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Posted by Swaboo

I have been pretty absorbed in this game since i started playing when it came out. Very addictive stuff. It does get repetitive but its still good fun seeing your dudes level up and grab better gear.  
Few things about the quick look: You don't have to click the flags to assign them, you can just right click somewhere and its gonna set an explore flag or right-click a lair for your heroes to attack it. 100 gold is usually enough on any flag at the start of the game to the heroe's attention. 
In the first Majesty game the heroes explored a lot of the map on their own and destroyed lairs when they felt like it. In Majesty 2 you have to set explore flags for your heroes to explore further and they will never destroy enemy lairs unless theres a bounty on it. The party creation and the lords are great additions to this game but what they dont tell you is that the party leader will affect the behaviour of the entire party. So if you put a cleric as the party leader they will just wander around town defending but if you put a ranger as the leader, the party will be more responsive to explore flags. 
So thats my 2 cents... or something.
Posted by JackiJinx

I like what I saw and the concept looks to be worthwhile, but I just can't get my head out of Age of Empires thought. Like said, I also do not like micromanaging units, but it just reminds me so much of AoE that I can't get excited about it.

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This seems like a more realistic take on how running a kingdom would probably work.
Also, Blind Guardian is awesome.

Posted by buzz_killington

Did you know that in Soviet Russia, game plays you?

Posted by Brutopian

it's $40 on steam =[

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Hey look, a quick look of Warcraft II.

Posted by nick54321

looks like a cool game, may go download it

Posted by Termite

The first Majesty is quite possibly my favorite game of all time, so I'm gonna enjoy this :P

Posted by ch3burashka

So when's the Giant Bomb Russia location going to open up? You've covered too many too much to not follow through with a new website, at least.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

I got a Duder right after Dave said "It's been pretty stable for me".

Posted by bk
@NoXious said:

Just downloaded the Demo - I personally find the Demo map a very bad one for a demo, it feels like a grind where you simply don't win [yet?].

Already preparing to buy it, since it's a lot of fun - to make sure your heroes don't die an all.

I think the demo has one of the single mission type games, where you try to survive for 75 days.
I LOVE this game. Only bummer about it is that there's no "freeplay", like they said.
Posted by radicalrobot

This game sounds just like the Final Fantasy: My Life as a King game for WiiWare.

Posted by Doobit

This is really just Majesty: 3D
I played the hell outta the first game. And I'm about half way through this one. It's still good fun but I almost fel like i may as well have just installed Majesty 1 and played through that again. Not a lot of changes/improvements in this one and it's kinda sad when you get booted from a scenario as soon as the main objective is completed. I feel like anybody who is into this game is going to wish they could keep building up their heros, "just one more turn" style. Especially now that you can carry a lord into the next mission (but then maybe that's why they made it this way).
This really could have been a much deeper and more epic rendition of Majesty. Fun, but dissapointing. Fingers crossed for a more fleshed out Majesty 3.

Posted by AlKusanagi

In Soviet Russia, resources mine you!
Sorry if someone else made the joke before I got to it.

Posted by Shadow


Posted by HT101

Dave QL = awesome.  He should have kept speaking in his accent though.  That would have made it even better.

Posted by Veektarius

I wrote a review of this on the site.  You can read it if you like the long version.  If you want the short version, I said "Replaying the original will scratch the itch at least as well."  It's also on Steam, or was, for 10 bucks with its expansion.
Posted by Gunner612

this game is pretty good. Glad to see it getting to recognition.

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Do your heroes actually get saved and carryover to the other mission? 
Or do you start from zero for every mission? 
Do heroes actually organize parties?

Posted by MeatSim

Scottish Russian royal advisory, cool game though I really like a lot of the games concepts.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

looks pretty great to me

Posted by snide
@yorro said:
" Do your heroes actually get saved and carryover to the other mission?  Or do you start from zero for every mission?  Do heroes actually organize parties? "
  1. At the end of a successful mission you get to make one character a "lord" so that...
  2. In the next mission you can build a house of lords and rehire that powerful character
  3. Yes, as long as you have an inn, heroes will organize parties.
Posted by MaddProdigy

suprisingly cool idea

Posted by theMuse

Hahah, Zeny. Zeny is the superior form of currency.

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why does this video cut out at 13:16?
Am I the only one who watched that far?

Posted by Rinkalicous

Wait... are the sound effects ripped directly from Age of Empires 2?

Posted by fynne

That game looks pretty interesting.

Posted by yyZiggurat

looks kind of fun

Posted by FrEeZe


Posted by Zanthox

I loved the first game, and this one isn't a HUGE step forward and is definitely more of the same... and that is exactly what I wanted! I highly recommend it, and the first one is on steam for 10$ if you want to try it out for cheap.
I bought this game launch day... So I'm not really sure why I watched this instead of playing it, haha. I'm glad to see you guys giving it air time though, good QL!

Posted by piropeople13

You forgot to mention that it is also on Impulse.  Make sure to include all the platforms it is available for when you mention what it is coming out on.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

IN russuie the hot dogs cook cats

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Blind Guardian are so RPG they made and performed a song for Sacred 2 specifically...which is an RPG.
i'm sure someone said that already.
This game needs mad loot.

Posted by GeekDown

Looks like it  might be fun and I haven't played an RTS in ages..I just wish I had a PC good enough to run it.

Posted by Ineedaname
@Impossibilium said:
" why does this video cut out at 13:16?  Am I the only one who watched that far? "
Nopes it went past that section for me, so it's just you, the video might have timed out or something.
Posted by Taklulas

 In Russian RTS'  units command you!

Posted by Mourer

I remember enjoying the first one.  That's about all I remember.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

This is sort of what I've wanted out of an RTS/Sim.  Not fond of micromanaging unless that's all I'm doing.  Dawn of War II goes to the opposite extreme from what I understand, and THAT looks appealing too...

Posted by Evilsbane

Looks pretty cool I Played the first one might give this a try.

Posted by Parsnip

Reminds me of Settlers 3 and 4 a lot.

Posted by Vorbis

This really appeals to me, the idea of setting up quests for heroes. Reminds me alot of the early Settlers games which were great. Will grab it once the gaming schedule is less busy, I love the convenience of Steam.

Posted by dagas

Seems pretty good. I'm also a turtle and not very good at micromanaging troops so this seems quite interesting.

Posted by LaSpaceTuna

Isn't the Motherland Africa?
It's from "Mother Russia" not "The Motherland".

Posted by artofwar420

This game seems oddly appealing to me. I might purchase it with my money.
Posted by crazyleaves
@SpacePolice21:  the "Motherland" is Russia, the "Fatherland" is Germany...
Posted by buckybit
Majesty (10 years ago?) was an ok game, but this one is not my cup of tea. 
3D for this type of game does nothing for me. I still play Starcraft and AOE2 rather than 3D hardware-heavy but still janky/clumsy stuff.
Posted by gbrading

I heard the exact noise which is made when you create a Trade Cart in Age of Empires II. Has some overlap, but looks like an interesting cross over between RTS and God games.
Posted by teh_pwnzorer

Reminds me of Tropico.

Posted by Alex_V

Loved the original. Can't wait to get this. It's really a game for those who hate RTSs.

Posted by PhatSeeJay

Thanks for the quick look. I'm buying this. Looks fun.

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