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ice boom!

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Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes: Attack of the Generic Title.

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I bought this yesterday and I am really enjoying it.

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Finally a game villain inspired by the Inception trailer theme.

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The presentation is great but what this game is at its core holds zero interest for me.

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get all Blarr on this jawn.

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Been waiting for the xbla version of this for months

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" @rosebud04 said:

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I have played the hell out of this game on the DS. Really solid puzzle-strategy game, check it out.

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Might have to get this due to them not making the Necromancers an enemy race for once, game looks interesting for a puzzly game.

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Played a little of Clash of Heroes this morning. I have to say that I'm really digging it. Can't wait to get back into it after work tonight.

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From what I played of the demo last night it was pretty fun. Not sure if its $15 fun. Kind of wonder how long the game is.

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Anime's for jerks.

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The HD remix of this looks great! and they must have done a ton of it because its well over a 1GB download. $15 is a little steep but there is definitely a ton of content and replayability. plus I'm a sucker for puzzle games

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@MagikGimp said:
" Anime's for jerks. "
Copy / Paste I'm a sheep that just copies what someone else said and I'll add it to anything remotely resembling what it says coz i'm cool like that. 
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I laughed. Real good.

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This sold me. Totally just bought it.

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franime is for turks

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Yo, this game got Bears and Deers with magical powers! Awesome!

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The DS game was quite fun, but didn't really seem like something I would play on the couch. So I'll give this a pass.

Worth a try though if you haven't played it.
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This got me installing Heroes of Might and Magic V.

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That looked really neat, but if I have a DS would it be better to get it there since it feels more like a handheld title to me?

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I'm playing the DS version now actually, great game, I'm tempted to get this though because of the vastly improved graphics.

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Had a great time with this on DS, might actually get around to finishing it on the XBLA version.

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'basically lord of the rings'
'alright I'll see you later'.

haha! I FUCKING love you Jeff. Game looks cool might pick it up on xbla :)

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Lord of the Rings and Anime... Jeff must have been ecstatic.

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Kinda looks interesting. I love me some money puzzle exchanger quest. Will have to pick it up.

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This is one bored ass narrator.

Also @7:40 did anyone else at first thought that said she was in ''Trollan''..
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Oh man. That art... Hmm, trash?

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This game has an unhealthy loading fetish. 

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Definitely interesting. But the load times are kind of horrid.

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what a bummer start to this game. I was practically in tears. Then I forgot it all as I realied I didn't understand squat what was going on. By the end of the QL, a little better, but I'll watch again to understand the battle system. That battle system is a trip, and new to me though thats lack of exposure I bet on my part.
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Ryan has bears and fairies

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I would totally pick this up if I weren't about halfway through the DS version at the moment. Looks nice though!

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Nice stuff, but Might & Magic VI: Mandate of Heroes (1998) it ain't...

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"As the levels get higher, so do I"

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He Ryan, Anime is a french word.


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Fake, western anime designs. Yay. :(

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@Pop said:
" This got me installing Heroes of Might and Magic V. "
yeh thats a proper game, they trashed my hopes for a decent console M&m with this crap that really belongs on a handheld
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Yo! this Quick Look has got bears!

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This game actually seems very cool.  Gameplay-wise, I mean.

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I picked it up basically within the hour it was released. Its really sweet and has a very, very small nods to the PC Heroes of Might and Magic. I'm not much a fan of the Board stuff outside of combat...kinda of really feels like Puzzle Quest 2 in that regard, but there are side missions and it seems to open up a little bit with some minor exploration. The combat is really fun and has a very good rhythm to it as you get better and get more unit types.

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If you like stuff like Puzzle Quest, this game is a hell of a lot of fun.

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Played this on the DS when it came out last year. Still a great game.

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LOVED this game on the DS. 

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look like a good game, might pick it up

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I am really glad you guys did a QL of this, I saw it on XBLA but decided to pass on the trial. Now I started the trial download and can't wait to try it.