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" SHAMON!!! "
I thought it was "Cho'mon!" :(
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Count the crotch grabs.

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I believe it's Cha'mone

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Oh, it's this thing! Time to find out.. what it is, exactly...
EDIT: There it is, Ryan nailed what I was thinking. It seems opportunistic in a way that puts me off... and also, it's a Wii dancing game. Another one. People will like this because Michael Jackson, and I don't mind them doing that, but I do mind the developer who was probably counting on getting sales solely because of that, and I really don't like that. "Too soon"? I still think it's much too soon for products like this. Honestly. And I never even liked MJ.

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No! No! No! Don't shake blanket!

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I am amazed they can sell games like this when all you need to do is shake the remote at the right time

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he raped little boys, come on!

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Why do they make dance games for the Wii? It doesn't make sense.

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Come on guys, dance! Dont shake the wii remote, the game is so much fun when you just fucking dance your ass of.

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Ryan and Jeff dancing with a Wiimote to Micheal Jackson? This can only end well...

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@countinhallways: @ZeForgotten: @GeneralBison: SHORYUKEN!
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Is it "CHA'MON!" ?

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God damn, that's a lot of Quick Looks.

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@Nixtwix: ever heard of innocent until proven guilty 
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Just spent a Thanksgiving Dinner watching people play Just Dance 2. Amazing how it sold so well.

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This is GOTY.

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Best quicklook, ever. 

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Happy I watched the quicklook, no I'm sure I won't buy it

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Watching Jeff and Ryan trying to do MJ's dance moves made my day. XD

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" @countinhallways said:
" SHAMON!!! "
I thought it was "Cho'mon!" :( "
I checked around online and there seems to be no accepted standard. The general consensus is that while certainly the meaning of the word is "come on" or "c'mon", the actual spelling varies between "cha'mon", "cho'mon", "shamon", "shamone" and really everything inbetween. 
As far as I am aware as of this moment there has been no legitimate academic research on this increasingly relevant topic.
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If Ubi were to put out a disc that was just the video and you could just watch the video without worrying about the game part, I'd consider getting that. 
I guess this game doesn't really have failure as an option, so it practically is just that. Hmm. 
Anyway, Don't Stop Til You Get Enough's video isn't really far off from what the game has. It's just MJ greenscreening in front of footage of, like, crystal balls rolling around and stuff.
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Seems like Michael Jackson: The Experience would be better suited for Kinect, then it could track more than your one arm.

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Seeing how I am a huge MJ fan and how from the age of 6 to 10 I used to try and dance like him, I think I would really enjoy this game, at least just for the music which I never can get enough off.

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o_o who was the other guy...?

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I suspect this would be better on the Kinect and Move than thre Wii given they detect more than whatever arm you're holding the controller.

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The glove did it all! It's alive!

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"Seems like Michael Jackson: The Experience would be better suited for Kinect, then it could track more than your one arm. "

Hopefully the time and effort they seem to have not really spent on this was being poured into taking full advantage of Kinect and Move.
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A creepy guy who was twice on trial for child molestation now has a game on a kid oriented console. This is purely capitalizing on someone's death and hoping people have short memories. Not only that, it's a really, really bad game. 

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This is GOTY.

In the "Most Opportunistic Game of the Year" Category.
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stuff like this makes me hope that all motion technology dies in a fire

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There really don't seem to be a lot of songs on the game if that's all there are.  There are 57 tracks on the Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection CD Box Set. 
And there is a video for "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough", although I don't believe this the original. It uses elements of the original but I think the backgrounds were changed from the swirly psychedelic effects set over the greenscreen.  I know I saw it lots of times in the mid 80's, so it was real.  I might be confusing it with another hit from the same late 70's album, Off the Wall, "Rock With You".  The point I am trying to make is that record companies made videos for songs before MTV existed otherwise how would MTV have anything to show when it premiered?

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But than again, seeing the whole QL I don't think I would enjoy THIS exactly game, as Ryan and Jeff said, this seems slapped together...

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3532? This must have been recorded Wednesday or earlier. Gots to spread 'em out through the week, I guess.

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whats the point of having a game like this on wii? it should be on kinect?

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I really think the internet exploded into an implosion, yes! that bad.

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If this game ever comes to kinect, i want a new quicklook where they do the thriller dance...

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No matter how bad the game was, the presentation of the first song was 100 times better than anything in Dance Central. 

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A Dance Central version of this, I would buy.

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This Quick Look gave me a 25% Experience boost

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The sounds gets off sync little by little.

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I wish I can be a tenth as chill as Ted Nyman.

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Please don't shake the baby. 

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That was a great Quick-Look.

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slap MJ on the cover and it will sell, no matter how wack the game actually is. Silly.

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Black is slimming on Jeff. He looks good!

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What did I just watch?