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Cool, even though I've already played them all...

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Between this and Shadow Complex, this week has get Metroid on the mind...

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Some of the best games I've ever played.

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Oh snap!  Phendrana Drifts blew my mind when the first came out

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Nice pun there... "Retro fitted wii controls in there."

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Gawd, this makes me want to dust off the ol' Metroid Prime 3. Such good fun with that one.

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I 100%ed the first Metroid Prime, but I barely touched the others. I may have to check this out.

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Phendrana Drifts was indeed amazingly amazing...

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Metroid Prime 3 is the best Metroid game ever, to me, considering that I haven't liked any Metroid game (from the very first one) except that one.

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Wow, scanning is amazing. I can't believe this game mechanic wasn't used for Half-Life, or Quake, or Crysis, or Bioshock, or Halo, or Far Cry, or Call of Duty, or Rainbow Six, or Battlefield...

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Noo!! Follow the slug thingys!! The map's in there!

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I'm a big Metroid fan but have never played this series of games.  I didn't own a Gamecube but I have a Wii now so this is looking really appealing.

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Would have been  nice if Retro had upscaled the textures.  And I'm glad that you can turn off the free-aim.

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I will probably get this to play through 1 & 2 again in widescreen with point to shoot controls. The third one was okay but kinda disappointing.... What was up with that last section? I just spent all this time finding energy tanks and you're gonna pull a move like that?

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Not to interested in this. Give me remakes of Metroid I, Metroid II and Super Metroid on one disk and I'll pay you $100.   
I'll also buy a Wii.

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Does it have GameCube controller support?
Or classic controller.

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@Dethfish77: whoah.  you can buy Metroid and Super Metroid both on virtual console.  You wouldn't even need a disc and it would be like 15 bucks.  I really hope you were being sarcastic.
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IIRC, they did add the bloom lighting from MP3 into MP1/2.

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I was hoping you guys would show the Multiplayer rather than the 3rd as its most likely just the same thing I just wanted too see how that was changed

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It's totally weak they both haven't played Corruption.  I thought that was way better than Echoes and it sucks alot of people never played it.
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:( they took out the menus and there awsome music  
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Metroid Prime was a lot of fun. Prime 2 was terrible and by the time 3 rolled around I was so tired of pallet swapped evil versions of the main character that I just didn't care anymore. I'm so bummed they ran with the Dark Samus form instead of cooking up badass Metroid creatures.

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I don't know why but, I never got into the Prime games.  They just got boring really fast for me.

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Come 'on dudes, you should know this.
Gamecube has both a modem and dsl\ethernet adapter. I want the ethernet but it's apparently hard to find

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i like how there are no more load times from what i saw in the first one. no more waiting for doors to open XD

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good advice.

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I found the Prime games to get progressively worse, though they were still great. The first time playing through Prime 1 though was amazing, and I was a bit disappointed by the time 3 came around.

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Metroid Prime is one of the greatest games ever created.  I can't way to get this collection and experience it in wide screen.

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There wasn't any free aim lock in Prime 3, because aiming at specific parts of enemies was nessessary in that game, whereas its completely useless in the first 2 unless they've changed bits. 
I allways thought that the Primes got progressively better, each bringing in better worlds than the last  (ie Lava, Ice, Blue is followed by Wastes, Bog, Tech, which is followed by Military Base within a large Canyon, Odd Sort of Lava Mining World, Cloud City, and Acid Rainy Planet), as well as improved flow and weaponry.

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ugh I had hoped that the Wii controls would fix my beefs with the original GC controls, but it looks like they are even worse.

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I totally stopped after the first Metroid Prime. In fact, I never even finished the first Metroid Prime. The part at the end where you have to jump up the huge tower thingie or whatever? With the Metroids attacking you? And then you have to face off against the boss? Then you beat him and he has a second form? I tried it several times, but the whole jumping part was such a pain that I eventually realized that I had my money's worth out of the game and quit. 
Yes, I'm a quitter. Oh well! I did enjoy the rest of the game a great deal though.

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@Steve_C said:
" I found the Prime games to get progressively worse, though they were still great. The first time playing through Prime 1 though was amazing, and I was a bit disappointed by the time 3 came around. "
Yeah, I didn't like the phazon focus of the third, and really didn't like how they just directly upgraded your only weapon instead of letting you swap between all four types like in the first. Corruption was still a lot of fun, that being said.
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This looks like a great deal. I never liked the third, but maybe I will play it more if I buy this for a good price.

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@wfolse1 said:
" @Dethfish77: whoah.  you can buy Metroid and Super Metroid both on virtual console.  You wouldn't even need a disc and it would be like 15 bucks.  I really hope you were being sarcastic. "
No, I meant remakes. New graphics and stuff. I have the original and super metroid in their cartridge forms already so I wouldn't buy them again unless they were remade for this generation of consoles.
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The aiming just looks worse and I swear it looked better on the GameCube but whatever, I've got the original on the GC anyway and I don't have any interest in the 2nd and 3rd games.

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Epic win.

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I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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I really enjoyed all three prime games, and I'm defenitely getting this.

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Phendrana Drifts = Best area and best music from the Prime series.
Sometimes I would just sit and listen to the music for a good 10 minutes before playing again.

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Prime 2 was too fucked up. Never mind the last boss, mind the boss that you had to kill in morph ball mode. I died too many times and I just gave up on it.

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I still remember awesome memories of the first Metroid Prime... and that's why I'm not gonna get this, cause it is going to bum me out.
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Just watched Brads Metroid Prime Echoes review on GS and I have to say I really appreciate the tone of GB video reviews. Not a slight to GS they do fine work, GB just appeals to me more.

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Wow, lol.
They're pretty bad at playing it,  I guess they never played Prime 3 a lot.

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Worst Quick Look ever.
You guys could have tried to fast forward to a more exciting part or loaded up a save. :(

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Greatest trilogy in gaming? I think so.