casual game, but it's easily one of the most hardcore, complex, and unforgiving games out on consoles right now.

Posted by NoXious

I wish I had a Wii, this game looks perfect for me !

Posted by coffeesash

The little dots above their heads are their life points. When it reaches 1 full dot, they grow really old, like in Dark Crystal when they're drained of their life essence. That guy lost his hat and went bald and grey haired. Same thing happens to the king, he gets a big grey beard :)

Posted by Chicken008

Looks rad, I haven't seen it in stores yet though..

Posted by neon123

This looks like it controls like ass with the pikmin being sent out in only 8 directions.

Posted by vunna
You can have mine.  I swear I haven't turned the damn thing on in about 6 months.

Can't even get excited about Wii Sports Resort.  It's sad really.  2 bad I got it from my gf for a bday gift or I would sell it so fast the dust would be knocked right off it.
Edited by Leeway

This is probably the biggest surprise of the year for me, I'd even go so far as to say game of the year for me so far.  It definitely ramps up in complexity and content later on.

I'm also really digging the humor in this game, as it can be surprisingly dark and just plain weird at times.

For example, talking to one of my townsfolk, this gem came up:

"Princess Apricot is really kind. She let me lick it.  Her lollipop is so delicious!"


Posted by evilhomer

vinny wants to be a little princess LOL

Posted by Ghostiet

I feel horribly disapointed that no one exclaimed "Turn your gold coins and bags of cold into COLD HARD CASH".

Posted by HatKing

Am I the only one who thinks the light bloom is a little out of hand here?

Posted by Hosstile17

The ridiculous amounts of light bloom in that game, makes it look like a blurry mess.

Posted by Demonstride

This Quick Looks make me want to play Harvest moon...

Posted by Daryl
@Donkeysraliens: LIES
Posted by TheRealDJ

Looks like a good game. Though I kinda wish it was multiplatform since it seems like you don't need any sort of motion control to play it.

Posted by DavidSnakes

This art style looks mad generic

Posted by fallen_elite
@TheRealDJ said:
" Looks like a good game. Though I kinda wish it was multiplatform since it seems like you don't need any sort of motion control to play it. "
Yeah seriously I don't understand that, but still I'm very interested in buying a Wii for this game among the few other actually good Wii exclusives.
Posted by turbomonkey138

game looks great . Love these quick looks

Posted by ryanwho
@Teoball said:

Looks like overlord to me. a bit less evil maybe.

Only a bit though.
Posted by phlegms

I now hate my wii even more.

Posted by Mourer

Ralph as in John Goodman as Ralph Hampton Gainesworth Jones.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Somehow I felt bad when my Pikmin died, but when they're communist villagers, I don't mind.

Posted by Jayzilla


Posted by Winternet

What's up with this game? "I hate you!"

Posted by Tikicobra

Maybe it's just not my kind of game, but that looked pretty boring.

*flame shield*
Posted by Death_Burnout

Ryan and Vinny QL Go!


Posted by Drebin_893

The art style is terrible.

Other than that; looks like an interesting game.
Edited by AndrewB

I dunno... despite being a mashup of a bunch of other games, it looks like a lot of fun. I'm actually thinking about getting it, if I can pick it up on the cheap.

Posted by gamermatt8

I love how games are having less originallity now. Its like the designers said "Screw trying to work hard to make a good game, lets just steal a concept from a popular game so we can make easy money." First Overlord and now this, when are games gonna stop taking Pikmin's ideas?

Posted by DukeTogo

That's more of the dude controlling it than the game.  He had dudes die and didn't even notice, just thought he lost count.
Posted by Linkyshinks

The light bloom is to give a water colour quality to the game, one that resembles the concept art.

Little King Story is awesome, I've had it for a while now, It's been out in Europe for a few months.

Easily one of the best Wii games.

Edited by Metal_Mills

You don't want a fucking turnip walkin' around, man!

Posted by Delta_Ass

Light Bloom is obviously awesome and should be used everywhere in a game.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Looks really fun, especially since your dudes don't immediately croak when they touch water :)

Posted by spiceninja

Finally a Wii game I'm excited to play.

Posted by Jimbo_N

I never played Pikmin. Should I be ashamed of myself and go fix it?

Posted by Vorbis

Little Communitsts Story out now on the Wii?

Posted by Food

When the game said "i hate you" it was because ryan kept sending his dudes charging into walls over and over again.  If you do that too much your villagers will start to hate you.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Endurance run!

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