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I love Lord of the Rings, and couldn't wait for this game.

edit: I was so close, and I don't even like Lord of the Rings that much.

Posted by tenaciousdave

One does not simply walk into a Quick Look.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

War in the North? Is this the follow up to the Civil War: Civil War II: Lee's Revenge?

The North shall rise again!

Posted by dvorak

This game is badass. Surprisingly good graphics and looks like it will be pretty long too.

The novelty of chopping dudes heads off in the LOTR-fiction doesn't wear off easily either.

Posted by DoubleSpy

@Erlog: I really enjoy the first Lord of the Rings movie, and that's it.

Posted by Drakoji

The only thing I want to know if there's local co-op on PC.

Posted by Argo15

looks nice

Posted by AndrewB

Is there going to be a "you have my axe" reference/joke in this video? If not, Giant Bomb is officially not allowed to operate on the internet anymore.

Posted by IrishBrewed

Is this DA2 looks similar. A RPG in name only. Looks better then dragon age but that's not saying much.

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lol! Even the UI reminds me of DA:O. Snowblind apparently loves DA:O.

P.S. - Yes, Dragon Age is better than Lord of the Rings. LotR's boring.

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This looks a lot like Dragon Age, even the menus.

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I love Snowblind games, I love LoTR. I'm probably going to buy this regardless of quality.

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Nope, I'll stick with Dark Souls.

And yup, the Dark Alliance/Champions of Norrath games were pretty cool but none of them came close to the Diablo games.

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I was going to say a talking eagle is dumb because a bird's lack of lips would make forming human sounds incredibly difficult, but then I realized how ridiculous that criticism would be.

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These kinds of games in LotR isn't a big deal to me, but the type of magic they portray isn't really the type of magic that exists in the Tolkien books...

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LotR still sells?


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"Thanks, giant drug-trip eagle!" is possibly the best quote from a Quick Look in a while. Someone with talent now needs to make a picture of Jeff and Ryan riding a giant eagle.

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Pretty cool Dark Alliance/Champions vibe, with a little Dragon Age in there.

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Kind of annoying with the misinformation in quick looks. No, you cannot reset your attributes on the fly, nor do you need potions to get mana back.

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@IrishBrewed said:

Is this DA2 looks similar. A RPG in name only. Looks better then dragon age but that's not saying much.


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@Drakoji said:

The only thing I want to know if there's local co-op on PC.

There is not, unfortunately. For that reason, I may have to get it on PS3 since my daughter's computer is not up to speed.

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I want a game where the mages need to reload their staffs.

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I'm a LotR purist, I guess, so maybe I'm weird that it bothers me, but that's just not how magic works in Tolkien's universe. And most especially not with elves.

Gandalf doesn't chuck fireballs.

I'm such a nerd... !

Edit: Who is Aragorn? I don't even...

Ok, I can see not having an interest in seeing the movies. But to exist in gaming culture and not have read LotR... I mean, just for his job he should. Fanatasy wouldn't exist in its current form, Sci-fi would be drastically different, were it not for Tolkien. Thus, the gaming landscape would be another beast altogether. Man. Poor Jeff.

Double edit: Then again, if all he's been exposed to is tripe like this, I can see why he has no interest.

Posted by Drakoji

@014: Aww... sucks... I don't want to pay more than 49$ for this... Oh well.

Let's wait for price drop.

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Does this game have graphics?

Posted by ShinSolidus

Not bad looking.

Posted by White

One Jeff to rule them all,

One Ryan to find them,

One Vinny to bring them all

and in the darkness, "Brad" them.

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I'm disappointed that they didn't play this local co-op at all. This game was made to be played couch co-op.I'd like to see how it handled split screen and inventory with two players on the same system.

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I don't know half of the games half as well as they should like; and I like less than half of the games half as well as they deserve.

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This looks a lot better than I thought it would be.

I guess I was thinking it would be more like that other LotR game that came out like last year or something. The one where with the competitive online and stuff? I can't remember the name at all.

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Yep, they totally copied the interface from DA2. Good for them I guess!

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Looks alright as a rental and I happen to like LOTR.

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Don't hassle it Ryan, Jeff is in one of his moods again. yes, the game world is pretty brown....our world, depends. Good at sticking to point on the compare/contrast lord of the rings vs dragon age 2- black blood.

And it is a godam eagle...should be. Yessss, the twins..wrong twins. the Eagles figure in Lord of the Rings, you first hear of them in The Hobbit.

The dwarf looks a bit like Ryan......heheh no he found the mirror, not any more.

Posted by Death_Burnout

I love loot driven action RPG's and i love LotR so...i will have to get this.

Also i wish it was called War of the (Nolan) North instead. Perhaps he could play two pivotal roles, good guy and bad guy. War of the North.

Posted by RetroVirus

That dwarf totally looks like Ryan with that beard.

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Something about this game gives me the vibe of a good downloadable title, not a full release...combat just seems lackluster

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@White said:

One Jeff to rule them all,

One Ryan to find them,

One Vinny to bring them all

and in the darkness, "Brad" them.

That's great.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

Of course Nolan North is in this. His name is even in the title.

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I might pick this up. liked champions of norrath and return to arms a lot, and I like the lotr backdrop. graphics are alright too

Posted by LassieME

If this would have come out any other week but a week in November I would have bought it, now, not so much.

Posted by VWGTI

Watching this reminds me that I hate the LotR.

Posted by KingOfIceland

Say what you will about this game, but why the fuck is it coming out now? Even if the publisher were to actually advertise this game, which to me seems like they haven't at all done that, they still would'nt crack 100k in sales globally. If they would have shown some patience and business smarts and released it in jan/feb it would probably do a fair bit better. Tl;dr: bad release date+0 advertising= 3 copies sold, Snowblind get's shut down, I buy it for $20 from Amazon 3 months later.

Posted by madnesshero88

Jeff's never seen the movies? My whole world has been turned upside down face...

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Finally, realistic clothing.

Posted by PimblyCharles

Does anyone know why Giantbomb's HD (maybe SD but havent tried) videos start spazing out on occasion and flickering? It's been happening for quite a while now. Most quicklooks do it. Probably 50% of them. It's kind of annoying when it happens frequently.

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@GunslingerPanda said:

LotR still sells?


You realize LOTR has been around since the fifties right?

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@RobertOrri said:

@White said:

One Jeff to rule them all,

One Ryan to find them,

One Vinny to bring them all

and in the darkness, "Brad" them.

That's great.

... nothing rhymes with Brad. I'm just sayin'.

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This looks pretty poor. Combat seems... uninteresting. Maybe Dark Souls has done a job on me, but I really have no interest in mindless hammer-on-two-buttons gameplay right now.

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@PimblyCharles: Happens to me too. Don't know why.