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edit: haha im first ;)

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EDIT: crap ;p

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I love this game so, so, so much. There are obviously flaws with it (some things like loading can be optimised post release), but as a big fan of stuff like Mario Kart, Crash Racing and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing -- I just LOVE this to bits.
Actually my personal game of the year right now. I know Heavy Rain and God Of War III and Mass Effect 2 are better games, but I'm just having so much fun with this.

Posted by Blair

Brad's character looks like a feline version of Frigth Tunoku Babby.

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Posted by A_Dog

Brad made a character from avatar.:P

Posted by get2sammyb

YAY! Super Speed Fighter IV is commented on in this video! I made that. Haha. Go check it out guys. Go download! Finally I appear in a Quick Look! :)
That's so awesome.

Posted by Depth

You guys are spergin' over that first comment.

Posted by DukeTogo

The copyright infringing stuff is great, but I'm wondering if Sony does what they did with LBP and remove it all, making it far less interesting.

Posted by drowsap

been waiting for this

Posted by Landon

Holy crap, the Iron Man looks awesome.

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"What platform are we on again?"
"This is the PS3."
"Pull up to your left a little bit."

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Damn, those top cars and mods are fantastic. Some really amazing work being done by this community. I kinda wanna see the Luchadeer, though - I'm sure it won't even take a week for it to pop up.

Posted by TheYear20XX

Good lord this looks awesome.

Posted by Nev

Wow, this seems much cooler then I expected.

Posted by swamplord666

they may be selling me on this... goddammit....

Posted by mjk1

this looks great

Posted by ChickenPants

Looks awesome.

Posted by RobotHamster

This game is so fucking awesome, there's so much you can do.  I played around with the demo before and made the giantbomb logo its so awesome.

Posted by CrazyCraven

Had it since Friday, it get incredibly hard very quickly. 

Posted by Duffyside

Duder... I went from "meh, maybe when it's like 30 bucks" to buy right effing now. 
MOREOVER - DUDERS: this game is like 6 bucks off at Amazon right now, AND there's a 10 dollar discount on your next game purchase. 
Great job Brad and Vinny. I am buying it immediately.

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Not loving this game at all, it just feels a bit self-conscious and charmless. Unlike LBP (which it clearly wants to tag itself with), even the user-generated bits and pieces can't raise a smile. In all honesty, it's that "feel" that MK gets right but here is corporate and bland. When you get to the finishing line, you don't get a sense of joy in the same way of a hard battle won. 
The forthcoming patch to fix the loading times should help and once the early server problems are resolved (and people stop making Mario clones), it may take me away from S/S and RDR. 
It's got potential but I think Sony have clearly seen it as a way of drip-feeding micro DLC rather than making it a fun game in itself. It should have been $40 / £30 for what is in the game at the moment.
Posted by MisterMouse

Looks like an awesome game! I am going to get the PSP version!

Posted by Mikewrestler5

The Mystery Machine!

Posted by Popogeejo

I can't believe there was was a GB logo so soon. Nice.

Posted by Scooper

That bomb character was amazing and terrible all at the same time.

Posted by get2sammyb
@DukeTogo said:
" The copyright infringing stuff is great, but I'm wondering if Sony does what they did with LBP and remove it all, making it far less interesting. "
For about the billionth time - that only happened within the first week of release. Nothing has ever been removed from LBP since. The game is jam-packed with content from other IPs. Can people please stop going on about that?
Posted by Kajaah117

I knew people were going to make character clones but for some reason I wasn't expecting Mario Kart circuits! Instant purchase!

Posted by lordofultima

Looks awesome, much better concept than LBP in my opinion.

Posted by A_Dog

Ahhh giantbomb gimp guy.

Posted by Daveyo520

pretty cool
Posted by JacDG

Giantbomb dude was awesome!!

Posted by PLWolf

Looks great! Can't wait to pick it up.

Posted by GeoNeo

This game looks about 1,000,000 x better than Blur. They should totally switch this weeks TNT to this game instead.

Posted by Ineedaname

There should be a time limit on first comments, just so we can see how many people wait to get it.
However, the game looks awesome, when that patch comes out I might buy it.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

lol at the text box near the end of the video

Posted by Crushed

Oh, they took the "powering up items" mechanic from Diddy Kong Racing, complete with the multiple rockets.

Posted by Kiro

This looks fucking awesome, makes me wish I had a ps3

Posted by paulwade1984

Looks fun. Not £45 worth of fun tho.
Will wait for the drop to £15 or an inevitable game of the year version with all the pay dlc included. 
Not quite sure how i feel about this create your own game trend. Seems the devs spend an insane amount of time putting together these powerful development tools, even more time mapping functionality to a controller. Then barely bother to make a game with it and tell us to go make the game for them. Or "make your own game"
Is it laziness. Am i crazy. This whole design philosophy is crazy. But god damn it looks fun.

Posted by MartinG

Starting to get more and more interested in this game.

Posted by dpresting

the Spider-Mobile is a legitimate piece of Spider-Man Lore.

not just some "theme car"
.. geez Brad.
Posted by TzarStefan

Lmao i'm so getting this game!!

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I'm getting quite a bit of a TrackMania vibe come from this, but of course with kart racing. Looks interesting. Load times are certainly quite lengthy though.
Posted by kamoku

I wasn't too impressed when I first saw the game, but that Little Big Planet charm is really working well for this one. Looks really fun to play :)

Posted by wwfundertaker

Looks really fun.

Posted by Ronald

Those load times were brutal. I hope they can get some things cleaned up and lower those at some point.

Posted by eccentrix

Nobody drives straight! I'm getting this.

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