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Anything beyond Madden '92 is too complex for me.

Edit: Only a year of mashing F5 to finally finish AV Club.

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are you ready for some football?!

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Are you ready for some foosball?

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Ryan eats Poo

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Should I watch this or the Olympiad? My brain hurts.

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Someone tell Ray Lewis to sit down.

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I'll buy a madden when they get some CFL up in there.

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the CFL license must be about $120, right?

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I know EA basically steals $60 from me every year because this game year to year hardly changes, but I'm a red blooded American...I HAVE to buy Madden every year!

Football season is sooooo CLOSE!!!

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Alex said I want to watch this. We'll see Alex, we'll see.

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Another Jeff and Vinny football quick look BANGER

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@jonnybob said:

Are you ready for some foosball?

My Wii is always ready.

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My knees crack, and I'm not even 30 yet. Is that bad?

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@WebScud said:

Anything beyond Madden '92 is too complex for me.

Edit: Only a year of mashing F5 to finally finish AV Club.


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I demand a Jeff and Vinny Madden '13 endurance run.

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This QL has me laughing like an idiot.

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Same reason you all buy Call of Duty every year. A lot of football fans love this series including myself, i buy it every year.

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I love how Vinny's reaction whenever he hears that anything is Kinect compatible is to immediately yell, "XBOX!!!!!"

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Vinny - "I'm afraid we won't be able to see" when Jeff suggests the 8:15pm game kickoff. Love it, great quick look already.

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Football is lots of fun, guys.

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@GenocidalKitten: My knees have been cracking since at least early 20s. For all I know they've cracked all my life...ankles too.

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More than five million people do. Go away.

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As a big fan of Madden and American Football, I fear this will be almist impossible to watch..

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@HydraHam said:

I demand a Jeff and Vinny Madden '13 endurance run.

Honestly, I would totally watch that. I would think it would be hilarious to see two people who know nothing about football play a season.

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I'll have you guys know...I like the Papa Johns ad's because their pizza is teh awesome...Madden + pizza = AWESOME SAUCE!

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Ironically because of the Transformers references, the cover star of Madden 13, Calvin Johnson, is nicknamed Megatron. Fun Fact.

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Your professional Giant Bomb American Football team.

EDIT: As someone who enjoys FIFA on a pretty annual basis, they really go all out with the UI in this game. Lots of mechanical noises and lens flare. The FIFA menus are just... menus.

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I'm calling a Navarro review for this one.

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I love how they set it to All-Madden and heavy snow.

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Holy crap Tom Brady looks like Frankenstein in this game!

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As a football fan, I have to say I quite enjoy these quicklooks every year. It's funny watching and listening to people who have no idea whats going on try to make sense of the game!

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Vinny leaping with Sanchez only to get tackled mid jump made me laugh very hard.

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I love that Jeff doesn't know anything about NFL teams but he happens too fall into the Gronkowski stuff purely by accident. "Gronkowski Catch" and Gronkowski run...he is a robot (or I guess you could say meathead) in real life so this is just too perfect. Oh yeah and 3 TDs for the Gronk.

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"I wish I were better."

"Do you?"

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I was laughing throughout this entire QL, Jeff and Vinny need to play every sports game that comes out.

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Those physics are wonky as hell.

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NE Coach is looking really good this year

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Maybe it's just because they have the same approach to these games as I do, but this is great.

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@HydraHam said:

I demand a Jeff and Vinny Madden '13 endurance run.

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"Well look, let's try to finish not last." GO RAMS!

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I couldn't care too much less about football or football games, but the quicklooks they produce always seem to be hilarious.

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More games need to utilize Mr. Burns' "Excellent!" fingers.