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This is a handheld mission...

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I've been waiting for this day...
Metal Gear?!

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Who are the patriots ?  

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La li lu le lo!

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Dr. Strangelove? They can do  that and not get sued?

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Brad, that IS Master Miller, Kojima confirmed it. Why he goes by both Kazuhira and McDonnell apparently has something to do with his being born in Japan after World War II.

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Upside down Deadly Premonition sign!

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I like to party.

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@Crushed said:
" @The_Laughing_Man said:
" Who are the patriots ?   "

Your supposed to say " la le li lo lu"  
Ive played all of them. And understand them all. 
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I thought this game was about Big Boss going on a peace walk for charity.

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Looks great!
Don't have a PSP!

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I choose you Cabbage White!
I'm torn, I love Metal Gear, and I want to play this, but I don't want to buy a PSP. I've also heard that CO-OP is sometimes almost mandatory to move on, and I won't have any CO-OP buddies available :(

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Gah! Fuck the PSP! Bring this shit out on a platform that people own!

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I love MGS!

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Dude this game looks more X-Com than the new XCOM, researching weapons, building your squads, running missions, it seems pretty awesome.

Edit: Alright, it seems like Vinny agrees.

Edit2: Leaving a body in plain sight is not how you stealth. Leaving the screen does not help you stealth.

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Man, this looks great! I'm actually excited for another full-on MGS.
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Recruit them all mechanic, eh? No thanks, pass.
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But first I need a PSP, and I'm not sure I want one of those.

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47 minute quick look? I assume this means they'll get through almost an entire cut scene.

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50 minutes?! awesome Long Look. lol

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Planes make peace signs. Noted

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Awesome, downloading as i watch :D

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Why do Brad and Vinny insist on talking the most DURING cutscenes? >:(

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I played portable ops until all my recruited characters ran out of stamina, if this is more of that I'm not sure I'm interested.
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Yep.  When I see an APC with guards around it, I think, "Hey, I'm going to run up in front of that APC's gun and start shooting the guards.  This will go swimmingly."

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I understand the card based metal gear psp games, but direct control?
That would drive me insane, bring on a proper game i'm waiting.

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... Metal Gear!?!?!?!?!?!?

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@Crushed: Because it's a quick look, not a walkthrough.
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That's a long quick look. I think rockets and grenades might have put the vehicle down.

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I wasn't a fan of the demo, but that intro was epic like nothing I've seen before. :D

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@Sanious said:
" @Crushed: Because it's a quick look, not a walkthrough. "
But you'd expect talking during a walkthrough, and none during a Quick Look so the viewer can get a taste of the voice acting and story?
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That's not a peace sign, that's an upside down red tree! :P

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I always think the people bitching about Brad's playing are lifeless and bitchy trolls but my reaction after this video falls somewhere along the lines of GRAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHH
I'd write several paragraphs about the stuff that annoyed me here, but noone would read it, I would just get a bunch of "Quit bitching" replies, so screwit.
Game's great by the way.

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Ashley Wood is also responsible for the excellent graphic novels which came out well before any of the PSP game or digital comics, however on a side note from experience the novels are hard as fuck to find took me over a year to acquire them all.

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i'm loving MGSPW too much and having 14 hours played, i'm sure i will never tolerate see Brad playing it, but see ya everybody @ ADHOCparty doing some co-op

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It is kinda funny how Vinny is ACCIDENTALLY providing more information about the game than Brad.
"Oh man you should get one of those [robots]." There is a Mother Base portion where you can build your own Metal Gear.

"So can you shoot the balloon out of a gun?" There is a Fulton balloon launcher.
"You should tie a balloon to that armored vehicle and add it to your inventory." You can actually do that, ha ha!

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I think he could've shot the tank.


I'd read it.
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I like how they play these without knowing much. Like how to switch the aiming camera. 

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You can check what the enemy specializes in by using the analyzer after you knock them out. You can also set the item and weapon buttons to quick swap in the options.

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Is this game 'fun'?

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After finishing the entire game by myself and then reading about everyone saying how it's impossible to play alone, I think I'm Superman.

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Seems really slow, boring, etc. Only cared about MGS2, and I guess that's how it'll continue to stay.

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Seems really slow, boring, etc. Only cared about MGS2, and I guess that's how it'll continue to stay. "
Uhm... MGS1 + MGS3? Yknow, the best ones?
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I hate to be this guy, but watching people who don't seem to know anything about the Metal Gear franchise play the newest Metal Gear is absolutely obnoxious.
Did no one at Giant Bomb play Portable Ops?

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@VoshiNova said:
" I hate to be this guy, but watching people who don't seem to know anything about the Metal Gear franchise play the newest Metal Gear is absolutely obnoxious.  Did no one at Giant Bomb play Portable Ops? "
I'm pretty sure Brad has played them all, probably except PO. I don't know how not playing the least viable game in the series makes him no nothing about MGS.
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I'm more concerned with the fact that Brad doesn't seem to realize that knocking people out means that they will get back up. :P