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wow.. didnt think i'd get this..

Posted by Shinmaru007

Quick Look!

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Posted by JacDG

better than homework.

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Posted by Isomac

This is pretty fun but short game. I still think it was worth the money.

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Posted by Overbite

Wayfoward likes the girls

Posted by rjayb89

Enjoyable music.

Posted by Moncole

Looks like a great game

Posted by BasketSnake

Cool QL Patrick Claptrap

Posted by Ockman

I wish more of these Mighty games by WayForward came out on PSN. I got Mighty Flip Champs on PSN as a PSP mini title, and I really like it. This game looks pretty fun too, and I wanna play it, :(

Posted by Coafi

Yes, more games for the 3DS!!! This looks pretty neat.

Posted by GTCknight

Like the music, real catchy techno. Kinda funny that you're a playing as a police girl saving other girls (who are chained up) from monsters.

Posted by jennoa

Wow, this game looks awesome! I'll have to pick it up.

Posted by SlashDance

Pretty cool music in this game. I might try this.

Posted by ghostNPC

This is the only game so far that makes me want to get a 3DS.

Posted by Rmack

Goddamn I love WayForward

Posted by Tireyo

This Quick Look made the game look a whole lot better to me!

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Is it just me or does the voice of the woman sound like Marina from Mischief Makers?

Posted by Oginam

Kinda sad the eshop is giving me more reasons to get a 3DS than actual retail games are.

Kinda awesome, too. Can't stop the train!

Posted by Hector

Oh wow. This looks good.

Posted by leejunfan83

great ass music

Posted by Shaanyboi

This music is SIIICK!

Posted by Cazamalos

the eshop have some really good games, i'm impressed

i already have pushmo and cave story, i'll buy mutan mudds and maybe VVV or this

the 3DS is awesome

Posted by SuperWristBands

This game looks cool and sounds cool. Too bad I don't have a 3DS...

Posted by K9

The OST for this game is available for free, or any price that you want to give to the composer.

Posted by yyZiggurat

This looks really cool but I don't own a 3DS.

Posted by LiK

i love the music

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Posted by Kenshiro28

I believe that "cat" is called the "Ugly Checkpoint Dog".

Posted by K9

Anyone here who enjoys this chiptunes type of instrumental music take a peek at album "Future-towards the edge of forever" by Starscream. Great stuff.

Posted by Sanj

If I had a 3DS, I would definitely get this. Also, really diggin' the music.

Posted by Sergotron

This looks pretty good.

Posted by Launch

This music is dope.

Posted by Abendlaender

Man Patrick didn't get the....HEAVY plot of the game at all ;)

Great game but a bit short (there are 16 levels, not 20 or 30)

Posted by Chemin

This looks fucking amazing.

Posted by mortal_sb

@isles said:



Posted by Brenderous

Did Giant Bomb stop fading out their videos? What's up with that.

Posted by TehJedicake

Looks ok. Still don't care for 3D at all though.

Posted by guilherme

Way Forward's games are always cool

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Posted by Milkman

This game looks dope as shit. Too bad no one has a 3DS.

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I always like when somebody says 'for whatever reason' or 'why is x there and why do I need to do y?' in a negative way(Alex loves to do that). To me it's the laziest way of critizising anything. Why does Mario get bigger when a mushroom touches him? Who the FUCK cares? It doesn't matter.

Posted by Stahlin

This game looks dope as shit. Too bad no one has a 3DS.

I know more people that own 3DSs than PS3s Wiis or gaming PCs
Posted by Sjupp

The music is awesome

Posted by Tacobot

Looks cool, thanks for the quick look.

Posted by TheHT

Looks like an all around great game.

Posted by lead_farmer

The music and the problem solving are pretty cool.