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Posted by tyler1285

Finally MALICE IS OUT!!!!

Edited by Willtron

For a ten dollar game, this ain't too bad. It's got style and Mega Man out the ass.

Posted by Salarn

Saturday Quicklook, hurray!

Posted by Manekineko

マリシアス go!

Posted by tyler1285


Posted by AlexanderSheen


Posted by Jeust

Good quicklook! The game looks interesting.

Posted by ItBeStefYo

Seems really similar to Nier

Posted by Giefcookie

I'm pretty sure the other bosses also gain power for each of the others you defeat so its a question of choosing what boss you want to do first/last. Seems cool.

Posted by Yummylee

This actually looks pretty neat. Art style reminds me of El Shaddai.

Edited by MelficeVKM

I'm digging the looks but the gameplay looks like it would get boring real fast; unless there's upgrades past doing those 3 ground punches. Idk, looks kinda cool

Posted by beard_of_zeus

About the combos, when you beat that second boss they were playing with the fists, you actually get a bunch of new fist attacks. I haven't done that shield-gun guy yet (but I'm going to now), that wing power is awesome!

There are a couple other important things you can do with the aura that they didn't show. The chaining mechanic that was briefly mentioned is essentially: when you hold down the L1 button to do aura attacks and defeat a guy, a little explosion pops out of them, which can kill other enemies, and is how you do chains, which get you waaay more aura. Also, if you press L1 + X, you can turn on a power that constantly drains your aura, and makes all your attacks way more powerful; this seems to be the key to defeating bosses quickly.

@Yummylee said:

This actually looks pretty neat. Art style reminds me of El Shaddai.

Yeah, that was my first thought when I started playing it too.

@Giefcookie said:

I'm pretty sure the other bosses also gain power for each of the others you defeat so its a question of choosing what boss you want to do first/last. Seems cool.

I actually noticed in the second boss fight when they were playing, there were big cannon enemies; I actually chose that boss first when I played, and those enemies were not there. I'm glad someone decided to make what is essentially a Mega Man game in 2012 (well, to Jeff's point, I guess it was technically 2010).

Posted by vikingdeath1

Yay! Something to watch before work!

Posted by AngstOverlord

The designs are festive enough... the second boss's head is a conical party hat. A bit too much spinning for my taste, but meh.

Posted by blindisaac

Remind me of PN03

Posted by Xymox

Gunshield and machinegun drill.

Posted by VoshiNova

saturday QL rule

Posted by ch3burashka

18 minute QL? This outta be good.

Posted by Solh0und

It's not too shabby looking for a 8 dollar game(10 If you're not a plus member).

Posted by darkcargio

Thats the first time I see a shield with a gun

Edited by AngelN7

Looks very El Shaddai and the main character kinda looks like the Demifiend ... action game where you play as the Demifiend that would be awesome!

Posted by GunstarRed

We've had the game in europe since the start of the year, I'm really not a fan. The visuals, music and Mega Man-yness are all cool, but I don't find the game fun at all.

Posted by MeatSim

I would need more motivation then that to get out of that awesome chair.

Posted by Gordy

@Xymox: hot cold soda and cold hot popcorn

Posted by Soap

I remember seeing this on the UK store about a year ago but it had no screenshots, no video and no demo so I wasn't going to take the risk... might have to go look at it again now though...

Posted by Ett

Reminds me alot of Nier

Posted by AssInAss

Your clothes rip apart like 3rd Birthday but here it's a guy so equal opportunity fanservice! XD

Posted by csl316

Looks neat, and I don't mind a short game for 8 bucks.

And downloadable graphics sure have come a long way since stuff like Cloning Clyde. (Though I loved Cloning Clyde!)

Posted by JonnyNWR

This looks awesome. I will be downloading it soon!

Posted by DougQuaid

Going straight ham without even an operators license seems like a bad idea.

Posted by ESREVER

I played the shit out this game's AUS/EU release, S ranked it pretty much apart from some leaderboard bug. I absolutely adore this game. I got S ranks on all missions, without dying, or taking damage. Sooooo, feel free to ask me anything...

Posted by ike7779

This game looks very cool. I may have to go download it right now.

It reminds me of Demon's Souls which also reminds me of Megaman: stage select where you pick up preset items/abilities and a heavy reliance on learning enemy patterns.

Posted by _Soki_

This game looks boss.

Posted by Trevorisamazing

Crash Man? If you don't go Metal Man first you're a fool.

Edited by DoctorWelch

I feel like this game would be pretty awesome if the fights were just a little bit more over the top.

Edit: Oh, and what if they just straight up put 8-bit music in it.

Posted by LiquidSwords

People will play this game , but will never get El Shaddai. Oh well.

Posted by Huey2k2

@LiquidSwords said:

People will play this game , but will never get El Shaddai. Oh well.

El Shaddai was not fun.

Posted by RichieJohn

Seems like my kind of game but I didn't even notice it coming out in feb.

Might grab it some time.

Posted by ChosenOne

Wish this was a full $60 game. I'm really starved for JRPGs on the HD consoles this generation. I eventually bought a 360, but I was an early adopter of the PS3 anticipating the same level of JRPG abundance the PS2 received. Lack of JRPGs have caused me favor western RPGs more these days, which is why now I'm mostly a PC gamer...

Posted by Fattony12000

Big honkin' hands.

Posted by Seeric

What's this? A short game focused on creative boss fights where the main character uses a demonic hand-shaped article of clothing worn around the neck in order to attack? Hmmmm... Stretch Panic?

Posted by Lurkero

Wait...the boss with a bunch of guns...give you wings?

The visuals look great and I like the concept, but the gameplay does not look fun. There seems to be no rhythm to it. Just kills the enemies to build up energy to attack the boss with. I need more than that (for a good example see the bosses of Shinobi for PS2).

I'm not talking about this from the typical perspective of bad playing during a quick look. I genuinely don't think a skilled payer can make this fun.

Posted by thebigJ_A

"Triumphal" is totally a completely legitimate word.

Posted by JackSukeru

I played this a few months ago, it was pretty good. Continues DO NOT replenish however so if you run out of them you can still start a level from the beginning when you die, but you can't come back immediately and keep fighting. For this reason it's often better to just restart a level so that you can save your continues for later.

Edited by Krakn3Dfx

She crushed great armies like a multitude of ants, or LIKE a multitude of ants? Confusing dialogue. A multitude of ants doesn't seem like a great army.

Unless they're giant ants.

Posted by Phoenix87

I probably would have liked this better if you had to go through a level first before you reached the boss.

Posted by Mezmero

This game looks pretty awesome for ten bucks. Just looks like a really good looking and streamlined version of old Mega Man games. The abilitease seems a bit weak, though admittedly 6 jumps look great. A very funny and informative quick look. Keep doing these great videos.

Posted by kollay

Has an El Shaddai feel to it. Game looks neat for $10.

Posted by Enns

Jeff completely ignored combos he had available, didn't use dodge, and neglected chain kills for aura gain. Totally not his fault, 'cos apparently he didn't need to do any of that to win. The game is like 3-4 hours long. Only get this if you like action games and the idea of high scores in them. I really enjoyed this game, camera and framerate are my only complaints.

Posted by RetroVirus

This looks pretty awesome. I'm liking the look of the air traversal, because so few games seem to get it right.

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