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I don't really get arcade style sports games.

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I love the Pawapuro series. I hope this lives up to that pedigree.

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Oh god, they're literally bobbleheads. You can see the springs.

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No one game should have all this Mauer?

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It's three eggs now? I thought it was 24.

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The numbers are the quality of the pitch. Higher number means more break.

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Jeff needs to sing more in quick looks

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Nice to see the Rays front and center.

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The only good game to EVER have Bobble in the title was Bubble Bobble.

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I love casual baseball games almost as much as I love baseball.

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Music reminds me of virtua tennis, and/or pretty much every sega dreamcast game.

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Well xpantherx now has enough material to make a new Best of Volume..

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To those who have said they love the PawaPuro series... I completely agree with you.

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@StriderNo9: It's actually less casual than you'd think. Deceptively deep. I might have to pick up a replacement Xbox for this.

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I want to see bobblehead Brian Wilson in this game

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no legs is freaky.
I wonder if it would've been more acceptable if they didn't have any arms. 

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The no legs think really creeps me out.

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I really want the music from this game.

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This is pretty much just a stripped down version of MLB Power Pros, which is a fantastic yet massively underrated series.  Power Pros 2008 is one of my favorite baseball games of all time.  Hopefully if this game does well, they release another Power Pros game.

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Oh god, those characters are too weird looking for me.

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What a stupid idea for a game..

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@Tesla: It is nice to see them get some spotlight. It's a rare occurrence otherwise.

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THAT'S Talking Baseball.

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oh gawd so creepy looking

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My head is ready.

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I don't think anyone knows this, but being the baseball video game fanatic that I am, this game is the spiritual successor to the PowerPros franchise which had two releases on PS2. It's also a very popular franchise in Japan. The PowerPros franchise has always been amazing, and super deep considering it's super cartoony look. They even get the batting stances right which is awesome.

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Baseball, baseball, baseball song for the menu!

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If they are doing a bobblehead game like this, I want ways to import some of the more popular sci-fi/comic bobbleheads into this game (ie. Spock, Batman, etc.) then dump them into a team.

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@BrokenMagnum said:

I don't really get arcade style sports games.

I don't really get simulation style sports games. I guess to each their own.

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It bothers me that I like Jeff's singing as much as I do

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@fox01313 said:

If they are doing a bobblehead game like this, I want ways to import some of the more popular sci-fi/comic bobbleheads into this game (ie. Spock, Batman, etc.) then dump them into a team.

That would be pretty good.


You could totally throw somebody out at first from right field in Sports Talk Baseball for the Genesis

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Bummed it doesnt have the really bizarre story mode that the power pros games had on wii

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Gotta love the MC Eiht reference at the very end.


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This really isn't the worst baseball game they could have made. If the price was cheap, it really wouldn't be THAT bad of a buy.

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I really like how much time they spent on creating plenty of modes to play through, thats been the most major disappointment when it comes to downloadable sports games but i just wish the gameplay was a little better tweaked like run speed and pitching. the day one DLC is a bit of a bummer too, locking out game modes sucks.

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The auto-switching seems pretty ass.
But that menu music was pretty hype
EDIT: Man, watching all those bobbling heads gives me a headache

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God dammit Konami. Either bring back MLB Power Pros, or just localize the NPB pawapuro game. It would have been easier than creating this mess.

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The biggest problem with this game is that it isn't sprites or on the Neo Geo.

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I shat my pants listening to Jeff's madness-induced singing.

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Glad they did a quicklook of this. Really fun to watch with my little brother, of whom, is a huge baseball fan.

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Having never played a game like this, I have absolutely no idea how the batting actually working watching this video.

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Ahhhh their legs!

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Gettin' high and playin' basebawl!

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I need to get a baseball game. I have pretty much every other sport. Tiger Woods 07, NBA 2K6 and NHL09 on 360 and FIFA10 and NFL 2003 on PS2, but not a single baseball game since I threw away my Triple Play Baseball on PC because it only worked on windows 98. But I don't spend much on sports games. I've paid between €0 and €13 for those games and the average is only €5.

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@MrOldboy: Eh, I don't find this terribly offensive. I do like the Power Pros series but I like being able to play a Power Pros-like game for $10.00 on XBLA. Not sure why they felt the need to change things though, I think MLB Power Pros on Wii sold decently?
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Jeff's singing reminds me of this: