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Saw this ranking high on Metacritic but I think I've had enough of 1st Player Puzzlers by now. Let's see if this video changes my mind :)

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So much blood. Is that blood?

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"Rhombus is a shape"

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It looks good but it is no Dr. Brain.

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I played this for a couple of hours and really enjoyed it. Then it started putting more and more portals around and it just became about finding out where each portal takes you and which ones to go through, and in what order. Which I didn't like, so I stopped.


It becomes dark when you're in the flowerfield by the easel, and when it's dark the light ball appears on the bridge. So leave the hamsterball in the flowerfield to keep it dark. Then you can go get the light ball.

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Looks interesting, also I'm starting to really like this new quick look team. (I shall call them the double D's)

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See also: Thalamus

Also, Spain is fucking awesome. I holidayed there once and I loved it so much.

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"You put the hamster ball in the true detective and it made the dome go away" -Dan

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I guess we're adding Zardoz to that list of movies Dan needs to see at some point.

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If one of these indie devs just made a first person modern copy of LSD dream simulator rather than shove their overbearing deep story through their pretty but linear levels down through my throat, i'd be happier. still this looks kinda cool

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@bogusdd: I want that quote on my gravestone

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Perfect timing for this video to come out:

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I'm digging the neuron theme. Also rift support support seems to be planned, that's something.

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The title card area reminded me a whole lot of the beach scenes in Inception, I really like this recent run of games, like Naissance and antichamber with unique visual styles.

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I low how Dan and Drew has just been spewing out QL's lately

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I love the look, and the intro was great. The writing however, is pretty horrible.

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The screen tearing is really distracting.

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I feel like this would be so much more effective without that stupid narrator, like if you were just using non-verbal clues to piece together what happened. The environments are pretty amazing, and I like the design of the puzzles, even if the actual mechanics you're using to solve them are simple.

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"That seems lazy"

Says the man who only owns paper plates and plastic cutlery AND ate out of a shoebox on more than one occasion

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I'm liking the combination of Drew and Dan. Being around my age, they are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs!

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The art and environments are beautiful but I'm laughing out loud at the obviousness of some of the symbolism. And the on-the-nose narrator is irritating.

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I was super into this game for the first like 15 minutes of this Quick Look and then once it became clear what the game part actually is, my interest pretty much evaporated.

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Such visual ambition, wasted on a puzzle game about introspection.

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Jason for Quick Look MVP!

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Looks really nice. Definitely getting a The Cell and The Fall vibe from some of the design. Haven't seen Twister since it was in theaters. I should probably rent that this weekend. The narration kind of reminds me of Alan Wake.

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As an Inception vibe to it

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In which Giant Bomb discusses the Allegory of the Cave, from Plato's Republic.

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I'm liking the combination of Drew and Dan. Being around my age, they are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs!

I second this motion.

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I've been enjoying these Drew and Dan adventures.

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Did you...? upgrade the assault rifle?

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God, this looks incredible

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This type of game is hard for me to watch someone else play, getting motion sick with all the quick direction changes. Loved the movie quotes though.

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This supports oculus rift dk2 right ?!

I will hold on with playing this until it comes here, then

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@teoball: That solution hit me when the ball fell off the platform when they went into dark mode but I think they missed it falling. Spent the rest of the quick look waiting to see if they would figure it out.

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I never want my dork to look like those pillars.



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Drew sounds weird on this.

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DD QLs is my new favorite thing

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Seems a little Dear Ester-ey to me with this kind of dialogue.

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@pinner458 said:

Drew sounds weird on this.

Pretty sure he's got a cold.

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Dan:"Put the hamsterball in the true detective to make the dome go away"

This looks amazing though

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"Hamster Ball into the Darkness" is my new punk rock band.