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Two quick looks in one. What a bargain.

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Sports on GB? Apparently God read my letters!

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50 mins? cool

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Dude, 50 minutes of a sportsgame being played on Giantbomb.com? Never thought I would live to see the day

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Woah... hilarious quick looks, but now I remember why I can't stand modern sim sports games.  
As far as I'm concerned, baseball games reached their peak with Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball for the SNES.

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Are you ready? Are you ready ready? 
Are you ready for some fo... BASEBALL!?!

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Fuck that Bat!!!!!....stupid bat

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The Show looks really good.

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SPORTS! This seems odd...

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There is absolutely no reason to buy 2k10 if you have a PS3. The Show is probably the best baseball game ever made.

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This is truly a historic event.

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Blue spot for batters are cold spots (not the best hitting spots), red spots are hot (good hitting spots). When pitching you want to stay away from their red and throw at the blue.

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For me the pinnacle of baseball games was Ken Griffy Jr baseball for the N64

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Ryan and Jeff hate Jeter? Wow, I didn't believe in love until this moment.

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Is this the first sports game (er games) ever covered here?

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i think Jeff enjoyed the show a lot more. Now he just needs to read the things that pop up that show him how to play and I'm sure he will be spending some time with that game.

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sports? sports! ... sports

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Social Distortion in a baseball game? Weird music fit...

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Oh America and there wacky sports... isn't this rounders?

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Squirt is the correct choice.

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... You're a dirt pitch. 
Oh man.

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Good stuff, looks like The Show wins yet again.

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Go Giants. Also, it's good to see Steve Phillips getting work.

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50 min of seizure inducing non-stop visceral frantic bassball action.

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Did anyone else read  Eva Longoria is featured as this year's cover athlete.

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Package from Pepsi and Coca-Cola confirmed.

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Awesome QL.
The most awesome part was when Derek Jeter struck out.
As for the games: I like baseball. But I don't really see the point of playing a baseball game unless you have someone to play against (who is right there and not a faceless online person), which I don't. So I won't buy either of these.

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duders...turn up the volume on the site's videos!!!

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OOOO my god giant bomb did a sports game QL thats crazy im not really in to them but its good that there doing a lot of diverse game  and i love QLs

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(Graphically) The Show looks so much better!

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Watching Jeff play a baseball game is infuriating. Kinda like watching Brad play RE5.

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@TrueEnglishGent said:
" Oh America and there wacky sports... isn't this rounders? "
Nah, rounders was about poker.
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What's that song playing when they were in The Show's menu?

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These games have gotten too complicated. RBI Baseball was about right.

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wtf 50 minutes........ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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I hope this leads into more QL's of sports games.
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Just to remind you, Jeff, who is not Kenny Powers fabulous:
The best part of being Kenny Powers is being Kenny Powers.

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welp there is a demo up for both games already and anyone with half a brain can see which is the better baseball game.  Which may not being saying much because how many people actually play baseball games?  Regardless I enjoyed the Show demo and may pick it up sometime.

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I really enjoyed watching Jeff and Ryan play both these games.  Having played both demos I can safely say that The Show is fantastic, but I think 2K Sports made some great strides this year.  The pitching is downright awesome and I feel like its easy to read the pitch as a hitter and actually make contact (maybe i Just suck at the Show).  The Show's presentation just blows me away...its almost photo realistic.

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Jeff, in 2K9, they had it so you just had to do the gesture for pitching, but the game often (I'd say 75% of the time) read your gesture as another pitch. It was downright broken.

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Go Mariners!

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I want to get the GB guys into sports so badly. I'm almost shocked that Jeff is into baseball, because most people who don't like sports often point to baseball as "the most boring sport EVAR." 
So, for people that don't like sports, what gives?

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This helped me out a lot. I love Gary Thorne doing the play-by-play in 2K10 better than the Matt guy in The Show, but unfortunately I don't like some of the things, from the video, present in 2K10. The pitching system in either look good, but the batting looked better in The Show. Presentation seemed smoother in The Show, and the menu system, to me, is way better in The Show, or at least I prefer using it more than the tic-tac-toe board from 2K10.
I agree with Jeff about the stop animation on players after a pitch in favor of instant reset to batting position. If the pitcher has a slow progression between pitches, then the batter can too. But it's not something I couldn't get used to.

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hahahaha i lost it when Jeff said he wasn't gonna swing at the next pitch cause the computer kept throwing them outside, and the next one was dead center.

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2k10 looked way better in my opinion

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@Archer88: Nope. Trust me.
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The default batting cam in 2k10 is TERRIBLE