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Posted by Minifig

They've dumbed down the whole game and made it feel arcadey. It's a far departure from the Flight Sims we used to know, and it's a disappointment. :(

Posted by Hockeymask27

So pumped

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Another one of those.

Posted by Phoenix87

This just made my day. More Dave Please.

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Wow that's fast! I asked Drew to consider MS Flight for their next Flight Club QL and here it is already :)

Posted by Kubelwagen

Man, these are so good. This is why I love Giant Bomb.

Posted by Slay3r1583

I'd like to see they guys continue their flight sim theme and take a crack at the most recent version of X-Plane next.

Posted by StrikeALight

More Dave and Drew tag team? Sirs, you spoil us!

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Posted by Deltan

Look at all those vowels!

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Flight is not a proper flightsim, sadly. Almost no brain required, a monkey could take off and land.

Oh, and no TrackIR support?

Posted by Mathey

No Dorks Allowed, mother-effers!


These flightsim videos are some of the funniest videos on the site! :D

Keep 'em coming!

Posted by Minifig

@Slay3r1583: I myself would love to see Drew tackle XPlane.

Posted by Grixxel

I've got my jumpsuit on, lets do this.

Posted by Rodiard

No Dorks Allowed!

Posted by kollay

Flight Club is a great name.

Posted by EarlessShrimp

Excellent! Something I can watch when I get out of work. Loving the flight sim stuff you guys!

Posted by chu52

posted early? what is this?

Posted by paisan13

Dave+Drew+Vinny=Great vid ^_^

Posted by CodeHero

@paisan13: I have loved ever QL they do, and I wanna see more!!!!!!

Posted by paulunga

Two corrections for the first minute of the video.

1) The last one was "Flight Simulator X".

2) They were not "flight sim games", they were just flight sims. This one on the other hand is a flight game.

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@Animasta said:


New regular feature please

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@Minifig said:

They've dumbed down the whole game and made it feel arcadey. It's a far departure from the Flight Sims we used to know, and it's a disappointment. :(

Have you tried it without the assists on?

Posted by MrGtD

It that it? Have they now covered all 10 flight sims in existence?

Posted by david3cm

Where is my Giant Bomb Flight Club tshirt?

Posted by Gizmo

This looks cool. As someone who has never played a flight-sim before, I think i'll give this a whirl.

Posted by ichthy

Flight club videos are the best!

Posted by meatsack

Under the bridge was awesome!

Posted by zombie2011

This actually looks like something i would play, i think the Hawaii setting is fantastic.

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DAT BRIDGE. I actually yelled in triumph when they flew under it. My face lit up and I fist-pumped like a fucking nerd. Then, gloriously they crashed--encapsulates the Giant Bomb way perfectly.

That was hella fun. Love the Dave/Vinny/Drew team.

Edit: Haaaaaahahaha. The second crash. Awesome.

Posted by jayjonesjunior

you can probably use PPJoy to integrate TrackIR functionality to this game.

Posted by aperfecttool72

I played it a bit last night and I was hella bored. I know it is a Flight Sim and all but damn, there just didn't seem much to it.

Posted by cbarnes86

I am LOVING this combination of quick lookers (GBFC). I loved flight sims back in the day, but no longer have a compatible flight stick for them. Might get one because of these guys. You all should do Random PC Game: Any one of the Star Wars Flight Sims (Preferably X-Wing Alliance or X vs. Tie.

Posted by Abendlaender

Man Vinny is like the evil tiny guy who sits on your should and whisps bad ideas into your ear.

Posted by drevilbones

RPG elements? In a flight game? I love RPGs, but come on guys, this is getting silly. What happened to the thrill of progression through increase in skill? Does everything need to be abstracted?

Posted by dekkadekkadekka

God fucking damn it Dave you had an awesome moment flying under the bridge then ruined it immediately! :D

Posted by ghostNPC

Getting closer and closer to flying cars.

Posted by TOA_Doom

Wait, did they bring you out of the cutscene flying right at the water? That is really not cool, lol.

Posted by dr_mantas

Vinny at 48:00 makes this Quick Look.

Posted by leafhouse

this is definitely the superior Ql today. eat your heart out, ME3

Posted by Ronald

The crash after Dave flew under the bridge was great. Hey look, the water is solid. The second crash was even better because the camera changed position and Dave thought it was going to end and instead it went back into his plane mere feet from crashing.

And to join Flight Club you must perform a Crazy Snider.

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At this point, I see no reason a veteran flight sim fan would want this. I really enjoyed FSX and played a ton of it. Obviously a plethora of features have been very watered-down or removed. Doesn't look much better graphically. The free to play model is interesting, but for 2-3 times the cost of Hawaii you already had the entire WORLD at your fingertips in FSX (not to mention a hell of a lot more planes than 4). Albeit some of the world wasn't very detailed (only so much you can do with thousands of airports), but much of it still looked great. This one may be fine for casual gamers, but FSX appealled to both sides.

@cbarnes86 said:

I am LOVING this combination of quick lookers

Agreed. This is officially my favorite team. But it doesn't hurt that Vinny could make 30 minutes staring at a tin can hilarious and incredibly interesting.

Posted by Milkman

Holy shit, that second crash. I was thinking "man, this cut scene is sending him directly--oh christ!" 

Posted by Duxa

I hope Dave is kidding about planes being invented before electricity... :P

Unless he he talking pre Wright Brothers.. which wouldnt really count, if we do count it then we gotta count Lightning as first electricity... which will pre-date planes by a few billion years hehe. Electricity has almost 100 years on planes.

Posted by StriderJ87

I wonder how nice a flight sim using Frostbite 2 would look?

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love Dave, Drew and Vinny sim vids! keep'em coming!

Giant Bomb Flight Club forever!

eat ham sandwiches and go flying on sundays

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Giant Bomb Flight Club needs a Club Emblem? ... and an official Club Member List?! Preferably secret. Cuz, the first rule of the Flight Club ...