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well hot damn

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Woot, I hope they really improve the physics of the first game.

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More Sacboy in your life.

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Brad, that was retarded. How many times did you try to get that grappling hook. Really.

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Big Trouble In Little China Planet

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I never got the first one, but I'll be buying this.

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Make mediocre versions of other games!

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... That 2001 theme remix is pretty damn awesome, you guys.

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Yeah, floaty physics!

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Little Big Planeeeet <3

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Patience Brad, patience.

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LBP goty edition was my first ps3 game and i really didn't like it, it felt  like a glorified mini-games collection and this looks exactly  the same but with more mini-games
the music is pretty awesome in both games  tho

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WOW... LBP2 is looking pretty great...

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@Globox82: But they liked it.
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@Globox82 said:
" let me guess...two xbots acting  not interested in anything PS related? "
When does this happen?
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Their 2009 game of the year was a ps3 exclusive and they enjoyed this game. Lighten up.
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@shadowwolf9 said:
" fail "
Oh, the irony of your message.
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@ryanwho said:
" Make mediocre versions of other games! "
haha, that was my experience with the first one. It's cool that some people created crazy things like Contra, but they just weren't fun to me. I just liked looking at the created levels rather than playing them.
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I could be wrong, but did Brad just initiate and cancel the level loading for the after burner thing like 3 times? I'm probably wrong, but that's what it looked like.

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How about you watch the video before being an idiot.    
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I hope there are more people making stages with actual platforming once it comes out.

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A quick look at menus and pressing buttons too much and breaking them.

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I am very pro Sackometry Wars. Goddamn.

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looks like the first games beta.... waiting around for the levels to load and moving on to something else when they dont

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Quick check at his page will tell you why Globox is being a massive spaz.
Accusing others of being fanboys is amusing though.

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Too bad they ran into so many problems. I want to know what Panda fight is. Also, anyone know how to get in the beta?

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In this state, a January release might be a bit on the optimistic side :P

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@Globox82:  I feel like your name should be a different colour
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" let me guess...two xbots acting  not interested in anything PS related? Not even going to click. Guys you should drop anything PS3 completly and just focus on xbox. "
what? u jelly?
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I'm buying a PS3 and this solely for the music.

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Ahhh.....that is platforming bliss, right there.

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was waiting for a woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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If you want to see the BEST beta content all you need to do is search "Electrocrab"

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That cat planet had green noses for ears.

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Sack Tourismo didn't look all that hot, but it did have a pretty good version of The Chain to listen to while steering wildly. :)

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Brad, you're super cool and all, but just let the level load and don't mash on the controller like a five year old.

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Looks fun!

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@Vorbis said:
" Patience Brad, patience. "
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Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  MUST BUY.

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Love that funky zarathustra

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I think we need to make sure Brad doesn't get into so many open concept quick looks in future.  Brad's a good guy but the indecision to follow through with showing things is beyond annoying.  Can't expect Ryan to be there all the time to shepherd decisions of the staff especially on video.
This is not to say that Brad doesn't do well in reviews or anything just that his penchant for showing the same 30 seconds of a game over and over for a cheevo or scrolling through lists of activities only to never choose one is not fun viewing.

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Just so you'd know.

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You're killing me Shoemaker.

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looks like a beta-ass beta.

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So my impression upon its release is it's gonna be a myriad of games just skimming the legal boundaries, like Unsackted 2: Among Thieves, Super Sackboy Galaxy 2, Mass Sackfect, Assacksin's Creed, Splinter Sack Conviction,  Final Sacktasy VII, Comic Sackter, Fallout NewBigPlanet, Call of Duty: Sack Ops, Kirby's Epic Sack, Red Dead Resacktion, Sack Space, SackCraft 2, World of SackCraft: Sackaclysm, Sacko: Reach, Pro Evolution Sackcer 2011, Sacklevania: Symphony of the Night, Sackhet and Clank: A Sack in Time, Prince of Sacksia: The Sacks of Time, Battlefield Sack Company 2 Vietnam, Darksackers, Sackboy Wars Force Unsacked 2, Battlesacks, Sack Megami Tensei Persacka 4, Deadly Premonition (with Sackboys) and many more!