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Loved this DLC.

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No more ME3 pl0x

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Since I don't what the story spoiled, could some kind soul tell me what their opinion this DLC is? Cheers!

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No more ME3 pl0x

You're in luck, your request came at the perfect time. After the release of the last DLC.

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DLC of the fucking year. I laughed and loved so much of this. Took me many, many hours to delve into every fold of this with every dialogue option. It has so many great uses of dialogue and fan service. Probably one of the most unique DLCs to ever come out, too. The best part was clearly the party sequence, so damn good.

Even the negativity of the BioWare Social Network has come to love this, which is very surprising given how generally negative they are.

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Omega is a totally fine piece of DLC.

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Perfect send off to Mass Effect.

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@cashewual: Total fanservice, so good for fans of the series. Unless you hate that kind of thing.

@brad Most people played unaltered Soldier Shepard. So I highly doubt that is the reason.

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Absolutely loved this DLC, was a fantastic send off to the Mass Effect trilogy. So much fan service was so well deserved.

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@hassun: I'm pro fanservice, so I'll probably buy it. Thanks for the info!

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Playing as a Solider class in ME3 seems like a major bummer.

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Aw, Mark Meer is great. He's a pretty talented improviser so I occasionally see him when he's over in London when he's involved in a show I do. Once he turned up with arms full of Mass Effect 3 models he'd bought for himself I think, just as a fan. But yeah, he looks nothing like any Shepard I've seen ... weirdly enough, even though I've met him a couple of times, I don't really see him when I hear the Shepard voice.

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This DLC played like a piece of fan fiction. I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing but I enjoyed it well enough. The final scenes alone were worth the price of admission. Surprisingly funny, even moving at times. All in all, it seemed like an appropriately light-hearted send off to this great series.

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I still don't understand why people die for the mass effect games...

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Has the framerate in Mass Effect always been kinda inconsistent?

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I've always liked playing as a soldier...

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The scene with Traynor had me in stitches.

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If there is one game I'd replay in retirement, it'd be mass effect in all its entirety. I loved the characters, and this is truly a wonderful fair well. Too bad in my game Miranda didn't make it, I didn't know she could actually have survived. Would've loved to see Miranda and Ashley get into a cat fight.

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A beautiful send off for my favorite franchise.

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Trying to correct some misinformation from the QL.

1. You're taking shore leave because Hackett wants mandatory repairs on the Normandy, due to everything it's been through, and in preparation for all that's coming up. You're just taking a break while they fix it.

2. The first part was supposed to be a stealth section, which is why you have a suppressed pistol and limited ammo.

3. Your main love interest that's within your party in ME3 is the one that shows up at first.

4. The party was the third menu option on terminal, he just kept missing it.

Great DLC. Some parts of this QL were frustrating to watch, such as him getting lost, but whatever.

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Since people are saying good things about Citadel, I might just have to reinstall ME3 and take a look.

Posted by Winternet

@quarters: So, what you're saying is that Brad is playing on this Quick-Look

Posted by ZmillA

the use of the word "dumb", that Brad uses, needs to die.

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@quarters: So, what you're saying is that Brad is playing on this Quick-Look

I love Brad but man do I wish he fully knew what he was talking about when he does a quick look. Really misrepresents things sometimes.

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Oh man I may just have to buy this.

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Since I don't what the story spoiled, could some kind soul tell me what their opinion this DLC is? Cheers!

This DLC is easily the best since Shadow Broker. There's enough content here to be the basis for a whole other game, and it's definitely worth the price.

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Glad I never played Mass Effect. It looks like a really clunky shooter.

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Is this not out for PC?

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Hahaha. Of course, Soldier is the MOST boring class to play. Brad and Jeff... /facepalm

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Zaeed, you beautiful bastard. You shall be missed.
Also, R.I.P Robin Sachs(Voice Actor for Zaeed)

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Wait, isn't Sha'ira the Asari Consort you meet in ME1. If so, my Shepherd knows her very well. Intimately in fact.

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Every dialogue scene should have this on in the background:

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@mikew1980uk: It is. And she will speak to you in a more familiar sense.

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Wait, isn't Sha'ira the Asari Consort you meet in ME1. If so, my Shepherd knows her very well. Intimately in fact.

Yes, if you did her side quest in ME1 the conversation with her in this DLC is different.


Ach I can't watch this as I have just started a full playthrough of all 3 ME games with all DLC :D Except Pinnacle Station as the PSN Mass Effect didn't include it. The wait to get to ME3 so I can play the 3 DLC packs is delightful. It is only a bummer because I know the ending and not anticipating a different one based on a new playthrough. Still one of the best Trilogy's ever made though.

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@jeanluc said:

@fistfulofmetal said:

Is this not out for PC?

It is. ignore Brad.

Brad specifically said that it is out for PC.

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Their ain't no party like a Mass Effect party.

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It was frustrating see Brad not go to the right option to start the party.

But the DLC is awesome

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Alright, I am sold on this DLC.

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Surprised they didn't do a DLC where you mostly play a casual puzzle game while your character stands around (maybe in a hospital) in ME3, then occasionally direct Shepard or someone else to certain things to do via dialogue options then back to the puzzle game.

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I wish they would quit doing QL's when they haven't played the content they're demoing. It inevitably leads to unnecessary confusion/misinformation, because they aren't paying proper attention to things when they have someone looking over their shoulder and talking to them.

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@brad, in order to get that Wrex and Grunt scene everyone is telling you about, you have to throw the party and make sure to throw a "relaxed" party.

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Everyone buy this DLC.

It's fucking incredible.

Every single bit of it.

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I think "low production value" is the intent of this DLC.

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defo gonna pick this up. still the best sci fi this gen, for my dollar anyway.

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I will but this.

And I will also buy the Omega DLC that I've skipped thus far, because I need to re-S-Rank this game.

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Doing the 183 pull-ups is totally worth it.