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Pumped for this

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Yay! It's here.

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YAY, why was the video taken down in the first place, what happened?

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Payne! Without love. Payne! Can't get enough PAYNE!

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Ryan and Jeff, lets see what this is all about!

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Nice! That part @ 05:34 when max payne is in slow motion and he drops the pills on the ground Jeff was blown away by that lol that was pretty awesome. I can't wait to play this tonight!

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Done. And up. And Shot. Up.

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I have never played Max Payne, thought this has looked kinda average, but I'm excited to see it in action.

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2 min till I need to go to work this comes up....FUCK!

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Ya freakin' dead Payne!

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Aaaah I wish the PC version was day and date with the console released. At least I have Diablo 3 to look forward to.

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50 seconds in and i am sold! YES YES YES!

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Holy shit at the gore in this game! God DAMN!

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This looks like a Rockstar game, which is normally a good thing, but not for MP3. It has a randomly different setting, brash characters, shaky camera cutscenes, and an over the top story that doesn't really fit.

Max Payne games were about a journey through a dark, cold, imposing city. They had a unique style and tone that set them apart, but that is not in this game. The controls are better, as expected from a modern game. This looks like it was made to appeal to people who never played the originals. It's not a bad game, but it's not a great Max Payne game.

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Guys, sincerely, why is there no longer any HD videos on the site? I've tried in Chrome and in Opera, but none of the videos I load will show in 720 p for whatever reason, it ends up showing up exceedingly pixellated, especially when I go fullscreen.

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This game looks amazing!

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Buyin' it!

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Bah, gotta start/finish the first two first.

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That moment around 5:30? Fucking awesome indeed, Jeff.

Max Payne is back, you guys.

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I heard this game ain't all that great

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6 bullets to the face.

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The Time is now

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Well, I'm only 10 minutes into the video & I'm sold. It may not be exactly like the original but I still have a lot of fond memories of those previous 2 games.

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5:21 Max jumps and shootdodges. It's still Max Payne, thank heavens.

Still don't think it will live up to Max 1 & 2, but I'll play it one day. No doubt a Steam sale will loom at some point.

Wow, there was that whole cutscene conversation that played out in Portuguese. Good on them for fully keeping to reality, but it would be nice to know what they were saying.

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Christ there'd be no way I could play this game.  I was feeling physically ill from just watching the QL due to all the weird camera movements and colors.

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I cant wait to play this! Thanks for the QL y'all

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Yeah, I loved the first two games, but I'll pass on this one.

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Ok, I'm sold. I was on the fence and optimistic but I didn't preorder. Saw it and the reviews, preordered on Steam. Eagerly waiting for it to be unlocked.

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@Bats: HD works just fine for me, always has. Maybe once it's uploaded to youtube, try that? But I think it's just you.

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@UKSamwise said:

Yep this looks like a Max Payne game. MY BODY IS READY

It also looks like a kane and lynch with all that video distortion

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ahahahah the part where he jumps and uses pain killers

waaaaaaay too smooth

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Eh, seems alright.

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Erm is anyone getting quality options on the video?

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I'm really liking the presentation style, especially in the cutscenes!

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Holy fuck those video effects are obnoxious. By the time any given cutscene was over I'd feel kind of motion sick with all the swaying and blurring and flashing.

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Watched the first 2 minutes and decided that I didn't want to see anymore.

Now I've bought it.

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Max lookin like a fucked up John Hamm! I like.

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Streaming player stopped streaming at 4:32. Wouldn't restart until I reloaded the page. Just saying.

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Jesus Christ this game looks incredible.

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This game looks great. I was already sold on the game but it's nice to have a little reassurance. Some of those blurring and lighting effects are definitely headache-inducing though.

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"Smoothest shit I ever saw!"

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Grand Theft Max Payne and Lynch.

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This looks awesome. Definitely going to play this. I get the sense that Ryan isn't totally into it, but I absolutely love what I've seen so far.

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Haha, the moment around 5.32 was fantastic! I'm too busy at work right now to get any gaming done, but def buying this when I get the chance.

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Yeah, it's alright. I think I prefer the forum thread, though.