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I found this great new EP. Come listen.

Posted by MuchoBeans

Is this anything like Brother Sword and Sorcery EP? My brief impression says no, but having EP in the title says yes.

Posted by trout
Posted by HippocraticOaf

Ryan McDonald!

Posted by PimblyCharles

This looks like something you could only create after dropping lsd

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Got to check this out. More EPs in games are a great idea.

GameSpot's own Ryan Mac!

Posted by MindGrinder

Yes, finally!

Posted by MEATBALL

That was super neat.

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This game looks SICK!!

Posted by vikingdeath1

okay, that looks pretty Rad

Posted by planetfunksquad

Saw this game on Steam and was pretty tempted to try it...

Posted by Slax


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I feel like I've dropped acid just watching this. Pretty rad.

**Edit: the game is rad, not acid. Drugs are bad, kids. Be Cool, stay in school.

Posted by Gildermershina

I played about 45 minutes of this game, didn't know what was happening. Enjoyed it, but I don't know what was happening. This kind of helped, I guess?

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This game looks amazing! The art direction is fucking rad!

Posted by rasko_the_brave

This was cool.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

I really really hate the idea of a game calling itself an EP, so I resolved to be uninterested when I first saw the title, but I like everything else.

Posted by SlashDance

What does EP mean?

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Holy crap, the mind-blowingly innovative things some indie developers are coming up with make most of the AAA devs look like mentally-challenged school children.

I've not seen the ultimate jaded gamer (aka Jeff) so involved and intrigued-sounding in a QL in a long time.

Posted by sub_o

What does EP mean?

Extended Play, when talking about music recordings. Longer than single, but not long enough to be an album.

Posted by Melos

Drew forgot his prep list for the invisible space jet.

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Oh man, I am way into this

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Posted by joshua1prince19212

looks like a trippy game.

Posted by Sessh

Thanks for looking at this, I'm definitely gonna check it out. Looks really interesting and different.

And yes, the title does suck.

Posted by spiketail

Drew: "This is MirrorMoon EP."

Vinny: "What do you do?"

Drew: "Uh, I don't know."

Starting back & forth conversation that say this'll be a great QL. :D

Posted by mracoon

This is my kind of game. Loving the style and the concept, definitely gonna check it out. Also, Ryan MacDonald sounds a lot like Matt Rorie.

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I have no idea what is going on here, but it's great.

Posted by BisonHero

Ugh, video games calling themselves EPs. Please stop.

EPs have an approximate running time and number of tracks, and neither of those transfer well to games.

Is a level/world a track? Is Super Mario Bros. an LP for having 8 worlds, but a game with like 3 worlds is an EP? And a game with one world is a single? Or is it running time? Is Skyrim or Final Fantasy a double album, while Evoland is a single? 8-15 hour games are EPs, while 15-30 hour games are a regular LP? You might notice I'm asking an endless string of question, because EP is a meaningless term when applied to games and you have to arbitrarily assign it meaning.

Fuck you, Superbrothers, for starting what is now becoming a trend.

Posted by voltronadactylsaurusrex

The weird part about this game is that it is an asynchronous multiplayer game.

Posted by S3V3N

I was gonna make a drug comment too, but then I got stoned.

Posted by SlashDance

@sub_o said:

@slashdance said:

What does EP mean?

Extended Play, when talking about music recordings. Longer than single, but not long enough to be an album.

Well, that's dumb. Cool game though, I think.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Looks crazy in a good way, although not my type of game. It's like looking at the map in Fez for the first time.

Posted by 49th

Man, this is so creative. I wish I could think of stuff like this.

Posted by megalowho

Oh wow, I am way into this. Really appreciate discovering cool small games via Quick Looks I wouldn't have otherwise. Thanks!

Posted by espm400

Oh wow, I am way into this. Really appreciate discovering cool small games via Quick Looks I wouldn't have otherwise. Thanks!

I've been doing this for a while now. Kerbal Space Program, Terraria, Prison Simulator are just a few of the games I've bought that were directly influenced by watching the QL here on GiantBomb.

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This is the kind of game I find fascinating to watch others play but would become enraged almost instantly if playing by myself. I like puzzles but if it isn't established to me what I am working towards or even the mechanics necessary to achieve it, I throw my hands up immediately and declare the whole thing a waste of time. :D

Posted by PurpleMoustache

I've played this game a whole hell of a lot, and I love watching other people play it. Seeing them slowly understand everything is always funny.

Posted by hi_im_rob

This looks rad!

Posted by Bartz

Hahahaha love Jeff's Tron reference

Posted by BluPotato

I don't remember dropping acid.....

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I'm peaking.

Posted by Zero_

I'm digging a lot about this game.

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This was beautiful! I wish a game like Proteus had more of a game to it like this does. A combo of beauty and gameplay that inspires exploration is great.

Posted by pocketroid

I bought this when it came out, played for 2 hours, gave up. You guys got further than me in 10 minutes. Time to go use my newfound knowledge.

Posted by JasonMrazMtaz

This game had me with it's Stanislaw Lem reference.

Posted by Ilkanta

Whoa. Heading to spend money on this right now. Apparently there's a multiplayer component or something?

Posted by Scratch

Alright weird game you got me. I'll check it out.

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