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Yay more ways to spend money

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Time to get my watch on.

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I guess you could say Modern Warfare 2 is in a recession right now. 

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Wow, these 32 minutes of Quick Look time must be killing Whiskey Media financially.

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Am I bored enough to watch 30minutes of MW2 even with GB commentary? yes :(
Edit: Aparently not.

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15 dollars you say.

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Haven't played MW2 in a while but I can't pass up a good quick look!

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Sweet QL.......     of over priced DLC

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i believe Jefff just broke the record for quickest Start to Death in a quick look!

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People still playing MW2 online baffle me.

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And every copy you buy helps fund Activision's ability to shitcan Infinity Ward employees! Oh and don't forget Activision's lawyers...they gotta get eat (puppies) too ya know.

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I now remember why i started playing BC2 instead of this piece of shit.

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the chemical on the whiteboard of Salvage is Trinitrotoluene, Dynamite. 

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No b

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Giantbomb moving?!

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@Hampe said:
It's more common than you'd think!
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I didn't know they were moving.

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wow so they are moving out of that office? is that what Jeff meant?

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Any game room support on those arcade cabs?

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@gosukiller said:
heck, yes! :)
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got off to a good start there jeff....
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There is nothing "point and shoot" about the gameplay of MW2. I got killed by knives more than I ever did guns in this fucking game.

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7 secs start-to-death

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 I moved on to Bad Company 2 and plus going back to MW2 would be tough because it's not fun to play against a bunch of people who play it non stop.

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giant bomb is moving?

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Moving out of the basement?!

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GB moving out of their office!? What'll happen to the outdated lego model of the office!?

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Moving out of the office?

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I already stimulated myself earlier this morning, but I suppose I'll watch this video.   
/crappy joke
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Did Jeff say they are moving office?

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So are you actually moving out of the office, or is this because of liars day?

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The remake maps should not count as a full map not because they are lesser maps, but rather because it required way less work to put them into the game AND you've already played them before. There is a reason you would pay more for a brand new pair of jeans then a pair of jeans at Value Village.

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Thanks for reminding me why I don't play this game anymore.  Nothing but frustration and sprinting.  I think I'll stick to BC2 for a while.

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Brad, you've just betrayed the fact that you are from the internet.

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I would really like to play Modern Warfare 2 someday.
Once they stop asking SIXTY FUCKING DOLLARS for the PC version maybe.

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i got, i hate MW2. (not an BC2 fanboy)

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I like the giant "fuck you" they're pulling by naming this map pack the "Stimulus Pack."
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You guys are moving out of the ol' bomb shelter/office soon? Or is this a "APRIL FOOL, MOTHERFUCKER" moment?

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*gasp* say it aint so! Giantbomb! Bridgeway wont ever be the same. Is everyone in the building moving? that might be a dumb question. Or are you simply going upstairs...across the road...or in a rusty shack next to the coastline with a small dinghy like that dream i had 2 days ago!?

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Fuck MW2.

I got one thing to say to-CHANGING MAG!

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Wait, Giantbomb is moving to a new office?

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If you wonder, what Jeff and Brad are talking about: George Broussard recently answered a question about the Levelord on formspring and it was tweeted to his Twitter account.
Also, the Quake references seem to have come from the recent Steam Midweek Madness special offer, where you had all id software games for 50% off - the very reason why I started to play Quake III Arena and Quake III Team Arena (= could appreciate some wiki entry love) again. 

And for the record - I hate Orbb so very much!
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so random

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Cool, now that I've seen the maps I don't have to buy the map pack.

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I'll play this when the game doesn't cost $75 total... The game is STILL $60 bucks... 

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They're moving out of the office?!