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Portable Ops was a piece of shit and I'm glad they made it right with Peace Walker.

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Also, very classic Brad behavior of aiming towards the heavens and going YEAH THESE CONTROLS SUCK

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@SJSchmidt93 said:
" @VoshiNova said:
" I hate to be this guy, but watching people who don't seem to know anything about the Metal Gear franchise play the newest Metal Gear is absolutely obnoxious.  Did no one at Giant Bomb play Portable Ops? "
I'm pretty sure Brad has played them all, probably except PO. I don't know how not playing the least viable game in the series makes him no nothing about MGS. "
I didn't mean to imply that you need to play PO to know the Metal Gear story. I actually don't see how you got that from my comment, I was referring to the fact that Brad and Vinny both continually comment on how little they understand the storyline throughout the Quick Look.
Actually I don't really care....and I don't even know why I responded to this.....it's the damn inbox.
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@Ventilaator said:
" Also, very classic Brad behavior of aiming towards the heavens and going YEAH THESE CONTROLS SUCK "
They do suck. Play the demo to see for yourself.
Posted by Willy105

The visuals are fantastic. This looks like a much better game than MGS4.
The loading times and cutscenes are still too long though.

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47 mins quick look on a handheld. HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU GUYS

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Aaaaand... Brad died.

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not having a problem with controls...
oh and Brad your Radar upgrades just like your weapons....

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Evil 70s helicopters are evil.
"That APC wants to be in your pocket"

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@SunKing said:
" @Ventilaator said:
" Also, very classic Brad behavior of aiming towards the heavens and going YEAH THESE CONTROLS SUCK "
They do suck. Play the demo to see for yourself. "
Play the demo? PLAY THE DEMO?
I have finished the entire game and NEVER had ANY issues with aiming, just occasional issues with keeping the camera focused on more mobile enemies or while moving around a lot myself.
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Zooming in and removing ladies' clothes. Way to keep it classy, Kojima.
That being said, INTERACTIVE CUTSCENES? I'd totally play this if it were on something other than a PSP!

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MGS 3 was my favorite of the series but I dont have a PSP, this makes me sad :( 

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Quick Look? It's like 50 minutes long! That ain't quick at all! 
Also, that fact is awesome
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@Ventilaator said:
" Also, very classic Brad behavior of aiming towards the heavens and going YEAH THESE CONTROLS SUCK "
You can already tell this game's review will have some stupid shit in it.
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Time to death - 25:23

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These games got too complicated with all the recruiting and shit.  I just want to be sent on some missions, hold people up, and make them shake for their dog tags. 
Rule Number 2: Double Tap 
lol - That was pretty painful to watch.

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So when will BP make their own Big Shell?

Posted by EpochError

I don't have the game but I'm pretty sure they could have damaged the tank with an assault rifle or some other standard weapon

Posted by Daveyo520

I should probably pick this up. After P3P of course.

Posted by sixpin

La Li Lu Le Lo?

Posted by BillyMonks

There's no way you were supposed to shoot the red fuel tanks, no way.

Posted by SunKing
@Ventilaator: Then we disagree. And since almost every review I've read mentions how awkward the controls can be in intense fire situations, you seem to be in the minority here.
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Is Vinny Bear one word or two?

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Tips for Brad.  
- Use 3-cycle weapon/item in options, makes switching easier 
- Red means it explodes. That apc had gas tanks you could shoot.
- If you shoot the gas tanks enough, the apc operator will pop out, and you can kill him to finish the mission by taking all enemies out, and also the apc will become yours. 
- Auto aim becomes  locked on when  you're close enough. you'll see "locked on" at the top of your screen 
*edit - To change shoulders when aiming, hold L and press left or right on D-pad 

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Eurgh, not to be an elitist but Brad plays MGS all wrong.

Posted by DukeTogo

Make a game people want to play then put it on the system they don't want to play it on.  Excellent strategy Konami, no wonder you're almost bankrupt.

Posted by 88Fingers

Man, that was sooo boring! And ugly!

Posted by b33

bad foreign nameeeesss 
"Chico"? ... please kill me

Posted by Landon
@88Fingers said:
" Man, that was sooo boring! And ugly! "
Your mom is boring and ugly.
Posted by LiquidPrince

My friend has already played this and says it's fantastic. I plan on picking it up soon.

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Peace Walker is actually really really good. They took all the good parts of the MGS series and added more. I was pleasantly surprised. Why didn't they make Portable Ops like this?
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Played for an hour or so last night....damn I love Metal Gear, and all things Metal Gear.  I'm also trying to play Portable Ops and it just doesn't come close to competing.  Damn glad I bought the Peace Walker PSP Bundle.

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Yo, just my quick 2 cents.
You can also play as the characters you've recruited.
You can also call in for more ammo supplies/items and even possible for air strikes as well.
You can analyze every enemy with an analyzer to check out their stats.
To obtain tanks or vehicles, you must neutralize all enemies first and then a gunner will pop out. Kill/tranquilize the guy and boom! You own a tank now.
 The skull sign on the body means it's not completely dead yet. You can still recruit the guy but he will have to spend some time in the treatment room for bit at motherbase.

Hope that helps.

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Brad continues to be bad at video games, and then when failing blames the game for his own errors similar to a 14-year old calling Halo "gay" once he loses, meaning that many of his beliefs and reviews can now be untrustworthy, pertaining to his own skill level and unwillingness to follow the game's rules rather than the quality of the game itself.  Thanks for keepin' the trend alive!


I decided I need to get myself a PSP as soon as I saw the first 2 minutes of this QL.

Posted by wecantgetaway

Welp, time to hit up craigs list.    

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No one is more authentic than Cabbage White.

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Leaave it to MGS to have a quick look that takes 17 minutes to get to gameplay.

Posted by Chris2KLee

I'm looking forward to this QL, they chose the right dudes for this one.

Posted by SonicFire

Wow....this game looks impressive...too bad I don't have a psp

Posted by Bulby33

*facepalm* You're supposed to shoot the tank with your rocket launcher...

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Brad pulling Brads everywhere.
Dammit, Shoemaker!

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This makes me want to get a PSP. I shouldn't though, but it's so tempting..

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Seems really slow, boring, etc. Only cared about MGS2, and I guess that's how it'll continue to stay. "
So you're saying the rest of the MGS games look slow and boring, while citing MGS2 as the exception in the series?
Yeah, okay. We're done here.
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Just going to hop in here and explain what other people have probably explained by now. I took down that tank yesterday and the way I did it was to hit it with the LAW till I was out of rockets like you guys, but then switch to my Assault Rifle and shoot the big red gas tanks, that does a lot of damage and it can also stall the tank. You can also shoot the treads to limit the mobility. Haven't tried making the gunner pop out, so there are at least two ways to take out the tank.

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My PSP got stolen from me at work.  Now I can't have nice things.

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This game has so much depth, later on you get to build your own metal gear and flesh it out bit by bit and then send your soldiers out as squads around the world to fight enemies in a mini-rpg turn based battle.  Probably the best handheld game ever made.
Brad needs to turn up Normal View sensitivity so that aiming is alot easier, 4 is very low and takes an eternity to turn the camera.