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more like badden amirite

Posted by Castiel

Yes? Yes! YES!

Posted by HammondofTexas

John Madden aeiou!

Posted by bboymaestro

Great harmony, you guys. always knew the G BEAST Harmonic Choir would become something great. Also, guys in pads and helmets I guess.

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Vinny and Alex, the new sports club! Let's bash some nerds, am I right?

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Well, at least the video opened on a good note.

Posted by Beyond_Recall

I think I know what the intro to "Best of Giant Bomb 68" is gonna be.

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...it's gonna be hard to get over the Giant Bomb Varsity Club no longer being together on these sports game QLs.

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Just isn't the same without Jeff x Vinny :(

Posted by gerrid

so happy to #jointheconversation about this year's branded sports sim with you guys

Posted by Benmo316

I don't believe it was the stream quality but I was watching someone on Xbox One streaming this and it didn't look as good. Everything just looks more sharp and the textures look a lot better on the PS4.

Posted by KoolAid

It's Madden season!



Posted by AlexanderSheen

Finally, a Giant BEast Quick Look.

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I want to play Vinnys block buster madden game.

Posted by gerrid

I swear the animations in this game are the exact same as ten years ago. And everyone is so shiny

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What a season, what a season

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Hahaha, what? Hour and 22 minute long Madden Quick Look? JEEZ. Well, at least Vinny is keeping the Giant Bomb Sports Club spirit alive!

Edit: Something I find funny about what I've seen of these games is that even when there's snow, there will still be cameramen wearing shorts on the edges of the field.

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hopefully we see a major feature returning...

Posted by slindz

Was so excited for the GB sports team, but then I remembered ):

RIP Jeff and Vinny QL team.

Still excited to see Alex's perspective though, seeing he actually knows sport lol

Posted by nephilim522

I'm only 10 minutes in, but this is so lifelike. the in-game Jets play exactly like the Jets.

Posted by WolfmanJenkins

I was hoping Vinny and Jeff would do this over skype or something but who cares because I am ready for some FOOOOOOTBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!

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Vinnie and Alex have some surprisingly good harmony in that opening.

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1080p60 QL? Yes? No?

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Finding out Pete Carroll is a 9/11 truther is something I wish I could forget.

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@alex the goalpost thing is that when a player dunks on it there is a chance for the goalpost to be misaligned, which can either cause a field goal to be easier to make or miss. At the same time they have had to stop the game to "reset" the goalpost, which I doubt anyone wants to see happen.

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Well, at least the video opened on a good note.


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Madden 15, the sequel to Madden 25!

Posted by JayCee

Giant Bomb sports team go!

Posted by ll_Exile_ll

I find it hilarious that Alex genuinely didn't know Vinny was going to fake that punt.

Posted by PsychoPenguin

These were better when both people had no idea how to play :|

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The mouth on that dude at 40 seconds just doesn't look right to me.

Posted by slyspider

Anyone notice the loading bar is just randomly turning on and off lights on it in no particular order?

Posted by Sterling

"Hes basically just a sentient bowling ball" - Alex Navaro

Posted by JDillinger

Exclusive bundle and partnership with Microsoft. Send out PS4 review copies. Boy, what a role reversal this generation has become.

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Alex is great with Vinny. Favorite duo on the site.

Posted by skim

If I get Manning Face in realistic graphics, then I will buy this game.

Posted by Lelcar

Keep the BEAST content coming! We need more Vinny and Alex! Unfortunately, I think Vinny is going on vacation for two weeks according to Alex on Bombin the AM, so that's a bummer for us :(

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That defensive camera in single player is terrible, holy cow. Never use that

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The Super Bowl was (sort of) in New York last year guys THINK ABOUT IT.

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Sure. I'll buy it. Last one I played was more than a few years ago. There seems to be enough here for me to justify a purchase on PS4.

Posted by TheBojangler

While having two people not know anything about the sport was funny, I'm grateful Alex is there to inform on what is actually happening.

Oh and the Buffalo Sabres were the worst team in the NHL last year, so Buffalo sports teams really do have it bad.

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Pete Carroll doesn't look stoney eyed.

If anything he looks younger considering what his age is.

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@fox318 said:

Pete Carroll doesn't look stoney eyed.

If anything he looks younger considering what his age is.

Carroll is in his 60's and behaves like he is in his 20's. He is amazing.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

What exactly is Alex saying at 27:25? I know the Fox Sports robot he's talking about, but I cannot parse what is coming out of his mouth right there.

Posted by wonderva
@fox318 said:

Pete Carroll doesn't look stoney eyed.

If anything he looks younger considering what his age is.

Did anyone else think the Madden version of Carrol didn't really look like him? From the beginning part he looked fatter (in body and the face) and less wrinkly (though probably hard to put that detail in)