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Posted by Anwar

hell yeah Majin

Posted by Garfy

So close...
Posted by TurboMan

Brad's immediate disregard for the graphics is a little cheap for me... was kind of interested in the games look :(

Posted by buft

it looks interesting but i wouldnt shell out $60 on it

Posted by mewstu

that rats voice  is hilarious

Posted by RainbowRaccoon

Friendship sharts

Posted by invadernick

the monster is adorable!

Posted by gosukiller

Heard about this on The Hotspot. If they can make fun of it, I wonder what this Quick Look will do to it :P

Posted by leadthallium

Game has looked  pretty interesting in the past.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

This game would be more than worth the price if it came with a Brad & Vinny commentary track.

Posted by wonderhare

Lizard? Kill it and eat its tail Brad, you'll gain more stamina.

Posted by kollay

"Majin Buu"
Oh, Vinny.

Posted by Jimbo_N

Oh Brad and his "Boom!"'s when doing anything in quick looks. adorable.

Posted by ThatFrood

Those animal voices really are fucking amazing.

Posted by KarlPilkington

Teddie rat?

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

Of course, this amazing game will not get the advertising it deserves. =/

Posted by TurboMan

am I wrong by thinking that this game looks pretty cool?

Posted by Vorbis

That was Teddy doing one of those rat voices, how did Vinny miss it?

Posted by Coldplay619
@buft: it's 39,99
Posted by ThatFrood
@TurboMan said:
" am I wrong by thinking that this game looks pretty cool? "
Nah, I think it looks kinda neat too.
Posted by Haze

I am very interested in this game but I just know if I play it something bad is going to happen to that big guy.

Posted by Venatio
@Vorbis said:
" That was Teddy doing one of those rat voices, how did Vinny miss it? "
Yeah I noticed it too, I doubt he remembers alot from Persona 4
Posted by Forcen

That third rat is totally Teddie!!!

Posted by MarkMahon

For the price I'm interested...... 
I thought the same. Could it really be Teddy rat?
Posted by Ventilaator

I'm usually the last person to start hating on Brad, but in every single QL he's been on during the past few weeks, he's sounded like he'd rather do anything else than be there.
This game looks pretty cool by the way.

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Posted by Daiphyer

PLEASE  DO THIS AS THE NEXT ENDURANCE RUN! I so want to see the rest of this game!

Posted by David_T

Kinda amazing how many QL there are where they get told how to do something and then immediately go "OK, now how do I do this thing?"

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awesome!  They blow through the dialog while making fun of the rat's voice and then are confused about how to aim the catapult.  It's a QL, but sometimes paying attention to the game would be helpful so that the QL doesn't come to a screeching halt.

Posted by Ronald

Tony does all of the in game voices. He is so amazing at doing different voices. And maybe if Brad and Vinny weren't laughing at the rat voice they would have heard him say humans can turn catapults and use them to smash weak walls, like the wall beside the rocks.

Posted by taylor109

Brad's negativity through this quicklook was for some reason really irritating me. I don't even care about this game but the way he quickly makes a judgment that the game is shitty because it has low production values is pretty shitty and unbecoming of him as a game critic.

Posted by Hairydutchman

Teddie the Rat.

Posted by stinky
@taylor109: play the demo. 
i was excited about the game as a "poor man's ico" thinking i could look past the production. 
but the production quality is bad and it makes you mad because it seems like such a simple thing to get right. 
for example, i think they could have gotten away without voice acting, but they included horrible voice acting instead. i wanted to play this game pretty bad but the demo...
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That Majin dude is super awesome looking, it's a shame that the other character is quite the opposite.
Still, looks fun.

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Picked this up off Amazon for $23 during Black Friday, I need to get around to playing it still. I think it seems neat. I especially like the Majin character, he seems really awesome.
If it is in fact a budget-y title, then at least it was at a budget price. Not too bad considering it released a couple weeks ago. MSRP is $40, so at least the publisher realized the production values weren't super hot and released it cheaper. Or maybe Namco Bandai was trigger shy after the bad Enslaved sales, who knows.

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2003 called and it wants its lack of real time lighting back. 
EDIT: Brad used the same gag towards the end of the video. At least I'm not the only one who thinks this looks fucking awful.

Posted by Lazyaza

I feel like Brad was being unfairly harsh on this game. 

Posted by Deathpooky

Brad took his Jeff pills today.

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It is worth picking up for that price if you thought it looked interesting, some of the VA is a little off but it's a charming game. Also you get new outfits constantly so the main character only looks like that for an hour.
The lizard is a hint that you should use Majin to crouch, it's basically a way of saying you need to go up here. But you only get them on main routes, alot of the hidden items won't have a lizard telling you it's there.

Posted by fox01313

Love the question on this QL about how the GB crew did some of the voicework. After seeing this QL I'm wondering just how budgety this title is as it seems they got some of the testers & temps to do the voices.  
Wow on this being done by the people who did Folklore, aside from the stupid as hell sixaxxis mechanic in that game (of shaking the controller while playing to capture things) I thought that the rest of the game looked quite interesting game world.

Posted by swomar

Brad was acting kinda like a douche in this QL. This game doesn't deserve that. It's not a "super linear" game as he was speculating after playing it for 20 minutes. It is actually a Zelda like (probably a Zelda lite would be more appropriate). And apart from the horrific voice acting for the animals, it's a pretty good game overall.
And they should've given props to the publisher instead of going "uh oh" for realizing that this doesn't have the highest production values and so releasing it for 40$.

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I liked the demo, I wanted to see what happened next anyway once you got out of the castle.  
Also, that lizard drove me mad as well. It looks like a thing, but it's not a thing. 

Posted by DriveupLife

I actually played this demo myself a week or two ago. It's pretty fun, although i would have liked to see a little bit of the outside world. Need to buy the game for that

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@Lazyaza: when is he ever not harsh on a game, other than starcraft.  however i couldn't tell most of the time because he was back and forth on bashing the game and then back stepping when Vinny would say something positive. 
i dont see anything wrong with this game, seems fun and solid. 
Also that other voice near the end sounds like the guy from clockwork orange
Posted by SavUK

This game was not on my radar at all, but it looks kinda cool, tempted to pick it up. I don't mind budget games as long as there is something to them, which this seems to have.

Posted by drew327

Rat kind of sounds like Yuri Lowenthal

Posted by Nottle

Edurance run? 
For some reason the girl bird near the end reminded me of Elizibeth from Persona 3.

Posted by nohthink

Brad needs to read game instruction that appears on the screen. I get the fact he is not interested in the game but man... be less lazy about it

Posted by sdornan

This really doesn't look that bad at all.

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 Brad was acting like a douche in this QL